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Jpop!! (yay!!!)


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[COLOR=#503F86]This really isn't the right forum for discussing J-Pop, so I'm going to move it to Movies, Music and TV. Please make sure that you're starting threads in the correct place, heh.

I find the best place for any kind of Japanese music is CD Japan.co.jp. Recommended to me by wrist cutter, you can always make sure you're getting the genuine article. It's a little more expensive than some places, but at least the money you spend ends up going to the right people.[/COLOR]
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I don't know too many bands, let alone ones I specifically like. But I do like The Seatbelts, The Thrill, m-flo, ZONE, Orange Range and Soulhead.

The Seatbelts I know mainly from Cowboy Bebop and I like the sound of their music because it's just so much fun to hear.

The Thrill I know of solely from watching Blue Submarine No.6 and while liked their kind of jazz I'm not sure others would, but I love their song Mina Soko Ni Nemure which I know by heart!

M-Flo I'm still a bit new to, but they seem a very good group of talented people. They sound as if they really have fun making their music. And I like that I can kind of sense that.

Now ZONE to me is in a category all their own because their music seems quite distinct from other stuff I've heard. They have [b][i]so[/i][/b] much energy in their songs and voices, but they also have those serious more emotional songs and even then their energy shines through. And I'm certain that they have fun with what they do. Also, it's very neat that they actually are a real band and play instruments and everything. Another thing that I find awesome is how three of their members and an ex-member really went to school together and something I like about hem is how they pretty much have their own style and they don't bleach their hair! Or as of the last time I checked anyway.

The guys of Orange Range just seem rather funny and silly sometimes (in their performances). And to me they also appear to have an interestingly distinct sound of their own. And I don't just mean by their music, but their voices too. There's just something about them that just sounds different. I think it might have a lot to do with the fact that their from Okinawa and they may have a sort of "accent"; which is fine with me because they sound rather awesome.

Soulhead is a duo one could try out, but it seems a majority of their music is R&B or hip-hop based with rap in the mix along with lyrical vocals. This is cool with me because I love R&B and hip-hop, but for some reason most J-whichever fans tend not to. However I must say they really do have some nice voices; one of them in particular has such a beautiful one. And I like that they throw a lot more English into their songs along with the Japanese lyrics so you can hear how their voices sound in both languages! Not too many artists do this, I think.

For the solo music artists I really like BoA because really the girl can sing and she doesn't seem to rely on that heavy nasal sound that I can't stand although I don't like that sound at all period.

Hope at least one of those you could try and see if you like and even if you've heard them then maybe you can get more of their stuff if you like them or give them another try if you didn't like them at first.
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