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RPG Warcraft: Cry of the Warsong (M-VL, S if you want it.)


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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]"...And then the mage started firing off a few frost bolts, but I managed to dodge 'em..."[/b] Renjin stopped to take a drink of his beverage, a pint of Dwarven Stout. Next to him sat Kirra, a girl he had just met that day. He was telling her of what had happened earlier, while buying Kirra a few drinks. He had a purely innocent reason for doing such, though if she had wanted to go back to his room, he might not argue. Though, he probably would, seeing as how he wanted to be portrayed as a gentleman, as he was.

[b]"Oh? is that so...? Do you think that impressed me as much as you hoped?"[/b] She was pretty much on the dot, but the mournful sound of axes on wood rang through Renjin's ears. He stood up, and pulled the dark blue eyeband over his eyes, enhancing his perceptions of combat.The Dark Ritual had done more for him than he had guessed...

[b]"I smell...Orc."[/b] His hand strayed for his blade, and he picked it up, jumping off of the barstool. With a slight grin, Kirra followed him out the entrance as she grabbed her weapons, finishing off the contents of the glass quickly. Renjin was already at the first of the filthy Horde, a Troll Rouge. The rouge vanished from normal sight, but Renjin's demonic sight wasn't fooled. He wrapped his hand around the woman troll, and whispered something in her ear, then tore a deep gash through her pale blue stomach, the red flowing on blue like a cascaphony of contradiction, like white on black, something that should never be mixed on a body. With Demonic Embrace, Renji ripped another gash, on her throat as she fell from his grip. With a flick of his hand, Renjin unhinged the blade, and spun the blood off it.

[b]"Kirra...glad you could join us. The Horde has made a move on Teldrassil...as you can see."[/b] He nuged the body with his foot. It was already cold and stiff, going through advanced rigor mortem. She looked down.

[b]"Not bad. What'd you say into her ear again...? 'I'm sorry you had to see this'...?"[/b] Kirra had the same slight grin. She pulled a small knife out of her pocket and threw it behind her shoulder, taking out a Tauren Druid as the walking bovine's throat was cut through and it staggered before hitting the ground. Renjin and Kirra both realized....they were surrounded. At least 10 each, all battle hardened enough to make the trip across the sea to invade. Renjin's hand strayed upwards, pushing up the mooncloth eyeband. The fading smile became a growing smirk.

[b]"Eheheheheheh...stupid damn Horde."[/b] Renjin flicked his wrist, and fire spread from a small cut, washing over his blade, and englufing his whole body. Kirra, who was right next to him, was not affected. The Trolls, Orcs, Tauren and Undead, however, took a step back.

[b]"You dumbasses play with fire and you're gunna get..."[/b] Renjin's body threw itself forward, launching off a Curse of Agony, and slicing off a limb, watching it fall to a ground. The Undead grabbed the flailing, rotting and burning arm, and threw it at Renji, spitting on his feet.

[b]"Stupid Night Elf....we're not so soft skinned."[/b] With that, Kirra and Renjin were both thrown into battle.

A few minutes later, the Sentinels had managed to get the rest of the Orcs down, but Renjin's hand found it's way to the undead's pocket. He pulled out a chipped and torn piece of paper, and his eyes fell. The Dwarves and Gnomes...had been totally wiped out. Along with the Tauren...


[b]"So...Stormwind fell..."[/b] Kirra said, she seemed somewhat sad, actually.

[b]"Yeah...I thought that we had a detatchment up there. My father was there on a pillgrimage for his mining company...my mother for an alchemest class..."[/b] He took a long, steady drink before ordering another one.

[b]"Sorry."[/b] Renjin looked at her, and smiled. He lifted the eyeband.

[b]"I dunno if you mean that, but thanks."[/b]

[b]"Yeah, I ment it. What, doubt me?"[/b]

[b]"You know that trick you played on that "Stupid male that was really gonna get it?"[/b]

[b]"Yeah, what is it?"[/b]

[b]"That was me."[/b]

[b]"Oh, was it...?"[/b] The conversation carried on.


The destruction should be enough to give anyone to post about.[/color][/size]
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[color=Navy][color=Black][b]OOC: [/b]This is my guess on things, don't hurt me. Let me know what to change if I have to, since I don't know a thing about Warcraft besides some of the towns *shrugs*[/color]

Katchya sat on a moss covered rock beside a gurgling brook. Her eyes were gently closed, her back was a straight line, her legs crossed, and her hands were in her lap, her left hand held her staff. She breathed in and out slowly, listening to the gentle sounds of the forest. It was so peaceful in this spot, she always went there to think or meditate.

Katchya heard her staff hum, and felt in vibrate in her hands. She opened her eyes and saw the orb was flashing yellow. She slid off the rock and set off for the village again as the orb stopped glowing, humming and vibrating.

Katchya walked into the village part of the forest, climbing up a ladder to the main platform that served as the central part of the treehouse village. As she expected there was a group waiting, the Elders/Leaders.

[b]"Good timing." [/b]one said to her.

Katchya just nodded, waiting for what they wanted to tell her, because they had sent her a signal to return to the village.

[b]"You're most likely wondering why we called you back." [/b]the oldest said.

Katchya nodded again, she listened as he started to tell her.

[b]"The Dwarf and Gnome cities have been destroyed, along with the cities of the Tauren and Orcs, besides Orgrimmar. Those that have survived have fled and some have come to us for shelter. I'd like for you to help this particular dwarf."

[/b]Katchya was shocked at the news, that over 30 cities had been wiped out was amazing. Katchya replied with the affirmative. The elders/leaders nodded and dismissed her. She led the dwarf to her own little treehouse and let him stay in the spare room she had.

She stood at her balcony and contemplated, what was happening?

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Sorry its short, gotta go.[/color]
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[color=#330066][size=1][i]So... Stormwind had fallen....[/i]

Kirra had felt rather sad at the fact that three races had been wiped out. The Dwarves and Gnomes... such a stout and hard-working race. And the Tauren... old, wise and powerful. Three great races' cities had been wiped out. It seemed unfair.

She swirled what little drink she had left in her cup. She pitied Thrall, the warchief of the Horde. He was a proud orc, and would blame himself for the Forsaken's possession of his forces. Kirra had met the warchief once on a scouting mission. Ever since then, she admired his strength and the kind and compassionate way he commanded his people.

Turning to Renjin who was looking her up and down, Kirra started up a conversation about the Horde.

" Renjin... what do you think of Thrall, the Horde's warchief?" she asked, being totally serious. She kept swilling the tiny bit of drink around the bottom of her cup.

Renjin looked confused, wondering where this question came from. " Well, I don't know much about him. But one thing I do know is that I respect him and the fact that he doesn't want to fight against the Alliance. But what the Forsaken are doing to his men, he cannot really help their actions."

