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[SIZE=1]I've seen genre specific threads before but none for my favorite genre, hardcore. I know some of you aren't fans of this kind of music (Jake), but I think it deserves a lot of recognition and you all should take notice to some of it's bands. I know a lot of you enjoy metal, and hardcore is simply not your style, but a lot of bands combine some metal qualities into their music and it makes for a righteous sound. Here I'll be listing some of my favorite hardcore bands I think you guys should check out. For my favorites I'll write an explanation and the others I'll simply list. I'd love for you guys to give them a listen and tell me what you think afterwards having never heard them before. If you don't have a way of to download music simply use [URL]www.purevolume.com[/URL] and you'll be able to listen to a few choice songs and get a feel for the band.

[B]As Cities Burn [/B] - Post Hardcore / Hardcore / Rock
[B]Favorite Album [/B] - Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest
[B]Favorite Songs [/B] - 1. Wake Dead Man, Wake
2. Love Jealous One, Love

As Cities Burn is a Christian band, which I know some of you dislike, but they produce really good music. They havn't been around all that long but have already created quite a name for themselves in the world of hardcore. As many others do they combine heartwrenching screams with melodic singing to create an amazing style of music. The vocals are solid and with fantastic breakdowns it makes them seem even better on the harder songs. The lyrics aren't bad and I think given the chance a lot of people will love this band.

[B]Stutterfly [/B] - Hardcore / Alternative / Metal
[B]Favorite Album [/B] - And We Are Bled of Color
[B]Favorite Songs [/B] - 1. Through Me
2. Gun in Hand

Stutterfly isn't all that well known but the music they produce is really fantastic for a more or less fledging band in the industry. Although I dislike some of their songs for the most part this band produces solid music and offers something a little different for the average hardcore fan to listen to. Not only do they have the insane metal-like songs, but they have softer, slower ones for those of you looking for something a little less hard.

[B]The Bled [/B] - Hardcore / Metal
[B]Favorite Album [/B] - Pass the Flask
[B]Favorite Songs [/B] - 1. Sound of Sulfur
2. Nothing We Say Leaves This Room

The Bled, to my surprise, has become a pretty popular band. After listening I found them to be a truly amazing band, but as you know some of the best bands never get the recognition they deserve. The Bled is of a much harder variety then the bands I've mentioned before. Those of you who enjoy metal will probably like this band, since they blend a lot of the two genres together in their music.

[B]Haste the Day [/B] - Hardcore / Metal / Screamo
[B]Favorite Album [/B] - When Everything Falls
[B]Favorite Songs [/B] - 1. Breaking My Own Heart
2. Long Way Down

Haste the Day is Christian hardcore and possesses a very talented high-pitched screamer. They also produce harder music then a lot of the other bands and I love them for it. They stay true to their roots and their music always uses the same basis. Having a firm foundation allows them to alter the music and make even better songs yet still hold the same amazing sound that they've become known for.

Across Five Aprils - Hardcore / Rock / Metal
Favorite Album - A Tragedy In Progress
Favorite Songs - 1. Hearts, Necks, and Other Things That Break
2. Helpless Dreams of an Assassin

Alexisonfire - Hardcore / Indie / Punk
Favorite Album - Alexisonfire
Favorite Songs - 1. Pulmonary Archery
2. Where No One Knows

Bleed the Dream - Hardcore / Screamo / Rock
Favorite Album - Built By Blood
Favorite Songs - 1. Legends Die
2. Black Skys

Dead Poetic - Hardcore / Rock / Screamo
Favorite Album - New Medicines
Favorite Songs - 1. Taste the Red Hands
2. Hostages

Fear Before the March of Flames - Hardcore / Metal / Emo
Favorite Album - Odd How People Shake
Favorite Songs - 1. One the Brightside, She Could Choke
2. Given to Dreams

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Hardcore / Screamo / Metal
Favorite Album - Miss Machine
Favorite Songs - 1. Baby's First Coffin
2. Panasonic Youth

