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RPG Defenders of Athoron (Play)


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[color=crimson][i]A robbed figure with a staff stood high atop a mountain... his hair blew in the wind.... his robe swayed slightly... below the mountain a goblin warrior camp stood.... he raised his staff and muttered something... Fireballs began to fall from the sky destroying the warrior camp... the goblins ran in fear... The wizard grinned and teleported back to the palace... it was a beutiful palace... he walked slowly down the halls... someo f his fellow warriors were there and he smiled and said hello.... he walked to the king's chamber and kneeled before the knig..[/i]

Wizard: Your majesty... the vile goblin warcamp that was below mount Gerof is no more...

King: Very Good Ken! Very good indeed.... Those foul goblins plunder and destroy... they must stop their plunders...

Ken: Yes your majesty.... Is their anything else that your servant may do for you?

King: We have no more reports of Approaching armies... that's all for now... remember the king's ball tonight! do come!

Ken: Yes, I shall be there. I will take my leave now...

[i]Ken slowly walked out and saw his good friend Craig, a fellow defender of this kingdom... Ken grinned and walked up to Craig[/i]

Ken: Good Day Craig! How did the dragon slaying go?

Craig: It went well... That Dragon Wont Bother Us again...

Ken: An the orc army? How did that go

Craig: Fair... Those Orc Mages Dont Help Thing Tho

Ken: Well... I'm Sure Siren the Dragon Helped Out Alot.. especially is she was in her dragon form!

Craig: Yes... She was a good help...

Ken: And wasn't That New Defender There too... what was her name?

Craig: Oh... you mean kool?

Ken: Yes yes... Kool

Craig: She's a tad bit un-experienced

Ken: Well... she's only lived for 13 years... we've lived for... 168 years and you... 180 years!

Craig: Good point... she'll be a fine fighter... with some training...

Ken: Well... are you going to be at the kin's ball tonight?

Craig: Of course! Wouldn't miss it for all the gold in the kingdom

Ken: I have to take my leave.... But i'll see you tonight good friend..

Craig: Good day to you!

Ken: Thank you, and good day to you too...

[i]Ken walked down the hall to his room....[/i][/color]
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*.....Later that night at the King's Ball, hundreds of people were gathered there. There was lots of dancing. In one of the corners in the shadows stood Kool for she didn't like to dance. She hoped no one would ask her.*

P.S. No one had better ask me to dance!!!:flaming:
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[color=crimson][i]At the King's Ball Everyone was There... All the defenders of the Kingdom had a Special Table Next to the King... they talked and laughed... drank and ate... they talked about old times.... and they continued to eat and drink... some of them danced.... but Ken didnt dance....[/i][/color]
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*as he walk into the ballroom and no one seem to see him he stand in a corner and look out at the party*

Juno: Wow there is a lot of people here. I wonder if Craig and Ken is here.
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[color=crimson][i]Ken stands up and walks out.... his robe drags along the ground behind him as he walks.....[/i]

Ken: This robe is a tad bit long...

[i]Ken holds his staff with both hands and mutters something and his robe shortens...[/i]

Ken: Much better...

[i]He sees juno and walks up[/i]

Ken: Goodday juno! How did the talk with the queen of the elves go?

Juno: Not too well...[/color]
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one of the ladys of the house, strong for all that she looked frail, draged siren into the room...

siren: arein!!! let me go!!! i hate social occasions!!! i look so stupid!!

aerin: nonsence... that dress looks good on you...

siren: i really hate dresses... thet're soooooo impractiacal... if i wasen't ordered to come i woulden't be here!!! gemme go!!! gerroff!! i'll bite!!!
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[color=crimson][i][b]Hm... Siren the Shape Shifter.... guess i should say hi...[/b]

Ken walks over to Siren who is obviously not happy being here[/i]

Ken: Hello Siren... Something the matter?

Siren: Oh come on Ken.... you know i hate partys

Ken: Errr...

Siren: And i hate wearing this dress....

Ken: Well i'm stuck wearing this black robe and carrying this staff for... well over a hundred years...

Siren: Uck... i look bad in a dress

Ken: *sweatdrops* ....[/color]
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[color=crimson][i]Ken sighs[/i]

Ken: Same old Siren... haha...

[i]He grins[/i]

Ken: Well... a Elf Wizard Like Me Would Like To Dance... But... With Who?

[i]Ken looks at all the ladies standing around[/i]

Ken: Never in my 168 Years of Life Have I Seen So Many Pretty Ladies... This Will Be a Hard Decison...[/color]
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aerin: this is lord aris-toth... lord? this is siren....

lord aris: would you like to dance my lady?

siren opens her mouth to flatly refuse but aerin steps on her foot and says

aerin: protacall says you have to dance... you can't refuse... and if you shape change... well let's just say you'll get a visit from-

siren: alright... i'd love to dance

lord aris smiles and leads her onto the dance floor... many people look on with amusement for siren was known for dislike of social gatherings
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whoa. that's something i doubt i'll EVER see again. :eek: I feel sorry for her. I hate dancing too. *shudders.*

*3 minutes later when Siren had finished dancing, siren came over to the corner thinking no one was there.*

Siren-*thinks*I'm gonna KILL Ken. I saw him laughing at me.