Kirra nodded. She looked back at the wooden bar. She traced the rim of her cup with her long index finger. " I admire the way how strong his personality is and the way he leads his people in a caring and compassionate way, something that you don't associate the Orcs with. I have had the priveledge of meeting him once on a scouting mission. He was very kind to me. We talked to each other the night we met and he told me a little of his past. He has been through many hardships. Do you know what his name means?"

Renjin shook his head. " No, I don't."

Kirra looked at her glass she held. " It means slave. The human that brought him up gave him that name." She looked at Renjin. He seemed surprised at how favourably she talked about the Orcs. Looking away, she smiled to herself. Her complexity had surfaced once again.

" Well... I should be going....I must get some sleep before my next duty is," Kirra said as she stood. She thanked the bartender for the drinks. Then she turned to Renjin. " It was nice to meet you. I hope we can talk again."

She held out her hand for him to shake. Renjin took it gratefully. He smiled a small smile. The bartender looked at them for a moment and smiled to himself. Kirra walked out of the bar, a sly smile on her face. She headed back to her quarters where she could get some rest before her next guard.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Renjin sat there, still drinking. The bartender finished wiping the glass and came over to Renjin, smiling.
" She's a stunner, isn't she?" he said, watching Renjin's reaction.
Renjin looked up at the bartender, his eyes narrowing. " She is. Does she come here often?"
" Every night, after her guard shift is over."
" Really..."
" I'd want to be careful with her."
Renjin looked the bartender in the eyes. " Why?"
The bartender smiled. " She has a habit of playing tricks on the men that try to seduce her."
Renjin's eyebrow arched. " Is that so?"

A sudden feeling of fire rushed through his whole body. He suddenly felt hot, and thirsty. He started to sweat. He wiped his brow, droplets of perspiration dripped down his neck. Renjin wondered what the hell was happening to him. The bartender laughed.
" Feeling hot?"
" What?" Renjin looked at the bartender with almost murderous intent. The bartender was still smiling.
" I asked if you were feeling hot. If you are wondering what's happening to you, the answer is Kirra. When she shook hands with you, she put a powdered poison onto your body. That specific poison is absorbed through the skin through your pores. It's a harmless poison, not intended to kill, but it is used to make the one who is poisoned feel uncomfortable - so uncomfortable that they have to seek out the person who poisoned them in the first place for the antidote. You're lucky she didn't give you a more deadly poison. Take that as a good thing."

Renji breathed in deeply, concentrating, trying to control the feeling of being overwhelmingly hot. [i]So... this was the infamous Kirra of the Shadow Hunters' tricks?[/i] Renjin smiled to himself. [i]I suppose I'll have to go to her to get the antidote.... I don't expect this prank to be the last...[/i][/color][/size]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][i]That Kirra...[/i] There was a burning feeling inside of Renjin's stomach, which he pushed down. It felt like he was burning to a crisp from the core of his body out. He picked up his blade, and set out to find Kirra before whatever was in that poison took place. [i]I knew I was hot, just not this hot...[/i] Renjin smiled to himself again at the joke. Even in times of war you needed a sense of humor about it all. He opened the door, and started to run, using branches and trees to launch himself faster as the growing pain in his stomach erupted again, more painful.

Over a branch here, under one there. Over a river here, in one there. Dodging and weaving, Renjin made his way, as the wildfire of the poison spread through even his hair. He got sick of having to jump or lean over the branches, so as long as he was hot, he'd let the world feel it as he cast Immolate. The trees burned around him, so he didn't have to deal with all that ducking and weaving that most Night Elves did. Renjin cut down a large branch and kicked it into the river, getting it out of his way. He came upon the Hunter's Hall, where the Sentinels and Shadow Hunters made their home.

However, Kirra was not there. Droplets of sweat banged on the floor, as loud as drums to Renjin's ears. He wasn't so sure that it was just ment to be uncomfortable, his insides felt like they were going to burn to cinders.

[b]"Then where can I find her?"[/b] Renjin's voice was rather laboured as he kept his anger and pain out of it. The night elf woman looked at him, and said flatly.

[b]"Why should I tell you?"[/b]

[b]"Because she's poisoned me, and my insides will probably burn to a crisp. Do you wanna be responsible for me dying, just by not telling me where she is?"[/b]

[b]"Oh really..."[/b] Renji lost it then. He grabbed Demonic Embrace, clearly aggrivated.

[b]"Yes, really, damnit! Tell me where she is!"[/b] Renji roared, electing a few looks from the women that were in the hall. There were only women in the Sentinels and Shadow Hunters. After a minute, the woman he shouted at gave up.

[b]"Check the Nightsong Forest, at 23, 83. Just head north for a bit, really..."[/b] She seemed beaten. Renjin left his apologies and restrapped the blade to his back, igniting himself again as there was another burning pain in his stomach. [i]That tricky little sonuva...[/i] The thought drifted through Renjin's mind as he cut away a brach, the rest turning to cinders. Down went a few more branches until he saw a small bulding that looked like a miniature Hunter's Hall. He guessed it was where Kirra was. Not bothering to knock, Renjin's foot met the door as it crashed open. Kirra sat inside, her legs crossed up on a small table as she sat in a wooden chair. She gave him a glance and a smile.

[b]"Glad you could make it...Renjin."[/b]

[b]"You put some sort of poison in my body, I have to deal with some stuck up girl in the Hunter's Hall, hunt you down, and that's all you've got to say?!"[/b]

[b]"Hmm...yes. I think that is."[/b] Another rocket of pain lurched Renjin as he gripped a nearby chair, leaving finger indents.

[b]"Can I have the damn antidote at least...?"[/b]

[b]"In a minute...First, you've got to do something for me."[/b]

[b]"Oh great..."[/b] Kirra stood suddenly, a smal vial in her hand and a devious smile on her face.

[b]"Just...gimme a small kiss. If I like it, you get the antidote. If not...your insides will become powder."[/b]

[b]"That bartender-"[/b]

[b]"Told you that it wasn't lethal? He lied."[/b] Kirra's slender digits twirled the vial, and she pretended to drop it, then grab it. [b]"So where's my kiss, demon boy?"[/b] Renjin sighed, his head burning and sweat a fine layer on his skin. [i]Give her a kiss. It's not like you don't wanna.[/i] Suddenly, Renjin put one hand on Kirra's face, and gave her a kiss, as her hand opened up, revealing a vial filled with the antidoe. He grabbed it, and pulled away from Kirra to take a drink of it. His insides began to cool off and he felt normal.

[b]"I know that you did this just to get me here....so why am I here?"[/b] Renjin asked.[/color][/size]
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[color=#660000][SIZE=1][B]"Hmph... I wouldn't believe it m'self if I wasn't here..."[/B] Apollos stood up, brushing himself off. It was almost as if the dead spirits in this battlefield were trying to latch onto him. He looked over the destruction and prayed. He asked that God would watch over the valiant spirits that died today...trying to protect Stormwind. He finished praying abruptly as he heard the sound of a foot step.