The Chariot - Hardcore / Metal
Favorite Album - Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing
Favorite Songs - 1. The Company, The Comfort, The Grave
2. Goodnight My Lady and a Forever Farewell

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Hardcore / Metal / Screamo
Favorite Album - Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear.
Favorite Songs - 1. Don't Get Blood On My Prada Shoes
2. Like A Cat

Well, those are some of my favorites. Feel free to list your own or voice your opinions on the band's I've listened. What are your favorite hardcore bands? Favorite Songs? Albums? Anything hardcore. And don't dispute the genres I've listed for each band, it's what the band calls themselves so take it up with them![/SIZE]
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Post genres are weird. Sometimes you listen to them and they don't even resemble whatever comes after the "post".

I don't listen to a lot of this stuff. I enjoy certain bands that I suppose fit within the genre, whether perfectly or loosely. I'm not very big on genre specifics, but that's my own problem lol.

The main ones I listen to are Achilles, Dillinger Escape Plan, Bad Brans, Black Flag, Yourcodenameis:milo, Converge, Kite Flying Society, Blood Brothers and Honeywell. I have to be in the right mood for most of them, although some are obviously better than others. I'm probably into Converge and Black Flag the most out of these. Bad Brains has its moments and certainly times when it's not even remotely like hardcore (such as their dub albums), but it's still good stuff. I like older albums from the Blood Brothers, but that new one didn't win me over.

I'm into some of that digital hardcore-ish stuff like Error, Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot... although I honestly don't think a lot of it is all that good. Out of those three, Error is definitely the most impressive and all they've put out thus far is a five song EP.
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[font=trebuchet ms][size=1]I'll be happy to add some.

Advent - Hardcore/Metal
Favorite Album - None, yet...
Favorite Songs - They don't tell ya the names, lol.

This is the new Beloved. Their drummer/screamer took the place of Beloved's singer and the drummer from KILLWHITNEYDEAD took the empty spot at the drums. It's basically Beloved, but heavier.

Beloved - Hardcore/Metal/Emo
Favorite Album - Failure: On
Favorite Songs - 1. Failure On My Lips, 2. Death to Traitors, 3. Inner Pattern

They started out as an emo band, but until January of this year, they were every metal and hardcore fan's favorite band. They have a cool singer that mixes well with their drummer/screamer. I cannot recommend this band enough. Go buy Failure: On.

Between the Buried and Me - Hardcore/Metal/Emo
Favorite Album - The Silent Circus
Favorite Songs - 1. Mordecai, 2. Arsonist

This is the most popular hardcore band in North Carolina. They have an odd way of combining heavy music with soft music. Some of their songs are straightforward, others hit you with surprise after surprise. Arsonist, for example, is full of transitions you wouldn't expect.

Circle Takes the Square - Hardcore/Grindcore/Emo
Favorite Album - As the Roots Undo
Favorite Songs - 1. Crowquill, 2. In the Nervous Light (of Sunday), 3. Kill the Switch

Dueling male and female vocals and all-around great talent makes them the most popular hardcore band in Georgia. This is another one of those bands where there is no way for me to tell you how great this band is. They're definitely an accquired taste, but you can tell from your first listen how great they are.

He is Legend - Hardcore/Southern Rock/Metal
Favorite Album - I like 91025 and I Am Hollywood equally.
Favorite Songs - 1. The Seduction, 2. You Sound Like a White Boy, 3. Either They Decorated For Christmas Early or They're All Dead

This is hardcore music for people who don't like hardcore music, or heavy music at all. Think how Thrice goes from pop-punk to screaming breakdowns, except replace pop-punk to good ol' Rock n' Roll... and a completely different singer. Fun, uplifting music to listen to, and popular with teh ladies.

