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Sign Up Mortal Kombat: Battle of the Realms [M-LVS]


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Mortal Kombat
Battle of the Realms

For generations the Mortal Kombat Tournament has been held to see who is the greatest fighter and who falls to the Demon Emperor. But since the Emperor is dead there has been a change of plans. We the Elder gods are still holding the tournament but there are different rules. There will be six fighters competing in the tournament instead of hundreds. The six that will compete will be the best of their realms.

The realms will hold their own contest and the winner will enter the tournament. The fighters in each realm will go through a bracket and work their way up. When we have our six then there will be a new bracket and the same thing will happen again. The fighters will have to work their way back up and the winner willhold the title of Mortal Kombat Champion and their realm will be named the strongest realm of all realms. Please do not dissapoint us with puny fighting skills. When you register you will face one of our soldiers to see if you are skilled enough.
-The Elder gods

We almost forgot to explain the rules and resgistration sheets.

Here are the rules. (only if there is six people, if more then another set of rules will be posted)
You will fight your way through the bracket of your realm.
You can only choose one character.
Each one of your posts will be an entire fight so you better fight well.
If you finish your matchs before someone else then just be patient.
Only one fight for a post so it doesn't get too lengthy.
You can only choose a character from a realm that doesn't have some one in it already.
When the six are chosen, we will pair you off and then do one fight at a time.
You cannot kill each other but we will decide who wins and who dies.
You each can post and add on to the fight until the end of either that day or the next day or until you each have done three posts
If you do not post within two days you will be disquailifed and killed
We will post the brackets for each realm then the tournament in the square if this starts.
We (I) will not be taking part in this rp cause we are the judges

Resgistration Sheets (these will be really short since we do not know the age and other things about the contestants
Name: You will choose a character from the lists below. If you do not have time to post that day you can pm to reserve someone.
Gender: Male, Female, Robot, or It
Realm: Will be given as well
Entry Fight: Your fight with the soldier. Please make it good

We made the form nice and short because we don't like filling out long ones either.
Have fun and ohh if you have any questions please pm me.

Here are the realms and their fighters and if they have an 'X' by them then they are reserved. We will send you info on each fighter when you sign up if you need it.
Earthrealm Fighters
1. Lui Kang
2. Shujinko
3. Jonny Cage
4. Jax
5. Sonya Blade
6. Raiden
7. Bo Rai Cho

Netherrealm Fighters
1. Moloch
2. Drahim
3. Ermac
4. Ashura
5. Noob
6. Smoke
7. Cyrax

Orderrealm Fighters
1. Hotaru
2. Kitana
3. Sindel
4. Kenshi
5. Kung Lao
6. Dariou
7. Lei Mei

Chaosrealm Fighters
1. Darrius
2. Mavado
3. Kobra
4. Kabal
5. Kano
6. Tanya
7. Blaze

Outworld Fighters
1. Onaga
2. Sub-Zero
3. Scorpian
4. Reptile
5. Mileena
6. Baraka
7. Frost

Edenia Fighters
1. Jade
2. Nightwolf
3. Quan Chi
4. Shang Tsung
5. Kira
6. Havik
7. Garo
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Name: Sub-Zero
Gender: Male
Realm: Outworld
Entry Fight: Sub-Zero watched as his oppenant stepped out. They began pacing around the ring. The judge yelled fight and they ran at each other. He jumped over the soldiers sweep kick then swung a backfist at the head as the guard ducked and nailed him in the stomach. Sub-Zero stumbled back then leaned back as a kick came towards his head. He snap kick the man in the jaw then spin kicked him to the head only to have a take his legs out from under him. Sub-Zero kicked the mna in the knee then punched him in the face. He brought a fist back as it covered with ice. The guard ran at him then flew back as a fist of ice broke his nose and jaw. The guard caught his balance and retured a kick and a punch to the ribs. Sub-Zero created a spike of ice and drove it through the mans chest. He kicked him several times to the head, then snapped his neck. He felt his blood running onthe sides of his body then saw the small spikes on the soldier's gloves and boots. "*****"
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