[B]"No one should be 'ere...Everyone should be dead." [/B] He gazed around, and finally saw the source of the noise. He let out a sigh. It was merely a priest. Though this priest seemed familiar. [I]Don't I know him?[/I] Suddenly it hit him. He put his hands together and yelled.

[B]"'Ey! Narote!"[/B] Narote looked up quickly, then smiled. Apollos had met Narote in one of the various churches he had been to, and he had liked the guy instantly. He was a priest in almost every fiber of his being, but he did manage to lossen up at parties. Then again, most people took a while to get used to partying with holy men. Someone even accused me of blessing their beer... HE chuckled to himself.

He swiftly ram over to his firend and stood beside him. It seemed that from here you could see the miles of battle, the terrible onslaught that occured here. He turned to Narote and clasped his shoulder.

[B]"It's been a long time."[/B]

[B]"Yes, it has...It's good to see you again."[/B]

[B]"Likewise. But it's odd that I should meet you here. Though I know you are a priest, and it is your duty to pray for these souls, you could have just as easily done that from your home."[/B] Narote raised an eyebrow at Apollos.

[B]"The same can be said of you. You can't tell me you just happened to bne in the area and decided to come and look."[/B] Apollos grinned.

[B]"So you're here for the same reason I am, eh? I though it was nothing more than a mere rumor...Seems I...we were wrong."[/B] He turned from Narote, surveyed the field, then turned back to him. [B]"There's nothing more we can do here. We should probably leave. And, if you wouldn;t mind traveling with a brute like me,"[/B] he winked at Narote,[B]"I have a humch that there is someone we should meet with."[/B] Narote looked skeptical.


[B]"Renjin Forestwalker."[/B] Narote stared blankly.

[B]"The Night-Elf warlock? Why should we meet with him?"[/B] Apollos turned back to the battlefield and waved his arm over it. He walked over to a Trolls body and pulled something out of is pocket. HE threw it to Narote. He studied it for a moment and his eyes opened wide.

[B]"From what little I can read of Troll...This is a list of places they're going to attack! They've checked off the top one, I'm assuming it's Stormwind."[/B] Apollos nodded.

[B]"I think that if we're gonna' stand a chance against them, we're going to need strong warriors. Or, warlocks, in this case."[/b] Narote nodded and tossed the papre away. He looked to Apollos questioningly.

[B]"Where can we find him?"[/B] Apollos didn't know, but as far as he was concerned, the lord would guid him. He though for one moment, and it hit him. He smiled and started walked off. Narote followed behind him. Apolos tilted his head back.

[B]"Nightsong Forest."[/B][/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC: [/B] Hope you don't mind, Retri.[/SIZE]
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[color=navy][size=1]Synfall paused, letting the wind catch the edge of his long black hair and sweep in across his face. Amidst the giant trees, the undead mage shifted his staff to the opposite hand and surveyed the greenery around him. He smelled company on the wind...or at least, a nearby presence. Unsure of whether or not he was being followed, Synfall took his next steps as quietly as he could towards the forest clearing up ahead. He had expected increased paranoia from the Humans -- what with the destruction of Stormwind -- but the Night Elves were generally wiser than their mortal kin. At any rate, the mere sign of undead presence was now cause to send out a full regiment in search of Forsaken or Lich King stragglers.

The mage sighed wistfully. Intentionally or not, he had made an enemy out of all -- just as he had accused Sylvanas of. At least in his case, Synfall was certain that this was the path he was supposed to take. The mindless slaughter of the Lich King's armies and Sylvanas's Forsaken despite their one-time alliance was a path not fit for any, mortal or not. A sudden crackling of leaves nearby drew Synfall from his inner thoughts; drawing his wits about him, he took another step towards the clearing. Having little natural sense of direction in a forest such as this, it was likely that he had become turned around at some point. He cursed mentally; that would mean that he had backtracked to the Night Elf village Synfall had been trying to stay away from...

Leaning against the massive trunk of one of the trees at the edge of the clearing, Synfall peered cautiously around it. Yes, his suspicion had proved true, as there in the forest opening were several treehouse-like structures. He quickly spotted the source of the leaves rustling, a young night elf woman who was emerging from the forest several meters from him, carrying a staff mounted with a crystalline orb. Synfall's eyes followed her up the trunk of the nearest structure, the largest building in the small village. There was muffled words spoken, but Synfall couldn't make them out without trying to inch closer -- which he did not relish attempting. Instead, he waited patiently, wondering why he did not choose to turn and retreat as quickly as possible. Though the similarity between the make of his own mage-staff and that of the Night Elf's were intriguing...

Deciding a shift in position would benefit him, considering that a few Night Elf sentries were glancing in the general direction in which he was hidden, Synfall stealthily wove a path to the left, circling around to a mostly unoccupied side of the village. His gaze lifted upwards, towards what appeared to be a residential structure's balcony. [i]Good,[/i] he thought, [i]unoccupied.[/i] At that instant, a twig snapped underfoot. Synfall went rigid, lifting up the offending foot and scanning the grounds for anyone who might have heard. Luckily, there was enough activity in the forest so that his blunder had gone unnoticed. Cursing his own bad luck, Synfall failed to hear footsteps ascending the opposite side of the tree-home, instead preoccupying himself with sweeping away the ground on which he stood with his opposite foot.

[i]Blasted forest...curse it all...[/i] Gesturing with one hand, he straightened to his full height and dusted off his robes. A slight prickling along Synfall's spine caused him to look upward once more.

There, on the balcony above him, was the night elf woman he had seen before. She was leaning against the railing, a look of distant thought on her face...until her eyes met his. A single thought ran through Synfall's mind.

....[i]Oh no[/i]....[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Not a problem, Archangel. Actually, I think it was a good idea for us to be friends ahead of time.

Narote glanced back at the smoking remains of Stormwind, and bit his lip in sadness.

?Before we leave?? he trailed off, vaguely addressing Apollos before walking slowly towards the rubble. Apollos nodded a silent affirmative, closing his eyes and folding his hands in a position of prayer. Narote dropped to his knees, and prayed as well.

[I]Dear God, lead these souls to heaven and may they bask in your pure glory forever. Even in times of death and carnage, I must still exalt your Holy name.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be.
World without end, Amen.[/I]

He stood, and raised his staff in the air, whispered the last line to the prayer. Ethereal forms raised out of the wooden heaps, from out of their body shells, and shot skyward with increasing speed. He smiled, and turned back to Apollos, who was smiling just as fully as Narote.

?I?m done here. Where did you say we go?? Apollos began to walk briskly away, tilted his head back, finally replying after Narote caught up to him.

?Nightsong Forest.?

?Sounds like a place that?s tainted by evil,? he replied softly.

?Perhaps. We?ll find out soon enough?? Apollos replied just as vaguely as his comrade. It was quite obvious that they both had their minds in different places at the moment. In silence, the two continued, Narote trailing Apollos a few steps behind. He had no idea where he was going, and decided to let someone experienced lead. Finally, they stumbled across two people locked in a tight kiss for a few instants. They were too far away to see their facial features, but it made the chaste priest feel uneasy. Apollos picked up the pace.