School For Heroes - Post-Hardcore/Nu-Metal/Emo
Favorite Album - Listen
Favorite Songs - 1. The Patron, 2. Star Luck, 3. Paper Bridge

Kinda of a stretch, genre-wise, but they deserve to be on this list. They're a fun, uplifting band to listen to, having both well-written lyrics and great melodies. They were my favorite band for a while back when I was just getting into the 'scene'.

Swift - Hardcore/Metal/Emo
Favorite Album - I love them all, they all have a unique sound.
Favorite Songs - 1. Silent Celebration, 2. Dr. Shaw, 3. The Guatemalan

This is the band I owe about half of my soul to. Gary writes songs that are theraputic to himself, but it's so easy to find your self in every single one of his songs. It always feels like he wrote the song just for you, which is a great thing for a band. They mix melodic emo music in with breakdowns. Their drummer is THE Jamie King, he's the guy that produces records from big names like Bloodjinn, KILLWHITNEYDEAD, He is Legend, Rifles at Recess, etc. I really can't recommend this band enough. Throughout my entire life, I believe that [u]Waging War[/u] and [u]Thoughts Are Thought[/u] are the most important cd's in my collection. Without them being my gateway into the underground music scene, I don't know what kind of person I would be today. This is the one true entity that I say they own my soul and I don't grin.[/font][/size]
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I saw a Stutterfly video once... it seemed like Screamo to me, not really hardcore. Then again, it could just be that it's their radio single. It was interesting, and they even managed to thrown in some metal-esque riffs in there. Not bad.

Between the Buried and Me seems awesome, actually, but I haven't heard enough to have a solid opinion.

And you forgot one subgenre for Dillinger Escape Plan: Math-Thrash. They helped invent the style in the first place! You gotta include it.

Well, Kamuro, here's the hardcore bands I actually kinda like:

xXxTHROWDOWNxXx : Ok, I know they're really more of a metalcore band, but I LOVE THEM!
For myself, for my friends, for my family... STRAIGHT FUCl
Walls of Jericho: I like how they're one of the very few hardcore bands with consistent, coherent, directional music. They seem really upbeat (I know the lyrics are hella angry, I just mean the music) - it's thrashy, fast, and fun. Plus the breakdowns are awesome. And the screamer is a chick. Always a plus :D (no not in a dumb way - I just think it's cool when females do death/screaming vocals)

See, the only real problem I have with hardcore is that it seems really dissonant and incoherent - lots of wierdly timed stop-starts, tri-tones, and annoying (IMO) vocals. I don't like the way most hardcore bands scream. I do like brocore vocals though (brocore is also known as "thoughguy" - this includes bands such as Throwdown and Terror).

I checked out Circle Takes the Square (just for you, Rifles). I heard 4 or 5 songs. I liked one of them OK, but most of them had all the qualities of hardcore that I don't like. It was to choppy and dissonant without enough direction, drive, or fluidity.

So if you can point me in the direction of some hardcore bands that have more direction, it'd be nice. It seems like an interesting scene, and I have lots of friends that are really into it, but I just can't stand how noisy it seems.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Ah, The Chariot... forever entertaining us with the looks on people's faces as they listen to Die Interviewer... (they never see it coming...)

Heh. Anyway, I've never really understood why hardcore is so appealing, considering so much of it is shear chaos that drowns out any hint of melody... some sort of desire to have your brains blown out your ears, I suppose.

Since you listed Haste the Day, I'm going to make a stretch and add this one...

[B]Atreyu[/B]- Hardcore/Metal/Emo
Favorite Album- Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses
Favorite Songs- 1. A Vampire's Lament
2. Someone's Standing on My Chest

What not to say about Atreyu? Great vocals, both the screaming and the melodic. (Non of the roughness like Thursday... eh, sorry but it's true :p ) The guitars can get a bit repetitive, but it's not something you notice... in the sense that the riffs are good enough to be repeated. Overall, the music is original and impressive. The lyrics are characteristically emo, but it's good emo. :animesmil [/COLOR]
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[font=Trebuchet MS]Well, I'm glad you tried it, Jake, but there's not much else I can suggest to you. Try some Kylesa, not hardcore, but more of metal, mixed with punk and psychadelic influences. You'll like their older stuff, their newer cd has too much punk in it for me. Oh, and just wondering, which songs did you listen to?

