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Dreams. A gateway into the heart. A window to your inner mind. A screen for memories to be replayed. Nothing is off-limits in the world of dreams. From sexual satisfaction to the supremely surreal. Dreams are portents, portals, pathways, and pleasures. They are untamed visions, repressed memories, and dark fantacies. Dreams follow the tempestuous will of the subconscious, and are servant to none but their own mysterious desires.

Except...some think they do have masters. [B]Morpheus[/B], the greeks called him, alongside his brother [B]Phantasos[/B]. Native Americans spoke of [B]Manit[/B], who created visions and hallucinations as well. Mesopotamia had [B]Zakar[/B], and the Aboriginies of Australia have the mysterious beings of the [B]Dreamtime[/B]. Even the children of today have the legendary [B]Sandman[/B], a melancholy, maligned, or malignant spirit, depending on the tale.

And in the lore of angelology, they speak of the Angels of Dreams. [B]Ragshiel[/B] is one name for him, but there is a darker holder for this title. The Angel of Silence, Patron Angel of Egypt, and fallen angel, [B]Dumah[/B]. Among his duties, he is said to hold power over dreams themselves. And, so far, his demonic countenance has not surfaced in his deeds. In fact, it's implausable that such a creature exists - just like all the other whispers of magic and mythology.

[B]Dumah[/B], like all the rest, is just a figment. Morphine is far more potent than its namesake, and Mesopotamia has long since faded from mankind. The angels of lore are disregarded, along with the gods and monsters. They are just stories. Ephemeral as the sands, as tangible as their craft, and as powerful as their evanescent domain.

At least, that's what I'd have told you a few weeks ago...


I never used to believe in such things. [B]Angels[/B] were a childhood fantasy, the [B]Sandman[/B] was nothing but a fairy tale, and [B]Morpheus[/B] was an ancient creation of want and imagination. Dreams were just things - I didn't even believe in analyzing them. [B]Freude[/B] was a loon, and mystics were a crock. All those books went un-perused, all those psychologists unvisited. Dreams were dreams and nothing more.

Until [B]the Nightmare[/B] started.

Not just any nightmare, of course. [B]The Nightmare[/B]. It hit me like a ton of bricks the first time I saw it, and hasn't stopped. For nights and nights, [B]the Nightmare[/B] comes, and I wake up screaming. Cold sweats? That's nothing. Try weeping when you wake up, try screaming so loud the cops have been called. Try vomiting, thrashing, feeling like you're about to die.

Every. Single. Night.

And before you ask, no, I'm not going to tell you about [B]the Nightmare[/B]. Because even if I wanted to, I couldn't even begin to describe it. All I can even remember without the world going fuzzy is this - fire, death, screaming, pain so fierce its like dying night after night. The whoosh of hot, stale air. Skulls. Rats. Hatred so strong it burns hotter than the fires all around.

And it's not [B]Hell[/B]. I thought it was once I started remembering some of it. But it's not [B]Hell[/B]. Even I know that this isn't as bad as [B]Hell[/B]. No, this is something different. I think...I think it's a warning. A prophecy, even. Someone's trying to tell me something. Why do I think that, you ask?

Because sometimes, I can fall back alseep. Whether it's alcohol, sleeping pills, or just being so exhausted from screaming and wretching and thrashing about, sometimes I can sleep again. And when I do, there's another dream. There's fire, and wind, but it's good. Pure, clean air...cleaner than any I've ever smealt. And the fire is warm and comforting, not hellish and cruel. I've studied angels since the dreams started, and I even know who's delivering the message now.

[B]Metatron[/B], is his name.

[B]Metatron[/B] is the messanger for God, you see. A being composed entirely of living flames. One of the high ranking angels, as it happens. And he wants me to do him a service. See, I, apparently, have the "Divine Spark." A bit more that perfect humanity that ol' papa [B]Adam[/B] had. The dreams are a block - and a prophecy. To keep me from doing what I need to do.

The [B]Sandman[/B] is real, ladies and gents. And his name isn't [B]Sandy[/B], or [B]Morpheus[/B], or even [B]Ragshiel[/B]. No, he goes by a different name, a name that's come to haunt me to my core and shake my bones. He's the Patron Angel of Dreams, and Silence, as a matter of fact.

[B]Dumah[/B], he goes by. And he's a [B]Prince of Hell[/B].

[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]And that, ladie's and gents, is Weaving Dreams, my latest foree into the world of RPing. It's a story of Angels, Dreams, Hell, Truth, Justice, and secret pain. Darkness is the order of the day, as is violence, pain, and surrealism. See, Dumah doesn't fight on the standard playing field. Oh no.