?I think that might be our man. Hurry, Narote. C?mon!?

?Yes, yes. I?m coming.?

After another minute of jogging through the thick woods, they came upon the two. The man looked extremely agitated, the girl with a sly smirk on her face. They were facing away from one another, which struck Narote as odd. He had just seen them kissing a moment ago?

?Are you Renjin Forestwalker? If so, we?re looking for you,? Apollos said confidently. Narote was inwardly grateful he hadn?t made him speak to strangers.

?Yes, I?m Renjin. Who?re you two??

?I am Narote of Granada, and my comrade is Apollos Pursol.?[/SIZE]
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[color=#330066][size=1][b]Before Apollos and Narote's interruption...[/b]

Renjin broke from the kiss quickly to gulp down the contents of the small vial. A satified sigh escaped his lips as he felt him insides cool down. Kirra lent on the wooden table she was seated at before her door was broken down by the warlock. She looked at him with an unsatisfied expression.

" How rude..." she sighed as Renjin wanted to know why he was here. She got up from leaning on the table and sat back in her chair, with her feet once again upon the table. Her platinum silver eyes looked up at him. " You are here... because... you have intrigued me..."

Renjin's ears perked up a little. [i]Intrigued... her...?[/i]

Kirra smiled and continued. " A warlock with common-sense and luck... that's something you don't see everyday, especially a Night-Elven one who has experienced... the Dark Ritual." Her eyes scanned him. He felt like his soul was being examined by those haunting eyes. A cold shiver ran down his spine.

A silence followed - an uncomfortable one at that. Kirra looked out the small window of her small cottage. Renjin escaped her gaze to look at her home. It was small enough for her to live comfortably by herself. Also everything in the cottage was made with organic materials. The linen on her bed was made from cotton. Her wooden bed and many other pieces of furniture were made out of ebony. A crudely-carved bath made out of stone stood in a bathroom that was concealed behind a silk curtain. Everything was very earthy.

The moonlight came through the small glass windows scattered around the walls of the cottage. She just stared at the soft silver light as it descended through her window, not taking any notice of Renjin.

Then, two humans entered her cottage. Kirra felt their presence before they had even entered. It was the same with Renjin. A reason for the silence.

The one with spikey black hair and black eyes spoke first.
" Are you Renjin Forestwalker? If so, we're looking for you." Kirra scanned this man over carefully. From the look of his clothing, he was a paladin, and a fairly powerful one at that. The man to his side was a priest with the white turban and cape.

Renjin turned to them as Kirra stood from her seat. Her hand was inching towards her throwing daggers.

" Yes, I'm Renjin," said the Night Elf warlock. " Who're you two?"

The priest stepped forward with a bow. " I am Narote of Granada, and my comrade is Apollos Pursol."

Kirra looked at the two humans with a cold, shrewd look. Strange what circumstances arise. Here are two humans, both light-dwellers, both with powers connected to the light. And then there is herself and Renjin, both night-dwellers, both with powers connected with darkness. Ironic... or the way it should be? Kirra smiled to herself.

" Why are you asking for me?" Renjin asked. He was still a little agitated from Kirra's antics beforehand, although he had seemed to have calmed down.

" We've found something.... something that might interest you..." Apollos said.[/color][/size]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Renjin was still surprised at what Kirra had said. [i]Intriuged...pssh. She could of just asked me to come with her, damn...[/i] Renjin's hand found it's way to his headband, and he pulled it back as the two men of the Light came forward. His eyes were fearsome to behold, white with a red ring like a firey circle. However, seeing as these two seemed battle hardened, he figured it wouldn't phase these...hardened holy men.

[b]" We've found something.... something that might interest you..."[/b] Apollos said. Renjin just glared, at no one in paticular. Suddenly he spoke.

[b]"Well, get on with whatever it is."[/b] Renjin's voice wasn't exactly gruff, or exactly kind either. It was more of an expaserated melody of the two. Apollos pulled a note from a pocket, and threw it to Renjin. He caught it, and unfolded it.

[b]"Plans to attack Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, Gnomeregan...Teldrassil, Ashenvale, Ironforge, Undercity, Orgrimmar?! This makes no bloody fucking sense...that's every main race on Azeroth...besides the Naga and Blood Elves."[/b] Renjin was stressed. Ashenvale was a Hippogryph away from here, and it was next on the list. However, they'd need to stop in Ironforge to gather supplies and information, and possibly help. Renjin's hand found his pocket, and he slipped the note inside.

[b]"Then we had better leave...for Darnassus first, that's the only city on this Light forsaken island of Teldrassil."[/b] Renjin could feel his hand catch fire, ready to engluf his body in flame and attack something or someone. Kirra was too close, so he forced himself to settle. Renjin was, however, annoyed at Narote's words. Teldrassil and Nightsong woods were far from...Light forsaken, though Renjin's veins coursed with a semi-latent demonic power.

Perhaps they needed to be educated, and Renjin's growing anger at the destruction of the peoples across the world fueled his want to fight. He lept onto a balcony, maybe five feet off of the ground. He stood, and one fingertip had a sliver of blue flame on it. It spread slowly.

[b]"Alright. If I can beat Apollos 'ere, you have to stop calling it Light forsaken. It's no such thing, you humans, who have encroached on our forests. Maybe you need to redefine your prospects of light and darkness and see that without light, there can be no shadow. And without shadow, there is the obiviously the abensece of light. Our powers sustain each others. You holy crusaders...you even out nothing. You disrupt the balance-"[/b]

Renjin leapt down, his whole body sparking into blue flames as he grabbed Demonic Embrace from his back, striking for Apollos. He barely managed to parry Renjin's crushing blow, and a bit of the cloth on him was singed.

[b]"-You disrupt the balance of nature. Indulge me in your strength and knowledge of the Light. If you want to win, you better start learnin' the propeties of balancing the world."[/b] Renjin struck with an increased fevour, attacking, doding and weaving. After a while, he spoke again, without a trace of sarcasm or rudeness. It was a pure, undiluted question.

[b]"Tell me, o' holy paladin. Does god's Light blind us or lead us?"[/b][/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Narote looked surprised at the outbreak of violence between Renjin and Apollos, and immediately moved to halt the fight before it got out of hand.

?Stop now, fighting is not the answer,? he said in a stern tone. The combatants did not listen. Narote kept talking ?Apollos! You know that God would not want you fighting in His name like a child ? put down your weapon. As for you, Renjin,? he said, shifting his body a bit. He cleared his throat before beginning.

?God?s Light leads us to heaven, a glorious, pure, holy place where there is no evil, where everything is perfect. The Light purifies, purging away those too demonic to stand it. Those who turn from the Light turn towards Evil, but God is forgiving ? He will accept repentance. Evil does not balance anything out ? without it things can only be better. If everything is good, I fail to see how anything could be evil, wrong, or out of balance,? he said, with a hint of finality. He sighed heavily when he realized they weren?t going to stop. However, Renjin began to reply while fighting.

