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Anime Looking for a very ::old:: anime...

tattoi nobori

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Hi all! I'm looking for a copy of (what I believe is) the oldest known anime still in existence:

Obasuteyama ("The Mountain Where Old Women Are Abandoned")
by: Sanae Yamamoto, 1924

I would be overjoyed to find it in any format whatsoever: avi, divx, mpeg, .torrent, whatever! Thanks for your time,

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Even if the request is illegal, I find the subject matter itself very interesting.

I never really thought about it, but I always assumed Osamu Tezuka made the first Japanese animation. It's very interesting to learn about Yamamoto. Sorry I don't have any copy of it though.

It'd be interesting to watch a Japanese silent Anime.

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The title you are asking about is no longer in print, so I doubt you'll be able to find it in any sort of illegal or dvd format for that matter. Your best bit would be able to find a film collector and even in that case chances are the person will not give up the prints to that film even for a viewing.
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