He lives in, controls, manipulates, and creates Dreams. That is where he stakes his claim, that he where he fights the fight, and that is where he is bound. See, Dumah can't come out when everyone else does. He is concealed within the land of Dreams, so that's where he starts his assault. Psychologically, foremost. Fear is his key tool. Hatred, pain, anger, depression - all spawned by fear. And so he uses what he victims are afraid of to tear them apart from the inside. His only weakness is his range of control.

This RP will be very strange. It will be twisted, and moody. There will be mature themes, most of them graphic and disturbing. But, on the same token, there will be moments of hope, light, and joy. Just not as many, as Dumah is a wiley, powerful foe. He won't rest until his influence spreads...

And his victims won't rest ever again.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[Size=1] You've got my signup ULX. This one looks like it'll be fun. One question though, what all can we signup as? I figure companions to the main character, but anything else?[/size]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Wow...it's so good. Interesting. I like how you came up with it. So this whole thing is about [B]Dreams[/B]??? I'm a bit confused on what this RP gonna be about. But it's really good and you put a lot of imagination to it (I guess..). Keep it up!! [/SIZE] :animesmil [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Hmm...since posting this, I've head a few bouts of Creativity. During which, I've gotten some ideas to change and, hopefully, improve Weaving Dreams. But, I'll let you be the judges on that one.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Night City

[B]Night City[/B] is not a good place to raise a family. It is, in fact, a regular hell-hole. And I mean that rather literally. You see, [B]Night City[/B] is known for three things - first, is the large building in the dead center of town, called [B]Oblivion Tower[/B]. Next, you have four infamous clubs, called the [B]Four Corners[/B]. I'll get to those two things in a bit. But the real reason Night City is a "hell-hole" is because of the four streets that border it. To the East is [B]Acheron Avenue[/B]; the South is lined by [B]Phlegethon Street[/B]; North is [B]Cocytus Ave.[/B]; and West is [B]Styx Road[/B].

For those not familiar with mythology, those four streets share their names with the four rivers of Hell. [B]Acheron[/B], the river of sorrw; [B]Phlegethon[/B], the river of rage; [B]Cocytus[/B], the river of lamentation; and [B]Styx[/B], the river of hate. And running elsewhere in Hell is [B]Lethe[/B], the river of oblivion. I bet you can bet what street [B]Oblivion Tower[/B] is on, ne?

Now, a funny thing happens to people in [B]Night City[/B]. They don't sleep much. Partly, it's because [B]Night City[/B] is one of the best places to go clubbing in all the world, or so it is proclaimed. But partly, it's because if you come into [B]Night City[/B], for some reason, you will have nightmares. Doesn't matter who you are, what you do, what you eat. You will have nightmares. Happiest man on the planet, with no issues, best job, completely healthy, would have at least a nightmare a week. That's how things work, and you don't question it.

But, most people keep themselves awake, whether it be by coffee (five [B]Starbucks[/B] in the city), alcohol (21 bars and counting), drugs, or pleasurable company. No matter how, you're going to be awake most of the night in [B]Night City[/B]. And besides, after a while, you get used to waking up in a cold sweat.

Now, another key part of [B]Night City[/B] is the [B]Four Corners[/B]. They are four major clubs, each sitting on one of the four outlying streets, and are owned and operated by four men, called the [B]Four Kings[/B]. The [B]Four Kings[/B] technically own [B]Night City[/B], and are all "lackies" of the man who sits at the top of [B]Oblivion Tower[/B] in the primo club in town, [B]Pandemonium[/B]. That man is [B]Lucius Black[/B]. Rich, powerful, and mysterious, he runs the entire city from atop his shining tower.

Now, the [B]Four Corners[/B] are a varied assortment. First, along [B]Acheron Avenue[/B], you have [B]Hell's Gate[/B]. [B]Hell's Gate[/B] is part bar, part casino, paying home to anyone with a taste for gambling. They've got every game imaginable, from slots, to Keno, to black jack, to craps. All of them. It's run by a man named [B]Michael McCreedy[/B], and there never was a greedier man than Mike. He struts around in a jet-black tuxedo, 24 karat gold watch dangling from his pocket, smoking with a gilded pipe. The [B]Gold King[/B] has money coming out his ears, and he flaunts it.

Next, is [B]Sticky Fingers[/B], which rests to the East along [B]Styx Road[/B]. And if you want pleasurable company, [B]Sticky Fingers[/B] is the place to be, as it is a strip club of the highest calibur. The most beautiful women, and the most beautiful men, all strut their stuff for the entertainment of anyone with enough money. And, to top it off, it's a first-rate club with top quality liquor, and, if you know the right people, you can get yourself some top-quality drugs. The owner, [B]Basil Lawson[/B], is said to be the man to talk to if you want to get your hands on something potent, but no cop in town would investigate. The [B]Mad Hatter[/B], as he is called, is one of the [B]Four Kings [/B]and, therefore, untouchable.