My responses to other bands...

The Chariot: I LOVE The Chariot. Then again, I have man-love for Josh Scogin to begin with.

I forgot about Walls of Jericho, they were good before I heard bands like Thirty3 and CTTS... I don't really know what happened to my intrest of them, I have All Hail the Dead... good cd.

I used to love Atreyu, I have all their cd's all the way back to their first one... I don't know what it's called off-hand, but it has Of Gods and Monsters on it. I hate the direction they took after Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses. It sounds too clean, it also sounds like Alex added some hip-hop influences to how he screams. I just don't like them anymore.

I've been wanting to listen to some Dillenger and The Number Twelve, since I have friends who are obssessed with them. I just haven't had the opprotunity.[/font]
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[QUOTE]Heh. Anyway, I've never really understood why hardcore is so appealing, considering so much of it is shear chaos that drowns out any hint of melody... some sort of desire to have your brains blown out your ears, I suppose[/QUOTE]
Exactly why I don't like it.

As for Atreyu... more Metal mixed with Screamo than hardcore, I'd say. It's too flowy and melodic to be hardcore. There's some seriously cool metal riffs on Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (the only album I have). They're pretty good.

And on the Atreyu note, there's a similar band that kicks heaps of *** (I know they're not hardcore at all, but they're awesome and are similar to Atreyu): Avenged Sevenfold. Their new CD (the only one I've heard) is very interesting and mixes in tons of elements - everything from Metal to Southern-fried rock n' roll. There was even a folksy-type guitar wankery section toward the end of one song... awesome.
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[SIZE=1]Wow, a lot to comment on for me lol.

[B]Thanks to RiflesAtRecess[/B] for adding to the list and here are my thoughts on the bands he listed.

Advent - Hardcore / Metal
Favorite Album - N/A
Favorite Songs - N/A

This band isn't bad actually. I havn't heard tons of their stuff like I have the others but I am really interested in what they might come up with in the future. Although I'm not a huge fan at the moment, I think they have a lot of potential, especially in Hardcore.

Beloved - Hardcore / Metal / Emo
Favorite Album - Failure: On
Favorite Songs - 1. Failure On My Lips

I like this band a lot. I havn't known of them for all that long but I've become a fan since the first time I heard them. It was hard to pick a favorite song since I like a lot of them equally and I'm pretty impressed with all of them. They don't seem to be all that popular though, which surprises me since they have all the essential hardcore elements for a great band.

Between the Buried and Me - Hardcore / Metal
Favorite Album - The Silent Circus
Favorite Songs - 1. Mordecai

I'm not a big fan of this band because the playing is so abstract it's hard to get a feel of what they're all about. This is a classic example of the bands that Jake [I]doesn't[/I] like. The playing is all over the place and the breakdowns are really extreme. In Mordecai, for example, they go from a completely metal rift to a slow ballad. It's hard to find a groove while listening to the music.

Circle Takes the Square - Hardcore/ Grindcore / Emo
Favorite Album - As the Roots Undo
Favorite Songs - 1. Kill the Switch

I can't say I've heard much from this band. A song here and there but I wouldn't feel right giving a detailed description on a band that has a lot more to offer then simply what I've listened to. But from what I have heard it's more organized then Between the Buried and Me and it offers a solid hardcore element. I can't say for sure whether or not I'll become a longterm fan of the band they do appeal to me.