"There is no evil but light and dark, two sides of the same copper piece. It is merely your opinion on what side the coin may land, Narote. Evil is nothing, it is everything. It is inside you and me, and you have chosen to take it and create light. I have chosen to take it and perform the Dark Ritual, fighting for those with the very power you forsake."

?Then you are demonic, and need the Light. You seem to think there is no absolute truth, when in fact there is. Evil is what kills defenseless children. Evil is what slaughters entire villages. Evil is what God and the Light is not. True, there is Evil within all, but it is what we choose to do that defines us. Do we harness that Evil, and let it run through our blood, committing Evil deeds? Or do we let Light wash it away, become pure, and do good for others?? Narote stopped talking, realizing the increased conviction in his voice, and said a prayer to calm himself.

?I am done. I cannot convert you if you keep your heart closed.? He walked away a respectable distance, still hearing steel clanging, occasional grunts of exertion, but ignored them. He sat on a rock next to a gurgling brook, and inhaled the fresh scent in an attempt to calm his clouded, annoyed mental state. He said another prayer.

[i]Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord is with thee
Blessed are thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
Now at at the hour of our death, Amen.[/i][/SIZE]
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[color=#660000][SIZE=1][B]"Tell me o' holy Paladin, does God's light blind us or lead us?"[/B] Renjin's words still rung in his head. Narotes words had no effect on him, though. He dodged two more strikes and the jumped backwards, sheathing Revelation. He happily tossed on his gauntlets and smiled. He took his fighting pose and responded.

[B]" The answer to your question is...Both."[/B] Apollos pressed both hands together ad used Judgement. The field was illuminated, and all that could be seen was Renjin's flame, and the source of the light. Finally the spell subsided, and the building next to them was completely destroyed. Apollos frowned and scratched his head.

[B]"Whoops. Shoulda' thought that over a little more..."[/B] Apollos searched around for his opponent. He was gone. Apollos shrugged and walked to the debris. He clapped his hand together around his mouth and yelled.

[B]"Narote! Kirra!"[/B]

[B]"Over here!"[/B] Apollos spun around, and almost got Demonic Embrace lodged down his throat. He held up his arms in defense, then swung at Renjin, missing. Behind Renjin, Apollos saw Narote and Kirra, and they were apparently tending to the wounds sustained by Apollo's foolishness. Narote looked extremely angry. Renjin spat.

[B]"You crusaders are all alike. You think you're so much better than everyone else because God is behind you. But your firend over there is wrong! Light isn't always a saviour, darknees always destruction."[/B] Renjin sprung at Apollos, throwing an onlsaught of strikes at him. Apollos just blocked them all, and was knocked backwards. He jumped up, the defended against the next wave of attacks, without striking back. Renjin lunged at Apollos, but he took this as he chance to cease the battle. He ducked underneath the blow, grabbed Renjin's wrist, and flung him backwards. Then he grinned.

[B]"Know beter than to stereotype me, Elf. I'm nothing like other Crusaders. I live for battle. I know that to have balance, you need the darkness and the light. Naote is not wrong, and neither are you. But you are arguing of two different things. Narote is right in that nothing good can come of evil, but evil and darkness are entirely different things."

"Evil is hatred, war, death. Darkness, is light's brother. With light there is always shadow, and shadows do not exist without light, as Renjin stated. It's possible for light and darkness to coexist in righteouness. Priests dabble in dark arts, and warlocks in arts of divinity. May creatures of Evil use the power of light on their side. Many warriors of light use the darkness as their power. The only difference is, when you fight for righteousness, God's grace is present in your abilites. And my friend over there meant no harm by what he said. HE's just very forward in his beliefs."

"So, can we please stop this pointless battle? It's not like I'm not enjoying this any, because I am, I just think we have bigger things to deal with...And Narote looks like he's going to explode."[/B]

Renjin grumbled and tossed his blade onto his back, walking over to Narote and Kirra. He heloed her up, and walked back to Apollos. Narote stood up and followed behind. Apollos smiled.

[B]"Better. Now, I agree with Narote, we should head for Darnassus and we can rest there. I'd have liked to rest here, but there isn't much left of your home,"[/B] he loked at Kirra apologetically,[B]"to do that. After Darnassus, let's head for Ironforge. Agreed?" [/B] Everyone nodded in approval.

[B]"Good. Let's make haste. We don't have time to spare."[/B][/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] Apparently his faith outweighs his battle-junkie...ness. ^.^[/SIZE]
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[color=#330066][size=1]Kirra growled. This.... [i]human[/i]... had destroyed her home - the home she and a close friend had worked so hard to build. Now that her friend had departed for the Other World, Kirra was even more protective of her home. But this stupid... insignificant... light-dwelling... human.... had destroyed the last thing those two had shared together. Her body was slightly shaking from insurmountable anger. Her platinum silver eyes looked lethally at the paladin, who felt the death-like stare and shivered coldly.

" To Darnassus then," Narote, the priest said, sensing the tense situation between Kirra and Apollos. The three men walked off while Kirra tried to salvage what she could from the wreckage of her house.

" By the Goddess Elune, I will punish that paladin if it's the last thing I do..." she spat. She gathered her weapons that had been laying on her bed, and her pack and other necessities. Once everything was packed and in the right place, Kirra set after them at a great speed. In no time at all, she had caught up, appearing out of nowhere from the shadows of the trees. It seemed they didn't even realise she wasn't following them.

The trees rustled with a soft cool breeze. The half-moon hung in the sky, splashing silver moonlight over the landscape. The two humans were talking to each other about one thing or another. Renjin walked behind them, his mind deep in thought. Kirra looked around warily, spinning a dagger in her hand. The sounds of night creatures hummed softly through the trees. The heavy footsteps of the two humans drowned the song of the night forest. Kirra huffed. Humans weren't good for anything in battle but plain fighting. They had no tact whatsoever. They didn't even care that they were making so much sound that it was clearly heard in the nearby Night Elven village.

After adjusting her pack on her back, she sheathed her dagger and fingered the handle of her katana [i]Thane[/i]. She was beginning to become bored, so bored that she thought she'd go mad as the group trodded along a worn-path, heading to Darnassus.

A few hours later, the four of them arrived in the village of Darnassus. First thing to do, find an inn to stay in. hovering around the main street, they finally found a suitable place to stay in but only two rooms were left. It was decided that Narote and Apollos were in one room, and Renjin and Kirra in the other. They ordered meals for dinner and sat down in the public common area to eat.[/size]

OOC: It would be a good idea if we got to know each other before anything major happened. I tried to leave it at a spot where it was a good start for conversation.[/color]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Renjin took his seat next to Kirra, not paticularly hungry. His eyes trained intently on nothing but the eyeband that masked them, he blocked out all contact with anyone then. Sometimes a little more dabbling in these dark arts were required, even in a place where it would be considered stupid and dangerous. Sometimes, if Renjin looked hard enough, he could tell what was going to take place in the future.

