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Gundam: Tournament [M-LVS]


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Gundam Tournament

A man looked out through a window at the sunset then turned to his desk. "Hmmm..." He hit a button on the intercom. "Mr. Asan could you come here please?" He leaned back and looked around his lavishly furnished penthouse suite. He was rich and owned the entire hotel in which he lived. Even his workers lived here as well. A minute later Mr. Asan, a middle aged Chinese man entered.

?Yes Mr. Van. You called for me?? Mr. Van steepled his fingers. ?Yes, I need a way to make myself more known so I can win the election and become ruler of this country. That is why I called you. I don?t want a campaign because that is too early but I want something as big if not bigger? Mr. Asan thought for a second. ?You made that elite mobile suit army for when we are attacked right?? Mr. Van nodded as Mr. Asan continued. ?So then why not sponsor the mobile suit tournament. They don?t have a sponsor yet. And then you?ll be able to recruit the best fighters into your army? Mr. Van thought about it for a second. ?Call them and tell them I will sponsor it?

As you know Mr. Van is sponsoring the mobile suit tournament and there is a special prize for the fighter that wins. There will also be two on two matches. There is no self-repairing of god modes or anything of that sort. Your mobile suit will be using the physical system like the ones in G Gundam
For every match I will appoint a different person to review the battle and choose the winner.

Here are the signups.
Age: between 18 and 30
Bio: what you id before joining the tournament and it doesn?t have to be very long
Mobile Suit: ex. Buster Gundam or Rick Dom II
Gundam Appearance: Not necessary
Standard Weapons: What it normally comes with
Modifications: maximum of three.

Feel free to pm me
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Name: Jike Sikure
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Country: France
Appearance: Below
Bio: Jike worked on his uncle's farm company then joined the military when he was 18.
Mobile Suit: MS-18E Kaempfer (below)
Standard Weapons: vulcan x2, giant bazooka x2, beam saber x2, panzer faust x2, shotgun with shoulder stock, single hanede shotgun, chain mine whip.
Modifications: everything has a pair. more boosters for speed and manuverability. fin funnels
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Name: Seta Maxwell
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Country: U.S.
Appearance: Below
Bio: Seta worked as a hired hitman for anyone willing to pay good money. He did numerous jobs and completed every one of them. He is very fast and stealthy. H is also blind but sees things telekineticly.
Mobile Suit: XXXG-01D2 Deathscythe Hell Custom
Standard Weapons: beam scythe, hyper jammerx2, vulcanx2, and active cloak.
Modifications: Vampiric Touch (similar to Burning Finger except it saps the energy as well). Dual sided, double bladed beam scythe with small spear blade at each end. Bladed buster shield with built in repeating beam rifle.
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Name: Jade Silon
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Country: Japan
Appearance: Below
Bio: Ran away from her parents when she heard about the tournament, because they always held her back from doing what she wanted. She qucikly signed up for the tryouts to be Japan's fighter and beat all of the other combatants.
Mobile Suit: Balck Joker
Gundam Appearance: Below
Standard: Heat chain
Modifications: Four heat chains come out of each arm. twin beam rifles. Jester hat opens to two cannons
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