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RPG Lord of the Rings: The wrath of Sauron (sign up)


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Sauron, the Dark Lord, has gathered to him the Rings of Power- the means by which he will be able to rule the world. All he lacks in his plan for domination is the Ruling Ring, which has fallen into the hands of good. Whomever chooses must make a perilous journey across the reamls of Middle-earth, to the crack of doom, deep inside the territories of the Dark Lord. There they must destroy the ring forever to foil the Dark Lord of his evil purpose.
The adventure begins in a small village of the Shire, a pleasent place filled with small creatures called hobbits. It is a welcoming place, where Elves, Dwarfs, and human alike often stop for rest. It has a good reputation among most life in Middle Earth.

Base your profile like this:
Name: Your name (try to correspond with your race)
Race: Be you Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, Human, or other?
Age: Your age mat alter due to your race.
Weapon: The name of your weapon, and what it is, and does
Armour: Your armour, and other stuff
Bio: You past, and story (optional)
Descrition: What you look like (optional)
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Name: Ralvenar

Race: Elf (of the Elrond clan)

Age: 200 (about 18 in human years)

Weapon name: Anduril, Flame of the West, a bow and arrow, and a dadder

Weapon descrption: The sword of Elendil (Anduril), was forged by the Elven smiths of old, and on its blade was traced a device of seven stars set between a cresent moon and a rayed sun, and about them were written many Elven runes. By day, the sun empowers it with fire. By night, the moon empowers it with ice.

Armour: Elven made Chainmail armour, and has fine dwarf crafted gauntlets. Has fine leather and silk clothing of the highest Elven quality, and has dwarf crafted plate armour on his legs.

Bio: One of Elrond's best soldiers. Relvenar had many a pleasent day growing up in Rivendell, and now sets our to destroy Sauron.

Description: Has magnificent hazel eyes, and silky white hair that comes down behind his shoulders. Has a wierd marking on his forehead. Wears a mainly green and red siut, with a green hood that he normally wears. Has black boots, and a red cape.
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Name: Juno
Race: Human
Age: 17
Weapon: A extra long saber with a long handle name Legend which he found in the wood better yet it found him. It have elemental power. And a bow made by the fairies(can you say Link) also have elemental power.
Armour: None
Bio: A courageous yet shy guy. He is the last of his clan. They were wipe out by you know who.
Description: Wear black clothing. Tunic pant shoes and gaunlets. And a black cape. There is a cross scar on his left cheek. Given to him by the one and only. (It look like Kenshin scar)
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cool. I hear it's a good book. (haven't read it though.)

Name: Kool
Race: human
Age: 13
Weapon: Sword of Many Elements (and my special powers.)
Armor: do we have to have it?
Bio: is strong.
Descrition: tall, smart, likeable, and resembles Pan from DBGT.
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I figured some1 would do that(dbz atuff)

Name: Ryenzau
Race: other (Sorpeanese), Lin kuei
Age: 17 earth years
weapon: platinum sword on back (like the zeta sword but platinum,very strong)
(rarely used)
Armor: Titanium aromor from one arm to the other(happens only when he upgrades) (on his back and chest)
Bio: Stranded on Earth as a toddler when in a war against the Jagonese Ninjas. Lathough a toddler he was a high ranked soldier (Admiral Fleet) Became a rebel with Jago (Jagonese leader). trained with his japenese counterpart. ryu b4 he died,uncle of craig,grew up to have a job as a average student in college, although people loved his armor
outfit: black eyes brown hair , 6'1,145 lbs./ black and silver uniform that goes from his neck to his legs.,5 silver wrappings on his legs,arms,and head thick black boots
(upgraded) clothes shae from black to white wrappings turn black.
armor appears from his rom to his back and chest to his other arm.
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nice! I love the LOTR series. It rox! Count me in!

Name: Ryu Hoyashi
Race: Iksar (lizard kind)
Age: 22
Weapon: The Kori Blade- a big knife but small sword, it is easy to weild and carry along with looking nice. It can deal enough damage for a good bounty hunter or rogue of some sort, but if not used right, could be dangerous to the user.
Armour: Bounty hunter's armor
Bio: Raised as a warrior, he was bound to be a bounty hunter to follow his father's foot steps. The father dying when Ryu was 3, he barely remembers his father for he also was in an accident with a dark warrior he wishes to never speak of.
Descrition: Green bounty hunter's gear, Kori Blade at the side, long raged flowing cape, lizard-like instincts and looks.
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that was a great trilogy...

Name: siren kojia of greenclan
Race: half elf (elf half is wilder- peaceful and solitude loving)
Age: 95 (being a cross bread it would make her about 15 in human years)
Weapon: falchion, shurikens(throwing stars) 3 odd daggers, sling, composite longbow
Armour: light banded armor, scale mail top( worn when not on a active battle field)
Bio: is considered a dark elf (outcast) because of her fastination in warfare, battle tactics, and weaponry
Descrition: frost blue hair, odd silver eyes, 5'11", wears light blue pants that bind at the ankel and waist but have a long slit up the side, dark blue top, high necked, no sleeves
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[color=crimson]Name: Ken
Age:168 (13-14 or so in human years...)
Weapon: Rune Longbow, Crossbow, Short Sword
Weapon Discription: Rune Longbow is a Bow crafted by Ken's father... blesses the holder of the bow to have more accuracy and for the shot to go farther...
Armor: Basic Elven Armor, Bracer
Appearance: 6'1 or so with long brown hair... [/color]
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man your the best

name: char
race: elf/human
bio: char the last of his tribe roamed the land until he found himself in the far soulthern forests was dubed the guardian of nature by gia a goddess from the west . char now has the powers to speak with all life forms and is dubbed the beast master.(yeah i know rip off but it fits in)
weapon : a master of his body and a carryer of a strange mystle stalf of bone , a club on one end and a blade on the other rides a great sapertooth tiger named kaeldor
descripion : athletic build , kind heart a friend of the weak, sandy blond hair grey eyesleather vest and loincloth and a pouch of herbs at his hip
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