For now...just ripples lept across the eyeband, bits of fire, shreds of skin, a death here, a killing there. It was all too omnious and Renjin was...unsatisfied. A tap on the shoulder, a rather agitated tap, brought Renjin back to the present. Using two of his slender digits, he pulled the eyeband up to his forehead to see Kirra looking at him. He could just tell that she was still angered at the Paladin. The right side of his mouth tweaked into a smile, as if to say, [i]don't worry, i'm pissed off at them too.[/i]

His hands found a small glass of water, and the glass of water found his lips. It had obiviously not been from the Moonglade River, as it was laced with an old and musty taste, as if it had been there for a long time. Too long for Renjin's taste. He set it back down, the soft clink the only sound besides the occasional bustle of the cooks. Speaking of cooks...he had been meaning to get a job sometime. Maybe talioring...and enchanting. It sounded like a good mix...make your own cloth armor and enchant it to your specifications. He then spoke up.

[b]"ALright, if we're going to be travelin' together, we better speak to some people in Darnassus here. Trainers, more paticularly. Learn some cooking skills for the road, maybe some skinning so we can get some money, ecetera. I've been thinking of tailoring and enchanting-"[/b] Renjin was interuppted by a snort from Apollos.

[b]"Talioring? I mean...I may be a man of the Light, but I'm not going to refrain from mocking you. Are you a nancy boy or something?"[/b] Renjin's fingers twitched, once, twice, but he stopped himself.

[b]"Listen here, and listen good. I may not be able to wear all the fancy plate and mail and leather, but that's because it hinders my spellcasting. Cloth armor is fine with me...and that's what talioring does. Cloth and wool and Felcloth and Mooncloth, mageweave..."[/b] Renjin didn't mention Shadowcloth, in case Narote got all holy and stuff on him. Renjin wasn't exactly known for his tollerance.

[b]"So...what are we going to eat?"[/b] Narote spoke, and Renjin for once, agreed. Where was the food? A small chef - a goblin, no less- came out, holding several trays with his incredibly strong hands. The soapstone tray full of the 4 man group's food was hovering by Kirra, so she grabbed it quickly and set it down, still slightly agitated, but not nearly as much. He couldn't blame her, that dumbass paladin just wiped her house - No, home; - off of the face of Azeroth. To avoid confrontation, each of the people grabbed their food and Kirra replaced the tray on the side of the table where no one was sitting.

Everyone looked at Renjin. His plate was full of vegtables and the like, no meat. Renjin almost laughed. [b]"Darnassus ain't exactly famous for their meats. Try some of it and you might see why I only got fruits and vegtables."[/b] When no one made a motion to speak or try the meat, he spoke again.

[b]"So...what are you all thinkin' of taking up as your professions? If you don't already 'ave some."[/b][/color][/size]

[b]OOC:[/b] Go see the just posted Underground thread for innate knowledge on professions. ^_^
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[SIZE=1]"Alchemy is interesting to me. I'd love to learn how to create all sorts of healing potions," Narote said with genuine interest. The goblin smiled and nodded at an eating Narote.

"But you might wanna take up Herbalism if you're gonna be an Alchemist. How else will yeh collect herbs to put in those potions?" Narote swallowed a marinated pepper, then replied.

"Very good point. So I'll take up Alchemy and Herbalism. By the way, the food's good," he finished, taking another bite of peppers and lettuce. He finished his meal off with the fruit on the outer rim of his plate. To his disappointment, the fruits didn't taste nearly as good as the vegetables, but he politely ate it, and took a long draught of water.

"...Water? C'mon, Narote," Apollos said laughing a bit at his friend.

"I try not to drink too much, you know that. Besides, we're going to be busy, so it's best to hydrate." He gulped hard, looking at Renjin and Kirra, and felt genuinely nervous. They had a death warrant on Apollos? head, and definitely didn?t like him at all either. Despite wanting to have a peace-making talk, he sat patiently and waited for everyone else to finish their meals.

OOC: Sorry for the length, but I wanted to get that down.[/SIZE]
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[color=#660000][SIZE=1]Apollos had found a certain kick out of insulting Renjin about Tailoring and Enchanting. Though he had once taken up these proffesions, he wanted to get on good grounds with this man, and the only way to do that was to treat him like a friend. [i]It doesn't seem to be working, though[/i]. Apollos spoke to Narote.

[B]"Alchemy and Herbalism, eh? Sounds interesting. I'd consider that, but we need a variety of skills to circulate our group. I think I'll look into Mining and Engineering,"[/B] he looked to Renjin. [B]"Sorry about the rude comment towards tailoring and enchanting. That's actually quite a useful profession."[/B] Renjin grunted in approval. Apollos smiled slightly. [I]There's one step to getting these two to like me.[/I]

Kirra was still death-glaring at Apollos though. She would very well kill him if they had not formed an alliance. Apollos wasn't suprised, though. No amount of money, nor apologies could take back what he had done. He had destroyed her home, and from the look on her face, it held some special value to her. He adressed her cautiously.

[B]"Kirra...What I did was unforgivable. I don't blame you for hating me. When I'm in battle I very rarely think about my surrondings. I knew my spell wouldn't deal any major damage to all of you, and that was all I was taking into consideration. I should have thought about the damage I would deal to your home."[/B] Kirra raised an eyebrow. She still was angry, but he seemed sincere. Apollos continued.

[B]"We've only just become allies, and I would hate for us to not be friends as well. The same goes for you Renjin,"[/B] he turned to Renjin.

[B]"If we are to be allies we should be firends as well. Narote and I will promise to be careful of our comments from now on. We never meant to insult...Hey! Why did you attack me, when Narote was the one who called your land light-forsaken?"[/B] Renjin laughed.

[B]"He doesn't seem like the fighting type."[/B] Apollos, Narote,ans Kirra all broke out into laughter. Apollos smiled and grabbed a piece of frit, taking a bite. His face skewered but he finished it none-the-less. He put the core down on his plate.

[B]"Well that was odd. Umm, Chef Goblin, coud you bring me a mug of beer?"[/B] He looked to Kirra and Renjin.

[B]"And a mug for both of my friends over there."[/B] He leaned closer to the Goblin. [B]"And a small cup for my priest friend. He's a little conservative about these things."[/B] The Goblin smiled and nodded, going to grab the drinks. Narote gave Apollos a dirty stare.

[B]"What did you say?"[/B] Apollos grinned slyly.

[B]"Oh, nothing."[/B] The drinks arrived quickly. Apollos smiled and took the drinks, distributing them to everyone. Narote just sighed. Apollos clasped his shoulder.

[B]"Come one. Look, just have one. We'll ask the Goblin for a thing of water to bring with us. Alright?"[/B] Narote sighed again and took a sip of it, putting it back down. Apollos shrugged. [I]It's a start.[/I] He took a swig, as did Kirrra and Renjin. Apollos talked to Kirra again.