He is Legend - Hardcore / Southern Rock
Favorite Album - I Am Hollywood
Favorite Songs - 1. I Am Hollywood

This band adds the Southern Rock element to the previous hardcore antics. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Souther Rock genre, but I think it works out pretty well here. I like both albums a lot and I had trouble choosing just one, but I think "I Am Hollywood" offers a little more listening wise to the average He Is Legend fan. I think this band is kind of an aquired taste, and isn't for everyone.

School For Heroes - Hardcore / Post Hardcore / Rock
Favorite Album - Listen
Favorite Songs - 1. Royalty

I havn't heard much at all from this band, so it's hard to get a feel for their talent. As Rifles said it's a bit of a stretch to consider them a great hardcore band. From what I heard I probably wouldn't classify them under the same category as the bands I've commented on so far. They're not near as good as the other bands we've talked about.

Swift - Hardcore / Metal / Emo
Favorite Album - The Absolute Uncontrollable
Favorite Songs - 1. The Guatemalan

Swift has gone through a lot of changes since they first began so I sort of feel like commenting on two seperate bands lol. I liked the older stuff personally, Thoughts Are Thought was a pretty impressive album for a first endeavor. However as the band grew and they aquired some new talent the music has become even better. Their latest stuff has really impressed me and exceeded my expectations of the band. They went in a direction I wasn't really expecting yet they do it well and I must say I enjoy the music a lot.

[B]Well, now for Jake...[/B]

Stutterfly does resemble Screamo a lot in their music, but in a lot of their songs hardcore plays a big part in the creation of the melody and lyrics. You can listen and notice the changes in rifts and base lines and tell that they're not bound to one genre or another.

Throwdown - Hardcore / Metal
Favorite Album - Vendetta
Favorite Songs - 1. Burn
2. You Can't Kill Integrity

I enjoy this band a lot actually. As you said they have a of metal in them so it's hard to really classify them as hardcore and be done with it. I'm not a huge fan of the vocals but I think the music is solid and I see they've aquired quite the fanbase over a short time. I think if you're more interested in metal then this is a band for you. Since instead of being hardcore and combining some metal elements, they're metal and combine some hardcore elements lol.

Walls of Jericho - Hardcore
Favorite Album - All Hail the Dead
Favorite Songs - 1. There's No I In **** You

This band is pure hardcore and I didn't even feel the need to include another genre since none even comes close. I like this band a lot and they've proven to be one of the most popular hardcore bands around. Even if you don't enjoy the music I think they deserve a lot of respect for really exuding the hardcore genre in all their music. They're really a hell of a band and deserve a chance if this is the genre you're into.

[B]And now for are i...[/B]

I tried to keep from listing the stereotypical, already popular hardcore bands, Atreyu being one of them. It's easy to catch a listen to these guys, but I think some of the less known bands deserve their time in the spotlight. But I figure I'll list my favorite mainstream hardcore anyhow.

Killswitch Engage - Hardcore / Metal
Favorite Album - Alive or Just Breathing...
Favorite Songs - 1. Rise Inside
2. Numbered Days

I fell in love with this band after hearing them for the first time, a long time ago lol. All their music is simply fantastic. Their old cd "Alive Or Just Breathing..." is my favorite but don't discount their newer album "The End of Heartache." Both offer some of the best hardcore music you can find. Solid recording, amazing vocals, this band has it all. Definitely give them a listen

It Dies Today - Hardcore / Metal / Rock
Favorite Album - The Caitiff Choir
Favorite Songs - 1. Marigold
2. Freak Gasoline Fight Accident

This is a band I could see Jake liking lol. It Dies today produces amazing music and I really feel a lot of the time they don't get the credit they deserve. Their first album, "Forever Scourned," was a lot harder then the more recent one, but still amazing music. "The Caitiff Choir," includes a lot more of the hardcore element. Every song is solid and it's hard to find mistakes or things they should've done differently to the album. It's near perfect.

