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Sign Up Myth: Curse of Souls <M-V,L,Possible S>


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(Yes, I am well aware that I posted a topic in the Arena Underground forum but i can't be bothered waiting for replies)

The Story-45 years have passed since the death of King Alric who died just months after sealing the tomb which he hurled the remains of the evil Soul Blighter. There have been few incidents of war besides border disputes between the Trow and their newfound rivals the Kentei. The humans are ruled by the wise Lady Sarai who was one of the members of the Legion of Light which slew Soul Blighter.

Then one day, A young man is found with two massive slashes across his chest and with massive gaping hole where his heart once more. A few days later an entire villiage with destroyed, just razed to the ground. There were only two survivors, One claimed that a Black Dragon destroyed the villiage while the more mature of the two stated that it seemed to be more demonic than what a dragon could be.

Over the following score or so of days passed and two more cities fell to these strange occurences. More evidence pointed towards enemies of old with barbed spears that the Souless warriors which Soul Blighter created as well as pieces of Wight and Thrall. So once more, The Legion of Light is called upon again to take up their weapons and drive their old foe once more from the land, Hopefully for good.
Character Generation- Classes are entirely up to the joiner but there are a few issues that must be discussed first. 1) No nigh invincble character 2) Ask if you want to give your character magical weapons 3) No guns or such.... This is a medieval based RPG so not guns or other futuristic weapons.

The races are as follows
Human- These are your basic beings, No great powers and no glaring weaknesses but are not bound by prejudice and therefore can move about anywhere in the lands without causing Racial hate.

Dwarf- These short, stout warriors are the bane of many a warrior from the mountains. They ideally stand about 3'5 to 4' but there are rare circumstances that there are taller or shorter then average dwarves. They take great pride in their drinking and their beards.

Elf- These tall slender being were forced to watch their forest homes burn during the Great War and were finally starting to get their lands together until Soul Blighter returned from hiding. They possess great affinity with the bow and long swords.

Half Breed- These are mere cross breeds between any race, They are usually shunned from society because of their appeacerance or because of racial tension.

Gnome- These are the close relatives of the Dwarves although it is shown mostly in stature. They created the great seige engines of the world and are well known as Alchemists and thieves. They love to tinker and are adept at getting what they want.

Trow- Were once werewolves but the magic that was unleashed when Soul Blighter was cast into the great devoid changed them to be half dog-half human. Some of their number were changed into the new raced called Kentei at the time of Soul Blighters demise which the Trow have taken upon themselves to war with.

Kentei- These were created when Soul Blighter was destroyed when the Trow was changed by the magic. Less than half of the Trow were changed into the dog-human form while the other were transformed into the Cat-human form. The Kentei possess the grace of cats but lack the power which the Trow possess.

Drantei- The Drantei are an odd race, They emerged from their swamps and marshes whenever a war begun and when that war was over would dissapear one more. Many thought that they were magical in nature but a Drantei colony was discovered to the north of the capital city of Tyr in the Storm marshes. They are half Lizard and Half human and possess excellent fighting skills and short tempers.

Weapon of choice-
Appearence- ( Picture or description)
Bio- (Optional, Nice if you have one but it isn't needed.)
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]name-arria black
weapon of choice-bow and arrows and swords
bio-She is the black elf she has been hiding in the forest for a very long time when se was 9 years old she ran from her home because everyone was making fun of her because if she got out of hand she would probably distroy the world so she ran off.10 years later she came back and now she is on her way to the elven castle.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=3]name-jonathan larson
weapon of choice-swords

bio-he always ran from everything because his father was a very mean person and would hit him so he always did what his father told him to do. He always did the chores and all the stuff that his father would do so he never got around to having a life because his dad would take it from him. When he turned 19 he ran for it and never looked back.so know he set out to find a new place to go. He ended up at the elven castle.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Draitos Kallandall
Age- 23
Race- Human
Weapon of choice- Quarterstaff
Class- Flame Mage
Appearence- [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/f/flamechamp01.jpg[/IMG]
Biography- Draitos was born into the rich family of Kallandall who were one of the leading familys of the city of Tyr and showed talent with magic although he was also a bit of a delinquent. He was taken into the care of Lady Sarai after his mother and father both perished from a plague that used to ravage the lands and studied under her, learning the ways of flame and magic.

Draitos was named Lady Sarai's heir just a matter of months before the rumours of Soul Blighters resurection began to spread. He loves Lady Sarai like she was his mother and is absolutely dedicated to her, no matter what happens. Draitos decided to fight in her honour to destroy Soul Blighter or whoever it is that had released his dormant power into the world.
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Name- Specter
Age- 18
Gender- Male
Race- Halfbreed (Elf & Human)
Weapon of choice- (see attachment file)
Appearence- (see attachments)
Bio- When Specter was 7 yrs old both his parents abandoned him with only a dagger to protect himself from wild animals and bandits. For the past 11 yrs Specter has been training himself by wrestling with wils creatures in the forest.
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