[B]"So what proffesions are you interested in?"[/B][/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] I hope we can put my foolish actions over the damn, or under the bridge, or we could settle this like we tried to settle our last problem. By trying to beat the crap out of each other. ^.^[/SIZE]
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[color=#330066][size=1]Kirra lent back into the seat, the mug of ale in one hand, her other outstretched along the top of the chair. Apollos seemed sincere enough about destroying her home, and he should have been. But what's done is done - you can't change the past, no matter how much you want to. She took a swig of ale before she answered Apollos' question.

" Professions huh? Hm.... Seems like you two got in first and got the good ones, not like I would have been able to do them anyway. I'm not good at magic for Herbalism and Alchemy, and I don't have enough strength for Mining and Engineering..... although...." A smile came to Kirra's face. It was directed at Apollos who backed off a little. He liked the death-glare more. " I have a proposition for you Apollos."

" What might that be?" Apollos answered, a definite quiver in his voice. Something was going on in that Elvish mind of hers.

Kirra smiled. " Since you destroyed my house... and one of your desired professions is mining... I suggest that whenever you find any gemstones that you come to me to see if I like any. Say it could be payment so I can rebuild my home when this is over."

Apollos thought for a few moments, weighing up the pros and cons of her deal. He then locked gazes with her when he came to a decision. " Very well. I accept."

" Good!" Kirra smiled as him, this time a genuine smile before taking a swig of ale.

" You still haven't answered Apollos' question Kirra," Narote pipped up. He was a little rosy on the cheeks, his small cup being empty. He hiccouped once and smiled. Renjin looked amused by Narote's obvious intoxication, having never seen a priest that was so easily drunken.

" Oh right... Hmm...." Kirra said softly. " Fishing sounds easy enough. I could do it with my unpoisoned throwing daggers. It'd be good training as well. But I'll also do it by the fishing rod, although, I'm not one for patience. Tailoring sounds interesting enough. I might be able to make some beautiful cloths that might come in handy one day."

She took another swig of ale, feeling a little-lightheaded. She'd never drank ale before. It was a lot heavier than what she normally drank, and possibly more alcoholic. Kirra could feel her dark cheeks go a little rosy. However, she hadn't let her guard slip even the tiniest bit. She turned to Renjin.

" What about you and the professions you'd like to learn?"[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=#E3170D]The merriment of drunken humans, dwarves, and others were loud and obnoxious to Daigon?s ears. He cared nothing for their drinking and playful conversation but their incessant singing and bickering was something that he wanted to escape but as he sat silently amongst the trees, watching them, he knew that there would be a time when he could bring down his revenge. His revenge for the destruction of the remaining Tauren.

?Blasted humans. Always have to mock the short people.?

Turning around, the dwarf lifted his fist and shouted something terrible towards a pub that he had exited. Daigon watched carefully to see if the dwarf was intoxicated or even cautious of his surroundings but found nothing of the sort. The dwarf merely was in a state of dull tiredness and walked away to a nearby inn. Daigon, on the other hand, suddenly smelt the scent of an orc and immediately searched for the location of where that orc was, only to find the sly creature lurking on top of a roof, watching the intoxicated dwarf walk, more like stumble, towards the inn.

Knowing orcs, Daigon knew that he had to stop his ally from harming the dwarf for it could measure up to something more horrendous than just another war, it could mean the destruction of all that is. Daigon threw a dagger towards the orc and it had created a dense sound that vibrated to the dwarf?s ear. At this point, he was wide awake and alert, ready for anyone to attack him. Seeing that no one was there, the dwarf walked into the inn and Daigon had his dagger back, which boomeranged back to him.

The orc, on the other hand, was not at all pleased that Daigon interfered with his pleasurable tortures that he was about to execute onto the dwarf. He wanted information and the only way he would be able to do that is to grab an unwary and unsuspicious character from the outside and take him back. The orc approached Daigon with a forceful manner, not realizing to whom he was speaking to.

?Dwarves spit out words faster than any disgusting creature on Azeroth and you managed to blow it! Who do you think you are, you overgrown satyr?!?

Without a word, Daigon lifted the orc by its neck and watched it struggle to remove itself from Daigon?s grip.

?I am no satyr, your crawling insect! I belong to the race of Tauren and I shall not take such an insult from a lesser being like you.? Daigon?s words were fierce and blunt, something that he hadn?t done in many a moon since he had left his village. He merely threw the orc aside and turned his back on it, knowing the orc wouldn?t do anything. The only words that Daigon spoke to the orc was, ?Where is your commanding officer??

[B]OOC-[/B] Sorry for the late arrival. I had trouble with the post.[/size][/color]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Renjin turned to her slowly, taking a rather hearty drink of whatever had been in the glass. Renjin hadn't bothered to ask. He set it back down and started talking.

[b]"I was thinkin' Tailoring and Enchanting, even though you already got tailoring."[/b]

[b]"But who's gonna cook?"[/b] Apollos spoke up. Renjin turned to Apollos and Narote, and took a long and careful think. He didn't want to cook, he knew that much. He didn't have any...love for the culinary arts. He actually had a lot of skill in it, his father had been professional chef. Before he went off to war, because he was also a Druid of the Claw...and in the final battle on the hills of mount Hyjal, had been one of many to sacrifice himself in the onslaught of the undead. And then after that...cooking seemed so bitter in flavor and taste.

After a time, Renjin brought the drink back to his lips. It took a lot of normal liqour or a medium amount of strong to test Renjin, but this...was exponetinal. His cheeks were already slightly red, mismatched against the dark blue of his skin. He looked at the group, and was struck by an idea.

[b]"Howsabout we all take a cooking class or two? Learn a little more in each city or somethin'."[/b] Before he heard anyone, he finished off the liqour. Whatever that was, it messed with your system. And that's exactly what he wanted right now, wash down all those memories of his father, the war, and just get [i]drunk.[/i] He set the glass back down, and thought to himself. [i]I suppose while I'm in the company of Kirra I wouldn't wanna do something...stupid. Yeah, stupid.[/i] However, he ordered just one more drink.

[b]" 'Nother glass of whatever your brought me before. And what do y'all think of my idea?"[/b] The goblin nodded, and grinned. He'd had the same feeling as Renjin once, and understood. That was the time when his father had blown himself up with a new product....

[b]"I think it's a raht-hic. I'm sorry about that."[/b] Kirra was slightly red in the cheeks, more than this ale would of caused her to be. Renjin figured she was blushing from the hiccup. [b]"I think it's a good idea."[/b] Apollos nodded, and even Narote agreed. Mildly surprising. Suddenly...he didn't feel like being down here. It happened sometimes, Renjin being pushed to the brink of sensory overload when everything was a little too new. Like someone poisoning him, kissing him, giving him an antidoe, getting her house blown up, meeting two men of the light, finding out that several captiol cities had been destroyed, and that your's was next.

