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Art [LMS] Elimination


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Elimination time.

The Remaining People are: Imi, Sean, and Retribution

Round 1: This battle will be between [SIZE=3][B]Imi, Retribution, And Sean[/B][/SIZE].

[SIZE=2][B][U]Here are the rules for the battle:[/U][/B][/SIZE]
[B]Theme:[/B] What i'm going to have you guys do is make your own clothing company. Make a logo, and advertise your brand on a poster. Your goal is to try to make us (The Judges) buy your product.
[B]Dimensions:[/B] Your choice.
[B]Deadline:[/B] Sunday, August 14th

[SIZE=2][B][U]The Judges:[/U][/B][/SIZE]
Rising Sun


Each of you shall post your piece and the judges will post a 2-5 paragraph statement on which they like better and why. After they post their statements, they will decide on ONE person to be ELIMINATED.

Let the Elimination begin.

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[SIZE=1]Well someone needs to post there piece, lol. I've tried to show a little bit of comedy within my mine to try and grab attention if it was on the street. Well here it is, and it is gaymer than you. ^_~.[/SIZE]

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[color=#F84E20][SIZE=1]Whelp, that's me done. ^_^;

'Model' featured-- Ishida Uryuu, of Bleach, by Kubo Tite. Drawing done by me.

And tomorrow I leave you all for I am off to Portugal! To the sun and the sea and hopefully a tan! I'll get Sean to text me who got into the Final round. If I (by some miracle) get in, please give me a chance to post my piece before I get back (on the 23rd of this month), I promise I'll do it ASAP.

Good luck to both Sean and Retribution![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]I guess I?ll be the first one to vote.

[B][U]Sean:[/U][/B] I like the idea of this piece. The slogans and everything are quite fun, and I also like the wording around the border. But, I feel that the abstract background is a big mistake. It seems like the abstract background is colliding with the text in a way, and kind of makes the poster seem a bit, hard on the eyes. There's just so much going on and it feels as if you want us to focus more on the background than on your clothing company. Some things I also noticed are that "Guaranteed" is spelled wrong on the lower left hand corner, and that you really didn't have a specific logo. This is a great idea but maybe if you included some symbolic image than it would've been so much better.

[B][U]Imi:[/U][/B] I love this piece! The use of Ishida, the shade of purple, the box going straight through "Little Doom" on the left, the logo, and the scan lines are great. I really don't have any problem with the text. The only thing I can point out is that the "LD" right under the skull is pretty hard to see. I don't think you should've lowered the opacity on that, I think that you should have kept it on full opacity and put the skull logo on top of it. And also, that black border around the skull seems very pixelly and it kind of bothers me. Everything looks good and the things that I didn't like are just minor details.

[U][B]Retribution:[/B][/U] Now this piece looks very professional. Very clean and to the point. Nice use of stock and typography. The color of the text is a bit light and hard on the eyes but it's not that big of a deal. I personally do not like Katie Holmes but that stock really suited the poster. This piece is probably the one that attracted me the most.

I'd like to say good job to all of you for dishing out such beautiful work in such a short amount of time. You are all brilliantly talented and I hope to see more from every one of you. Thank you for all your hard work in trying to make this engagement a success, and I hope we have some more participants next time.

[B]If I sum up all of my observations the right thing to do is to vote Sean off. I guess your piece didn't appeal to me as much as the others, but I?ve seen your work and I know you can be much better. You are among the most talented artists on the OtakuBoards and I really like viewing your work. [/B]

Good luck everyone.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]My goodness, as of recently everyone has been writing up exactly what I wanted too. Well anyways, on to my critique.

[b]Sean[/b]: I do love the concept behind this. The sayings area all amazing. I can't help but crack an ear to ear smile. I have to say... you helped make my day. Yet, as Rising has said... it does seem a bit hard on the eyes, and vision is drawn onto the abstract background. With the action in the background, and a text with some action *The grunged look* They don't seem to blend nicely.

[b]Imi[/b]: The size, use, and placement of the sketch really do help this piece. *Think if it were CG, I don't think it would have looked as nice* The scanlines are a nice touch, and do add some action to the pic. I feel it was a great choice in font, and looks incredibly amazing throughout the entire piece. With a large group of teens, this would have drawn a large crowd... I think. It's simplistic, in a sence, and vibrant. Really draw attention. I do, however, agree with Rising, that the drawn in skull... *not the hand drawn one* It does seem pixelated. I'm not sure if that was intentional... but it seems out of place... It'd look better smoother.[b]

Retribution[/b]: As soon as I layed eyes on your piece... I thought it was a professional piece... And if I didn't know your art style by now... I'd claim you stole it. It seems very well done, and clear. Not too many effects. The text is a nice choice, and as I've been saying, simplistic is beauty to me.

Through my critique, you'll see the reasons behind my decision, but my vote for [b]removal[/b] goes to [b]Sean[/b]. I feel Imi and Retri should advance to the the final round of LMS, and to them the best of luck

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[size=1]I'm going to get straight to the point:

[b]Sean[/b]- Although your graphic was clearly creative, I'm going to agree with Sun. I've seen your works, and I know you could have done better. The concept, as Doc said, is really entertaining and it's nice to see that you are comfortable with attacking yourself. However, I feel that the graphic itself is not up to par. The placing of the font is too "default". What I mean is that to get the better affect, it would have been better to size in alternates. The three sayings is what I'm talking about here, that are placed in the middle. It looks like you didn't have anything else to do, and just stuck those phrases where they are.

[b]Imi[/b]- That little skull looks out of place. The outline of it is really bold and pixely and just kind of sticks out like a soar thumb. And that's the only bad thing I have to say about this graphic. The color is great, the subtitly was achieved, and I love the fonting. The anime theme was a good choice, and this graphic looks like a poster for a teen jewelry and accessory store; like the ones you see in malls.

[b]Retri[/b]- Splendor. That's the first word that pops into my head. It's relaxing, very soft, and mature. The contrast is flawless, and the picture is so clean. It's just a breath-taking picture. I don't like Katie Holmes, but she was a good choice for this graphic. There is, however, one thing I'm not thrilled about; the font. The choice and the color is good, but I feel that the placement kind of overlaps Katie and it might look a bit more comfortable just a smidge lower. But other than that, a beautiful logo and very convincing. Reminds me of those Neutragena (however it's spelt) commercials; how they use many actresses or female stars to promote the product.

So, in conclusion, my vote of elimination is on [b]Sean[/b]. Good job guys.[/size]
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[COLOR=Plum][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]I talked to Deucalion and he said that he'd rather not vote due to the fact that we clearly have a clear view about who's leaving the tournament. [B]I guess i have no choice but to declare Sean the one to be eliminated.[/B] Good work to all of you. The Final round shall start as soon as i get a comfirmation that Imi is back and ready. [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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