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Art Colowing

Manic Webb

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It's strange what a person can think of to kill time. Out of pure bordom (while re-connecting with my childhood), I decided to do a little coloring-- or colowing, if you want to sound cute when you say it. :)

I found a few black/white pictures of my favorite superheroes (the X-Men) online, and decided to fill in the colors by myself. Let me just say right now that this stuff if far more time-consuming than you'd think... unless you have a lot of practice in doing it, which I don't.

Pencilled by comic book artist Terry Dodson: ([url=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23790&stc=1]ORIGINAL[/url])
My coloring...

Pencilled by comic book artist Adam Hughes: ([url=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23792&stc=1]ORIGINAL[/url])
My coloring...( I didn't feel like doing the background, and I'm sorry for Cyclops' ugly clothes.)

My current work in progress is re-coloring a page from Astonishing X-Men, with art by John Cassaday.
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[font=tahoma]Oooh *jealous*. Coloring pics is one tihng I have trouble with. Perhaps I didn't have too many coloring books when I was a kid. But these are wonderful, Manic ^^ Very bright and vibrant. The highlights and shadowing i gorgeous, especially Jean's (I'm assuming that is Jean behind Xavier) hair. That dark shadow really makes her red hair seem rich and prismatic. Just beautiful.

Good, good job.[/font]
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Not bad... But they might look nicer if you added a few different colors (highlights, shadows) instead of solid color... (unless i'm totally reading it wrong from the original linework? But it just looks like you added solid color to everything... minus a few places on the first image where highlights are actually drawn?) It doesnt' look bad *** is, but a adding a bit more might give it some extra umph, you know?
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[SIZE=1]I'm with GTK on this. I think you did a relatively good job in coloring in the linearts, but try using different shades of the color instead of solid shades.

The second image looks grainier, which is probably due to the linearts original quality/clarity. I'd recommend experimenting with different skin tones, rather than the same all around. I mean, different people have different skin, right?

*high fives you*[/SIZE]
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