Atreyu - Hardcore / Metal / Metalcore
Favorite Album - Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses
Favorite Songs - 1. Deanne the Arsonist
2. Someone's Standing On My Chest

There has been a lot of talk about Atreyu here and I must comment since they are my favorite band lol. Jake has this pre-existing idea that all hardcore is insane and off-balance, which isn't true. My favorite hardcore bands are just the opposite, offering great melodies as well as the original hardcore essentials. Atreyu is a perfect example. The music is amazing and some of it is as hard as ever, but they still offer a solid melody and keep with a beat. You'll see me endorsing "Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses" a lot since it is my favorite album, but don't discount "The Curse" just yet. It's different the album before it but it still offers amazing music. It's more crisp and clean, which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. It lacks the true passion of the previous albums but is still another fantastic Atreyu creation.

Norma Jean - Hardcore / Metal / Metalcore
Favorite Album - Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child
Favorite Songs - 1. Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste
2. The Human Face Divine

Norma Jean's older music is a lot better then the recent in my opinion. "O' God the Aftermath" didn't impress me at all. Maybe I had high hopes but it was really lacking in passion. But don't judge the band on this album alone. "Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child" was an amazing CD with some of the best breakdowns I've ever heard. The music is utterly fantastic and you can't help but fall in love with them after hearing this album.

Poison the Well - Hardcore
Favorite Album - The Opposite of December
Favorite Songs - 1. Artists Rendering of Me
2. A Wish for Wings that Work

Poison the Well is an amazing band. Both "The Opposite of December" and "You Come Before You" are amazing CD's. The vocals are so raw and the passion is always there. Between albums the sound is always tweaked a bit, offering something different each time yet still containing the same amazing music. I urge all of you to check them out if you get the chance, you won't be disappointed.

Avenged Sevenfold - Hardcore / Metal / Punk
Favorite Album - Waking the Fallen
Favorite Songs - 1. Chapter Four
2. Unholy Confessions

Avenged Sevenfold is a really popular band and I guess I can see why. Personally I'm not a huge fan, but I think they have solid music. They're going in a softer direction and the music isn't as gritty as it was before. Listening to "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet" and their new CD makes them hard to even compare. I don't think they're near as good as Atreyu, but I have heard some make the comparison.

Here are some other bands you guys might like...

The Agony Scene
Darkest Hour
Scars of Tomorrow
Symphony In Peril
Eighteen Visions
Between Home and Serenity
A Life Once Lost
From A Second Story Window
Bury Your Dead
Blessed By a Broken Heart
Gray Lines of Perfection
All My Heroes
All That Remains
Dear Whoever
From Autumn to Ashes
Hand to Hand
The Fall of Troy

I didn't really feel like writing an explanation for them all but if you need any information on a band you like or would like to learn more about just ask and I'll be glad to do it for you.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][quote name='Kamuro][SIZE=1']Norma Jean's older music is a lot better then the recent in my opinion. "O' God the Aftermath" didn't impress me at all. Maybe I had high hopes but it was really lacking in passion.[/SIZE][/quote]

"O God, the Aftermath" was recorded with a new bassist and a new vocalist... I actually bought the album out of denial. When I listened to it, I felt like I was stabbed in the gut. Most of the songs sound the same to me... a chaotic thrashing of guitars, basically. The new screamer just isn't as good as "Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child," either. Lacking in passion, indeed.[/COLOR]
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[font=trebuchet ms]I bought "...the Aftermath" before I bought "Bless the Martyr." That being said, some reason I like Aftermath a little better, even with the absence of Josh Scogin. My only problem with the Aftermath is that Corey's voice goes on and on as if he was one of the guitars himself. I can't listen to the whole cd in one sitting or my "brain will explode out my ears."

Meanwhile, I find that Bless the Martyr was too... slow? My favorite song is "I Used to Hate Cell Phones," and I skip "Pretty Soon" basically every time. Also, I tend to dislike cd's that aren't "clean," unlike everything that Josh does. I mean, I love this cd, but I just don't like it as much as Aftermath... I just can't come up with a valid reason.

