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Sign Up The Angels of Hikairi [PG-13 Just to be safe]


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[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]The Angels of Hikairi

Four years ago, ten people from Hikairi Village left without giving any reasons, even to their love ones. No one knows why they left, one day they where acting perfectly normal and the next, they just packed up and left. Their families cried out to them, ?Where are you going?? but all the said was, ?Where I am needed.? Their younger brothers and sisters were affected greater than the parents. They had no one to look up to, their siblings had left, so they vowed to one-day look for them. Everyone assumed that the young hearts of the people who left had just gotten struck with wanderlust, since all the young men and women who left were from the ages of fifteen through seventeen. But ten youths on the same day? That was not a coincidence, so they continued the story to calm their fears. No one ever question the theory, because they did not want the Elders to get offended. What the people of the village did not know was that the ten who left had gotten a calling, a calling from the gods themselves. The people who left, where actually the true angels of the gods.

It is now the present day*, four years after the incident called ?The Leaving?, and the younger brothers and sisters of the people who left want to know what happened and what has become of their siblings. They had each made a vow, and now they intended to keep it. They all pack their things and leave, each going a separate way, none knowing where to start. They have no leads, only hopes of finding their siblings. But they are all destined to meet later, early in their adventure, in Tyebia.

After meeting in Tyebia, the group goes to the bar and reveals to each other that they have no leads except that their siblings headed to the east, and as they went, they helped people in need. The group stays at the inn that night and leave east in the morning. They reach another city, called Sanji, and decide to stop there and ask around for information of their siblings. Everyone tells them the same thing; they headed to the east, helping people along the way. One man suggest that the go see the Elder, since he knows all. The group finds the Elder and asks him what has become of their siblings. The Elder tells them, ?Your siblings are the true servants of the Gods, true angels. If you want to find them, you must past over many trails and tribulations, for the Gods will not let go of their most precious angels easily. You must want to find them deep down in your heart, or you will fail this quest. With each trail and tribulation you triumph over, the Gods will give you a clue on how to get to them so that your siblings may return.? The group decides whether or not the really want to find their siblings, and those who don?t should just leave now. With that established, the group sets out to the east again, ready to face the Gods? trails.

*Note: It?s not literally the present day in our time. I mean the present day in their time.

Sign-up Sheet

Name: Character's name.
Age: Character?s age (Please keep it 21 and under)
Description: Character description or picture
Bio: Character's bio (Please include weapons/special abilities here)

My Sheet

Name: Blurryhand Burrfoot (Blurr for short)

Age: 18

Description: Blurr is 5? 7?. He has black hair that looks like Roy Mustang?s (check my banner). He wears a black jacket that has the sleeved rolled up and it?s white where they?re folded. The shirt he wears under the jacket is a red T-shirt. He wears black jeans with a black belt on. He keeps his T-shirt tucked in. (In other words, what Duo Maxwell wears...)

Bio: Blurr?s mother has always been sick and his father left when he was three years old. Because of this, Blurr?s older brother, Satoshi, had always been forced to do odd jobs to support his family. After Satoshi leaves, Blurr tries to find work, but it was very hard for him to find someone who would hire a fourteen year old. His mother became even sicker, and Blurr had to buy $400 medicine to help treat her. He couldn?t get enough money in time, and his mother died. He blames himself for her death and decides to take up his vow and find Satoshi, since he has nothing esle to lose. His weapons are a kendama and a muramasa, which has been passed down his family for generations. His kendama has magical properties which allows him to use elemental spells.
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[B]Name[/B]: Hikari Maiyu

[B]Age[/B]: 17

[B]Description[/B]: Black streaked with red hair, red eyes flecked with gold, wears an orange shirt with red detached sleeves, and black pants. Has a small golden pendant with a ruby encrusted phoenix.

[B]Bio[/B]: Hikari was named after the town, her family hoping for good luck when it had little. Her father was killed in a strange accident when she was 7, and her mother soon vanished and was found dead in the forest. Her brother raised her, telling her one day they'd figure out what was causing the family to have so much bad luck, and that no matter what he'd bring her with him. Now, she lives alone, determined to find him and get him to help her break whatever curse has gripped their family. She isn't the most skilled with weapons, but she can usually do fairly well with a spear.
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Name: Vientiane Soulwood ?Vie Tie?
Age: 19
Description: Stands little over six foot with curly brown hair falling to mid back, green eyes watch from behind the bangs usually hanging in her face. Wears sandals with black and red striped toe socks. Blue jeans 2 sizes to big and a purple, orange, and blue sweater that is about as large. A floppy hat that covers her face compliments her attire meant to make people laugh.
Bio: She grew up with her older sister always around, always telling stories and acting like a goof. Since her older sister had left she had put on a act of blissful happiness to hide the anger she felt, her parents didn?t really notice as they were always at work. That?s how they dealt with their daughter leaving just buried themselves in their work. She went a bit crazy and changed her whole personality to fit; she always tried to cheer up anyone down with antics fit for a twelve year old. Taking a job with the younger children she became know as Vie Tie the storyteller, she retold many of the stories her sister had told her and wove several of her own. As the days past with those stories on her mind she knew she had to look for her sister and finish her story. Her weapon of choice her words but she?s practiced with knife and other household objects like pans and matches.
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Name- Toby

Age- 16

Description- He has white hair with black roots and he has bright blue eyes that shine in the light and he has three necklaces around his neck and he wears a black shirt that is a button down and a pair of baggy black pants that has a belt on it.

Bio- When he was little his older brother was the nice to him but his parents compleatly forgot he was there so his brother made up for it but when his brother dissepeared he quit talking but then after a while he got used to it but he still didn't talk as much as he used to so he one day decided that he was going to look for his brother like he said he would his weopon is a long blade.[/COLOR]
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Guest dothacker-shani
Name- Kuyo

Age- 21


Eyes- blue
Hair- long white flicking outwards with blue streaks
Skin- Light tan
Body- average build
Clothes upper- basic silver armour including gauntlets. Blue cape
Clothes lower- basic silver armour and black belt
Accessories- 'ice look' loop earring
Weapon- 2 short swords with blue blades and black handles that join together to form a double blade

Bio- After Kuyo's father died from a serious illness it was Kuyo's older brother's responsibility to look after their mother who they would risk their life for her safety. Then the event occured in which 10 youngsters vanished. It then became Kuyo's responsibility to look after their mother but then she too passed away from natural death. Now not only is Kuyo going to keep the vow he made when his older brother left but he is going to have to break the news of their mothers death...
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Name: Dominic Henderson (Domino)
Age: 17
Despcriton: [IMG]http://www.absoluteanime.com/dnangel/_risa.jpg[/IMG] Like that but 17 not 14. Remember though, with Domino, looks are deciving.
Bio: Domino looks like a girly girl. But beyond the smiles and skirts is a 17 year old who has seen to much death. Her family was murdered before her eyes when she was 7, leaving only her sister Tara, then Tara left. Domino keep having visions of her sister the whole trip those far. Now she knows she's psychic but hasn't told a soul. Her karate skills and self defense are stronger then she lets on and with her mind shes unstopable. Though she sure doesn't act like it. She acts happy, perky, curious, and clumsy. The total oppisite of who she really is.
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okay guys, be patient. four more people and we're ready to go. I would also like to add that with school here, i will not post that pften, but the story will get finished

okay, yeah, discard the above. looks like four of the siblings gave up before the journey even started! lol. I'm going to start this thing up in the main thingy (can't think of the name right now...) so look fo it there. I hope the story gets off to a nice start. Remember to keep your post nice and intersting! See ya around!

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