In the south rests [B]Boiling Blood[/B], right along the edge of [B]Phlegethon Street[/B]. As the name suggests, it is a hard-edged club that plays the most heart-thumping music you will ever hear. Laced with strong liquor, one can truly feel the rhythm as it seemingly pulls you apart. It also pays home to some of the most feared bouncers in all of [B]Night City[/B], but they are nothing compared to the King himself. [B]Marco de Lambera[/B] is a truly impressive man, and is known for handling especially rough clients himself. His rough, hands-on approach has earned him the name, "[B]Bouncer Lord[/B]". And if you cross him, you might find out just how true a name that it.

Finally, there is the [B]Frozen Heart[/B] to the north, along [B]Cocytus Avenue[/B]. [B]Hell's Gate[/B] is rich, [B]Sticky Fingers[/B] oozes sex, and [B]Boiling Blood[/B] is on fire, but nowhere is darker than [B]Frozen Heart[/B], which plays host to gothic subculture that runs rampant in [B]Night City[/B]. The music is suitably dark, and you will rarely, if ever, find someone in both [B]Frozen Heart[/B] and [B]Boiling Blood[/B]. But, then again, that's the way that [B]Robert Belzer[/B] likes things - nothing like the others. Coined the [B]Wild Titan[/B] by his peers, [B]Belzer[/B] will never be said to do the same as his coleagues. And maybe that's why he is [B]Lucius Black's [/B] right hand man. Who knows?

[B]Lucius Black[/B] himself is certainly not talking to the masses, and he is rarely seen outside of [B]Pandemonium[/B]. Of course, seeing as it has the best food, best drink, best staff, is simply the best, it makes sense that he stays there often. And so do so many travelers in [B]Night City[/B], as the [B]Oblivion Tower[/B] is, itself, a hotel. [B]Lucius Black[/B] himself is a mystery, as are his son and daughter, [B]Donovan[/B] and [B]Serenity[/B]. They usually speak through either the [B]Four Kings[/B], or the hotel manager, [B]Mr. Mulciber[/B]. This fame has garnered him the title, [B]Architect of Shadows[/B]. That, and the fact that he designed both [B]Oblivion Tower[/B] and the [B]Four Corners[/B].

So, as you can see, people in [B]Night City[/B] rarely have any trouble finding something to do during their many sleepless nights. But, as I've told you, I've been having more trouble finding something to do during the hard nights. My dreams are getting worse, the nightmares are getting worse. [B]Dumah[/B] seems to be plotting something in [B]Night City[/B], but I have no idea what.

All I know is what [B]Metatron[/B] has told me - that [B]Seven[/B] strangers are going to come to town, and help me do battle. That is, if they don't fall under [B]Dumah's[/B] power before that. But, I'll try and find them. Help them. I'll have to, or else they'll either crumble under the dreams - or meet their fate at the hands of [B]Dumah[/B] himself. Because who knows what the [B]Angel of Dreams[/B] is plotting? All I know, it that its not good, and it's going to shake [B]Night City[/B] to the very core.

It's up to the strangers, and it's up to me.

God help us.

[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]That, ladies and gentleman, is what several days with little to do but think can do to you. As you can see, the story is growing. There are at least seven roles to be played out, the seven out-of-towners. And then there are the Four Kings, and Lucius, and the dreaded Dumah. Strange things are happening in town, and there is little chance that

Well, comment, critique, and criticize. I need it. Oh, and as my final word, holy crap that's a lot of bold![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=DimGray] :animenose *stares at the story* Must...not..look...away...I love this story! I would be honored if you would allow me to join this story once it's up!

I, too, am intrigued as to what exactly our sign-ups should look like, seeing as how this is a rather...unconventional (not that that's a bad thing!!!) plot.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]I've gotta hand it to you, Xion. Interesting ideas with spins on them. I like that, and I'd sign up for the second one you posted, but I have a few problems with both.

For the first RPG, you never really explain the character's role in the RPG. You briefly mention that we have to fight the God of Dreams, while we're dreaming presumably, but fail to mention how we'd go about that, and why we'd need to rendezvous with any of the other characters. It's a good idea, but you need to develop the conflict more, and make the battle a bit more winable for the RPers, who are fighting a God at home field for lack of a better analogy.

The second RPG I thought was outstanding. While I got tired of the [b]four this[/b] and [b]four that[/b], it has a developed backstory, but again, you don't explain the conflict thoroughly. It's better than the first explaination, as you've told us that seven people outsiders have to try to beat Lucifer. But how are we supposed to be seemingly omnipotent people in a place where even our dreams can turn against us? The odds seem to stacked, and you might want to consider giving the strangers some sort of one-time trump to even the odds. Know what I mean?

Very interesting, the both of them. Good job.[/SIZE]
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