And I'm willing to bet that if Jake actually listened to some more BTBAM, he'd be disgusted by it. It's quite random, and they're quite good at sneaking in rythm changes and all of a sudden going into ballads. That's why people like them.

As for Beloved, they're only truly "beloved" in North Carolina.

Oh, Jake, leave this thread and go listen to some Rifles At Recess... come on, you know you want to. Their cd is like six bucks on Tribunal Records' website. I have a feeling you'd like it, it's like BTBAM without all the rythm changes.[/font]
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None of those bands are real hardcore, sadly most of those bands came around and surfaced over the past 2 years because it got popular. Number #12 Looks Like you and Circle Takes The Square should not be fit in to this new "Mainstream Hardcore" Feature because they do not support the lame violent dancing, the "crews" the girls pants and such. If I see one more person that is wearing girls pants convert to wearing Camo shorts and then make fun of the people wearing girls pants, I will Slap.

Listen to:
Lack Of Interest
Chain Of Strength
Youth Of Today

that stuff is the better hardcore, even though thats becoming the next big thing now.

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We were referring more to the music then the 'hardcore' lifestyle. As with many other labels, 'hardcore' is meant to express music and certain styles unlike those from other genres, hence the creation of 'hardcore' lol. As far as the length of their career, that doesn't really mean anything to me. Whether they've been around 10 years or 10 minutes, it doesn't affect their genre placement and 'hardcore' status. Most of my favorite bands are more recent ones, the sound has evolved from older music and I believe it's better now then ever before.

'Girl pants' really don't have anything to do with hardcore music, and any other article of clothing that has a genre label, probably shouldn't.


Sorry I forgot to comment on some of your music, missed it :animeswea

Achilles - Hardcore / Metal / Souther Rock
Favorite Album - The Dark Horse
Favorite Songs - 1. Every Hour Wounds, The Last One Kills

I havn't heard tons of stuff from this band but I do admire they're style. They keep to the hardcore basics as well as add in a few other things that make the music unique and a worthwhile listen. They're debut album wasn't all that bad, but I prefer "The Dark Horse."

Yourcodenameis:milo - Hardcore / Screamo / Rock
Favorite Album - Ignoto
Favorite Songs - 1. 17

I actually hadn't heard about these guys until recently. They're a band from the UK so it was a little out of my reach lol. They're music isn't my favorite, but I still think it's good. They're becoming increasing popular, which is why I was surprised I hadn't heard of them for so long. A lot of you might have seen them on MTV2, since their video "17" has recently been added to the playlist.

Converge - Hardcore / Metal / Punk
Favorite Album - You Fail Me
Favorite Songs - 1. Black Cloud

I think this band has a lot of talent, from the music I heard I think they have a really good thing going. The vocals are always solid and the metal element is obvious in all their music. Although they tap on a lot of other genres they stay very true to hardcore at most, and that's what I like about them.

Blood Brothers - Hardcore / Post Hardcore / Experimental
Favorite Album - Crimes
Favorite Songs - Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck

Blood Brothers never were my favorite band, I don't hate them or anything, but I'm not a huge fan of the music. I prefer they're newer stuff as to the older, but either way I'm not all that enthusiastic about the band.

Thats all I really felt I could comment on, the other bands I hadn't heard enough for or just didn't interest me. As far as techno or industrial type hardcore, I was never a big fan, so I doubt I'd be able to comment on those with being biased lol.[/SIZE]
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Kamuro -

Hardcore used to be about being different and Doing your own thing, but now its slowly the opposite. Girls pants and dressing up in stylish outfits have become what its about now.

Hardcore is about respect, love community and friendship not how heavy your breakdown is and how good you can swing your arms.

Thats what it has become
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[SIZE=1]I think people try to change the meaning of hardcore, but it always stays the same, and they don't match-up. Wearing girl pants and calling yourself hardcore doesn't make it so, it just shows a person trying hard to fit in or be something they're not. And this is the exact opposite of hardcore, however you decide to look at it. It's about being original, something special, the music is revolutionary and if you're simply following a trend then there's nothing hardcore about it.

