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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=3]Riashik looked the new elites in their purple armor up and down as he paced back and forth. It seemed only like a couple days ago when it was him getting yelled at instead. Now he was an Elite Arbiter and these men were his responsibility. He knew that some would die as they did their best to advance in rank. And that the others would make it as far as his own rank. Either way the heretics were going to die. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=3]Riashik walked up to one soldier. ?What is your name warrior?? The soldier turned his head and looked straight into Riashik?s eyes with a look of defiance. ?Hoth? Riashik turned around and waited for a minute. ?Hoth...? He said to himself out loud, and then uppercuts Hoth in the stomach making him fall to his knees. ?Okay then Hoth? He drop elbowed Hoth in the back making him hit the floor. ?Let me tell what you did wrong. Better yet does anyone else know what he did wrong?? A ?yes sir? came from the middle of the group. ?Step forward soldier? Another purple elite walked out. ?What is your name?? The elite spoke up loud and clear. ?Riduku sir. That was his first mistake? Riashik smiled. ?Continue? ?He then looked at you and broke attention.? Riashik kicked Hoth in the side making him fall back to the floor. ?The last one?? ?He gave you a defiant look? Riashik stopped in between Hoth and Riduku. He then back fisted Riduku sending him flying across the room and crashing into the wall. Hoth started laughing. Riashik round kicked him to the head sending him into the other wall. He waved his hand as several of his bodyguards dragged them away.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=3]Riashik walked over to a panel on the wall next to the door and hit a button. Two wall panels slid back letting two rows of gun racks containing plasma pistols and energy knives. ?Everyone gets one? He waited till everyone was done then hit another button causing the room to glimmer then reveal a huge battle between the Covenant and the Heretics. Riashik turned on his energy sword. ?This is a simulation. Red team, work your way through on the left side. Blue team, do the same on the right. Green team is with me down the middle. Let?s move?[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=2]This one is about the Covenant fighting the Heretics and trying to get rid of them all. You just joined the Covenant army and have been put into Riashik?s legion.
This will be a little different from all of your other ones that you have done because you actually get stuff and go up in rank in this one.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Olive][SIZE=2]First of all here are the basic rules:
1. You can only have two guns and when you get a new one by leveling up then you must get rid of an old one.
2. Only one melee weapon.
3. I will post your points here in the Adventure Inn except on another post at the end of this thread
4. PM me before you level up and get my permission first.
5. Only can go up one rank a day but you can post as much as you want.
6. Only one vehicle
7. If you have any questions about a gun or anything PM me please
8. Things like Active Camo, Plasma Grenade, Gun dual wield, Melee dual wield and augmentation (a surgery that makes you better in every way possible) all go under Other Items.
9. You are responsible for updating you signup when ever you go up in rank.
10. If you don?t update then you will be stuck with whatever is on there for that mission.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=2]You can achieve a maximum of 5 points, but you can receive bonus points as well. The number of points you get depends on how much I like your post. Here is the scoring:
1 point for it being interesting
1 point for fight sequences
1 point for teamwork (who ever is on your team during that mission)
1 point for dialogue
1 point for following orders
Here is the bonus scoring:
1 point for good team fight sequences
1 point for every member in the team if everyone gets a good teamwork scoring
1 point for good character to character dialogue[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=2]Here are the ranks, armor color and what you get when you achieve that rank.
Soldier-purple-plasma pistol and combat knife
Lieutenant-blue-plasma rifle
Sergeant-brown-plasma grenade
Bomber-yellow and black-Banshee
Troop Transporter-yellow and white-Shadow
Honorary Bodyguard-black-fuel rod gun
Honorary Pilot-yellow and brown-Spectre
Assassin-black and white-active camo
Honorary Bomber-yellow and blue-Wraith
Honorary Troop Transporter-yellow and red-Phantom
Admiral-orange-particle beam rifle and augmentation
Commander-gold-gun dual wield
Supreme Commander-silver-energy sword
Arbiter-gray-melee dual wield
Elite Arbiter-sliver and gray-a team of Covenant fighters[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Here is the profile set up
Name: Make it alien sounding
Current Rank: Soldier
Current Armor Color: Purple
Team: Red Blue or Green
Current Primary Weapons:
Current Secondary Weapons:
Melee Weapon:
Other Items:

I will give you the missions
If you have questions just ask
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