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I'm not entirely sure that this goes here, but it seems to fit.

One of my favorite things to do is sew and fix up old thrift store finds. I love to DIY. I think it can be considered an art. It takes creativity, expecially when you design your own stuff. It takes time and it takes talent/skill.

First up, we have the spiderweb parasol. Pretty much all hand made, except for the thrift-store umbrella frame.

Next, the stripey over skirt. I just finished this yesterday for a trip to the club. It was a part of an ugly stripe-ey polkadot-ey dress. Very unflattering design. The skirt part was still nice though, so I used it. (Pardon my messy room :animeswea)

That's all I have uploaded to my computer right now. Mabey I'll post more later.
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The parasol is loooovely. Looks like it came straight out of the Victorian era. It's amazing what you can do with umbrella frames! You, good mistress, have great potential. Brilliant move, adding those sparkly thingies on the fabric (or were they originally there? Good choice of fabric, then). Maybe you could attach something to the rim (is that what it's called?). Some fringe or additional lace maybe, just to weigh the fabric down.

Sell it. It's worth big bucks.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Baron: Thank you. ^_^

Revue: The fabric had sparkely things on it already. It was from the Jo-ann's halloween collection thing. The fabric stays down pretty well without trim. It's been a working parasol since october, I love it too dearly to sell. But I might start making them and selling them. They're quite simple to make.


My lovely duct tape tote bag. I used it for school. It's a regular tote bag (free from payless shoes) covered in duct tape. Lots of duct tape.
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[color=#9933ff]I absolutely love the stuff you've show. The parasol is my favorite. I can't quite see the skirt too well, and zebra stripes just aren't my thing, but the shap of it is very nice. The duck tape bag? The plus to it is that because you have so much stuff in it, the bag shouldn't break. lol. ^^

I really really admire you for making all this stuff. I just went to a con and didn't finish my cosplay in time - it was total crap (of course, I didn't use a pattern either, so that may be a problem. *sweatdrop* ^^), so I know how hard sewing something (like the skirt) is.

That parasol could not have been easy to put together, no matter if you sewed it (hand) or used glue, or hot glue, just becuase of how big it is, and wrestling with something that would possibly roll while you're trying to fit it with new fabric. Eeep.

I'm really glad to see everything you've made. Show us more, soon! ^_^[/color]
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I rarely use patterns. Actually, I think I've only used a store-bought pattern once or twice. Usually I draft my patterns from directions off the internet.

I made these bloomers from a pattern I drafted from directions off the internet. They're really comfortable. I usually wear them under skirts and sometimes on their own. I like to sleep in them too. I should make another pair. They were pretty easy to make.

The tie skirt of doom. I started it right after my old sewing machine broke. I finished it about a week before my dad got me a new one. It took a couple of days, but only because of the hand-sewing. With a machine I could have done it in two hours.

This is my pink tulle skirt. I salvaged it off a really ugly dress. The bodice was horrible, it had all sorts of sparkley things all over it. Absolutely horrid. So I cut off the skirt and used blanket binding to make a new waistband.

Action shot!

Again, pardon my messy room. I'm right in the middle of spring cleaning. (With six hours of spring left.) heh.
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[size=1][color=slategray][b]Spiderweb Parasol:[/b] I love this. Amazing what you can do with just an umbrella frame. I like what you put over it. That would be something I'd be see strolling through a park with. ^_~

[b]Stripe Skirt:[/b] This is very nice. The little ruffles add a nice touch.

[b]Duct Tape Tote Bag:[/b] Oh, very cool. Actually, that reminds me of this kid that makes wallets/ticket holders/purses and an assortment of other accessories of just duct tape. I bought a checkered purple and black wallet from him, very cool. I like the whole duct tape look. I'd probably do that to some of my stuff, but my mom would freak out. >>

[b]Tie Skirt:[/b] Ah, very creative. I always thought of sewing shoe laces to certain clothes, such as the sides of jeans, but not of ties on a skirt.

[b]Pink Tulle Skirt:[/b] I like that fabric, it looks like the kind of stuff they use on these one scarves I've been seeing around latey. Normally I don't really go for pink, but that shade isn't actually that bad.

I have been wanting to make my own clothes for awile, I am so tired of going into a store and finding nothing I like. So, it'd be nice to make my own stuff, I just don't know if I'm that good with my hands.
Good job, these designs are lovely. ^.^[/color][/size]
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[color=#9933ff]Wow. All of those are so so pretty. I do like the skirts, but I REALLY love the bloomers. They're just so... I don't know. They rock, though. What website do you go to, to get those directions or whatever. I want that website. ¬_¬[/color]
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I want that website too. Those bloomers are really cute. I have wanted to make a tie-skirt for a really long time...but I'm far too lazy to get off my rear and find some ties. XD That first skirt is really neat looking. All of your stuff is so good!

And just so you know....your room is cleaner than mine is. >__>
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Here's the website for the bloomers. [URL=http://home.aol.com/ilove2lace/bloomer.html]basic bloomers[/URL] The directions are pretty straight forward. I suggest you do a mock-up in some crap fabric first though. I botched the inital mock up one, but did well for the final product.
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