Kool- hey Siren. I pitty you. You might want to change into a chair or piece of dust and hide out here for a while before that person finds another person for you to dance with.

Siren- Good idea. *poof. she changes into a speck of dust and lands on my shoulder to make sure no one steps on her or blows her somewhere.*

*just then, Aerin came over to look for Siren.*

Aerin-excuse me, but have you seen a girl looking pouty and as if she hasn't had any fun?

Kool-er, no i haven't.

Aerin-Why are you in this corner where no one can see you? Don't you want to dance? Tell you what. You come with me and let's see if we can find someone to dance with you. Come here and- Where are you going? Don't you want some man to sweep you off your feet? Come back! Running is not lady-like!

*after running for 5 minutes...*

Kool-MAN!!!!!! She is annoying!! Did you hear her? "Running is not lady-like" my foot!! Is that why she wanted you to wear a dress? To be "lady-like"? Just wear pants under that dress so you can take that dress off later.

Siren-good idea. Maybe I can shape-shift into myself wearing pants. *poof* That's better. Good old fashioned pants. How come no one forced you to wear a dress and you get to wear pants?

Kool-I live by myself.
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[color=crimson][i]Ken continues to look for a Lady to dance with... he gives up and sighs... he walks out onto the balcony.... and looks up at the sky[/i]

Ken: The sky is ominious... something is wrong...

[i]Ken walks back inside and looks around.. everything seems in order... then he sees two eyes pearing out of a darkened hallway near the ball room... Ken teleports there and looks down to see goblin assains... a fireball erupts down the hall killing the goblin assains..[/i]

Ken: We have company...

[i]Ken looks down the hall as other goblin assains pop up... lightning strikes each one of them dead.... Ken returns to the ballroom where everything is still normal... no one saw the goblin assains... Ken pretends like nothing happened...[/i][/color]
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siren: i much as i hate to say this i have to get back...

kool: poor you...

siren walks back in and joins ken...

siren: if you get drunk i'm not helping you upstairs... if anything i'll knock you over the head... can't have a drunk wizard running around... barkeep? get me somthing strong... i need to pass out

ken: you wont... you have a higher tolerence than me...

siren: of course... comes with being dragon... i once ate a box of myrrth... i burped smoke for a week...
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[color=crimson]Ken: I think i hear kool fighting something...

[i]Ken sets down his drink and walks to where he last saw Kool... he looks around and sees Kool in a darkened hallway, her sword flashing out of the darkness... Ken teleports over to see Kool standing around dead Goblins[/i]

Ken: Dirty bastards... how are they sneaking into the palace?

Kool: I dont know...

Ken: I'm gonna go find out...

[i]In a flash of white his staff appears[/i]

Ken: Gaurd the king...

[i]Ken walks down the hall looking for anyway the Goblin Assains could have gotten in[/i][/color]
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[color=crimson][i]Ken finds a kicked in door and walks out to see 40-50 Goblins standing there[/i]

Goblin: Thisssss issssss great... sssssslay the wizzzzzzard.....

[i]Ken rases his hands[/i]

Ken: Fireball...

[i]A Giant Fireball erupts from his hand and flies out of the palace and into the distant mountain, exploding... a mushroom cloud flies up....[/i]

Ken: Freeze...

[i]The remaining Goblins freeze over instantly...[/i]

Ken: Disintegate

[i]The ice disintegrates into pieces...[/i][/color]
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[I]Suddenly a vey loud bang is heard and a giant figure was through the door[/I]

Hiyoshi: You smelly bast***s take this *he pulls out his massive axe and cut ten of the goblings to pieces*

Hiyoshi:Sorry i'm late these bast***s ambushed me the thought it would be easy to take on a giant(changed character from dwarf to giant)

*kicks several more out the door*

Hiyoshi: come on i need help there is an army of 'em *more kicks*
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Nah, but if you want to fight, ur welcome to help us out!!!

*raises her hand and shouts something.*

Kool-Fire Arrows!!!!!! *firey arrows shoot out of Kools hand and kills ten goblins. Ken is shocked.*

Ken-When did you get magic powers?!?!

Kool-well, since I'm learning, I don't use them much. I got my powers from my mom's side of the family. She taught me how to use it a bit before she died.

Ken-that explains it.
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[color=crimson][i]Disposing of the goblins tey return to the ballroom to find it ransacked[/i]

Ken: A diversion... What a fool i am! At 200 years old! i fell for that!

Gaurd: Elven Wizard Ken, Sir.... The Princess has been kidnapped

Ken: What?!

Gaurd: By a group of Dark Elves sir... they were last seen headed in the direction the Glory Tavern is...

Ken: For the princess!

[i]Ken teleports away....[/i][/color]
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