Whatever image people have in their minds of a hardcore stereotype, they don't really matter, the meaning stays the same. Just because people believe it to be true doesn't make it so, and they can label and act all they want, but it just gives them false comfort. Everyone wants to be a part of something, wants to feel important, but hardcore isn't a trend, and it isn't a group of people, it's music.[/SIZE]
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[font=trebuchet ms][size=1]Adding more to the list... Mainly ones I forgot.

[b]As I Lay Dying - Death Metal/Hardcore
Album: Frail Words Collapse
Songs: The Darkest Nights, Elegy, 94 Hours.[/b]

I used to like this band a whole lot, but I just got tired of their overall sound. Their old stuff is still great and fun to listen to, but most of their newer songs sound the same and a little too... "ripped out of the big book of metal cliches."

[b]Bloodjinn - Metal/Hardcore
Album: Leave This World Breathing (and all of their old stuff from before they had like 20 line-up changes, I have a lot of it if you're interested)
Songs: Double Barrel Disaster, See Through, Break the Silence, A Decade of Forced Existence[/b]

I've followed this band around a bit and I'm decent friends with their singer (the only remaining member of the original Bloodjinn) and their drummer (my ex-girlfriend's... ex...?). All of their cd's sound completely different from eachother mainly because there's like five line-up changes between each one. I really think this band needs to die, as much as I love 'em.

[b]{the infamous} Brandy Alxander - Metal/Hardcore/Southern Rock (/emo)
Album: None
Songs: The Emergency Brake[/b]

They're from my school. They've taken a hiatus for college and plan on getting back together afterwards. They're awesome, I don't know if you'll be able to find any music on PueVolume by them, but they probably have a Profile, and I know they have a mySpace account. I really miss this band, I have pictures from their last show if you're interested.

[b]Hand to Hand - Hardcore/Nu-Metal[/b]
Album: Fast Forward Your Thoughts
Songs: Reused Descision, A Silver Medal, Tomorrow's Anthem[/b]

One of my "cool" friends really likes this band. They have a black singer, which is always a plus because it's hard enough to find non-white people who listen to hardcore, let alone sing and scream to it. They're worth checking out.

[b]Mind of a New Machine - Hardcore/Metal/Emo
Album: Careless Talk Costs Lives!!!
Songs: Turok, Red Light Special, Death and a Salesman, Beautiful Shadow[/b]

This band is also from my high school. I'm good friends with the entire band. Think Hawthorne Heights with heavier music and metal influences and you pretty much have the idea. Their recorded stuff sucks quality-wise. Seeing them live is truly a sight to behold, they're awesome.

[b]Rifles at Recess (duh) - Metal/Hardcore
Album: To Whisper in Tounges
Songs: Dance on Your Grave, Heroes vs. Harlots, Custom Made Backstabber[/b]

Jake, go listen to this band. They broke up a few years ago and right after they recorded their cd. One of their songs was apparently in a Terminator movie. Their cd is now $6 on Tribunal Records' website. I love this cd, think BTBAM without all the rythm changes and random in-song genre changes.

I guess that's it for now. I might have another list to add when I go back through my classics. (I have to re-rip them all anyway)[/font][/size]
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[quote name='Generic NPC #3']Does no one listen to most of the ones I mentioned or what...? lol[/quote]

I listen to a few. The Dillenger Escape plan is nice, and they are comming to a city about 30 minutes away, in around a month, with Unearth and ZAO. This is pretty neat, considering it's probably the best hardcore line-up to ever grace Chico, CA.

I also enjoy the Blood Brothers very much so, but I disagree with you on their newest album. I feel Crimes was a big improvement on some of their erlier stuff, however it would be debateable as to if it was better than Burn Piano Island Burn.
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