[b]"I think I'm going up to the room...G'night, guys. Just a little too much all of a sudden."[/b] He smiled to show that he was alright, and stood up, leaving the half finished glass on the table with a small [i]Clink![/i] He grabbed one of the sets of the keys from his pocket, and handed them to Kirra, before walking up the steps and into the 2nd floor, where he found his room. The door opened quietly, and he shut it again. Renjin sighed, and took off the headband, throwing it to the side. Renjin then stipped down, ready to go to bed. Thank god there were two.

However, as he was walking into the restroom, to take a shower, he saw that Kirra was int he doorway. She was quite flustered, and he was quite embarassed.

[b]"Kirra....! Please, knock next time..."[/b] Renjin kept his cool, making sure that he pulled himself behind the doorframe, poking his head around.

[b]"I'm sorry, Renjin...I was coming to make sure you were alright. Not walking in on you..."[/b] She still had a rosy tint to her cheeks. She was probably tipsy...and some humans down on the first floor might take advantage and try something. Renjin grabbed a pair of raptorskin scale pants and threw them on, along with a purple mageweave shirt.

[b]"Kirra, you might wanna get to bed. I mean, there's a lot of people down there that might..."[/b] The whole moment was rather strange and foriegn.[/color][/size]
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[color=#330066][size=1]Kirra hiccupped. Her cheeks were rosy from intoxication and her vision wasn't that good either. But she never imagined walking in on Renjin. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see anymore and sidled back into the hallway.

" I'll just .... hic... go back downstairs... hic..." she said before slightly weaving her way back down there. Renjin looked out of the door with a concerned look on his face before sighing and shutting the door, making sure it was locked this time.

As she came to the common tavern room, she noticed that Narote and Apollos had gone up to their rooms. Pity... she would have liked to have talked to them a bit more, especially after what little conversation they had over dinner. She made her way over to the bar where she sat down on a crudely-carved wooden stool and ordered another ale.

" Comin' right up ma`am!" the human bartender said enthusiatically. He poured a glass for Kirra as she looked around the room. There was two groups of rather loud humans in the dark corners. One group was playing cards and the other seemed like they were planning something. A few dwarves and goblins were around as well. So far, Renjin and herself were the only Night Elves, although, the Night Elves didn't like to stray too far from their capital.

Soon, a large mug of ale was in front of Kirra. She smiled and took a swig. This stuff was good. It tasted a little like honey but the alcoholic content must have been through the roof. Two more gulps as she felt very tipsy. She must have been swaying in her seat because the group of human men that seemed like they were planning something soon made their way over to her. They looked like a group of ruffians in Kirra's eyes, however, she saw the dark, malice intent in their eyes. But, for some strange reason, it didn't register in her mind what they were planning.

" Howdy fellas!" she said cheerily to them, holding up her mug of ale. " Whatcha all up to?"

" Well..." The leader stepped forward. He was rather muscular and battle-hardened - Kirra could tell from the scars on his right arm, obviously his sword arm. " We were wondering if you'd like to come for a walk with us."

" Sure!"

Stupidly, Kirra accompanied them out. It was getting nearer and nearer to dawn. A very faint glow on the horizon signalled that it was getting closer. Kirra was happily chatting away as they listened to her. She didn't notice where they were heading, well, that's what the human men thought anyhow.

The group stopped in a dark patch of trees. The forest was closing in around them. Kirra felt quite comfortable in this environment - the fresh smell of pine, the clean scent of water trickling far off in the distance.

And that was when she noticed that the group of human men closed in around her in a tight circle, sinister, sickening looking gazes tracing her outline. Kirra closed her eyes and smiled to herself.


" You must be drunk to wander off by yourself with a group of men... that, or you are a whore desperate for some action..." the leader sniggered as he drew out his sword, holding the tip to Kirra's throat. She still had her eyes closed.

" Insults... is that all you can come up with?" Kirra taunted. She slowly opened her eyes as she flicked out a dagger. It just clipped the leader's ear, making him howl in pain at the weapon passed him and embedded itself into the tree behind him. The othes jumped into action. Kirra smiled as, miracously, her drunkness cleared as her body kicked into action.[/color][/size]

OOC: Perfect chance for you Renjin.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Renjin sighed, and closed his eyes. [i]Damnit, Kirra...you [b]are[/b] drunk.[/i] He had followed her out of the bar, the merry laughter and talk easily filtering into what Kirra had been saying. And as they left the inn, Renjin had followed out the window, sliently. His eyes gleamed a deep red, with white in the darkness. It was so familiar...and useful. He lept from tree to tree, watching the humans - the tree destroying bastards - try to entice her. And probably rape. What a corrupt world nowadays.

A rouge, a mage, a warrior and a hunter. At the hunter's side was a raptor the size of him, rather dangerous. As he listened to their conversation, he knew he'd enjoy it when he got to beat them into a pulp. The little hints of innuendo that Kirra's intoxication probably walled out. Renjin's anger grew and grew, until they stopped in a rather shady part. He knew what they'd try to do now. Overpower her and get her down, tie her up, and have their way with her. Most humans disgusted him.

Renjin's ears caught a howl of pain and agony from the warrior, and the dagger embed itself next to his hand. Renjin pulled it out, and then leapt down as they all went to attack Kirra, mustering what they could on what short notice. The rogue had dissapeared, but Renjin saw the dagger near Kirra's back, and the pink flesh of a human hand. The rogue didn't keep his hand for long.

As blood laquered the floor, they looked all around. Renjin smiled inwards, and pulled out his sword as they took to punching Kirra, having fallen back into her drunken haze. She swayed in the direction of the punches. If there wasn't so much punches, it would look like she was dancing, or swaying in the wind. But no, the sway and bend was from the punches and kicks.

Renjin couldn't take it. He tore Demonic Embrace from his back, and leapt down from the tree, smashing the warriors head in, and down to the floor. The human was dead on inpact, Renjin having snapped his spinal cord. He ground the bone and flesh into the ground, and then looked at the three. He held up three fingers, and then they fell to the ground, overcome by Curse of Agony. Pain gripped at them, tearing and rending and slashing in a slow and painful manner, but they ignored it. A bolt of fire fizzed past his head, and he grabbed it, transforming it into his Immolation spell.

[b]"You human swine! You fuckers don't even have 'nough guts to ask a woman what they're doing. You think it's all seduce and rape. You make me [i]sick.[/i]"[/b] He spat, and rushed at them. The combined power of the licking flames and the gripping pain was too much for the raptor, and it launched it's self at him. Renjin was ready, and spun with a kick, slamming his foot into it's head, leaving it near death. He didn't care if humans were on their side. These people right here...were plain rotten.

Soon, he dispatched of them, and looked at Kirra. She was on the ground, bloodied and bruised from the onslaught that had made her dance. She looked up, eyes caked with dirt from her fall.

[b]"Kirra. You alright?"[/b] The flames twisted and danced away from his body, leaving him untouched by fire. He held his hand out for Kirra, and she grabbed it. He pulled her to her feet.

[b]"I'll be..hic..fine. Thank your, Renjin."[/b] She looked up at him, her hand still in his.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Narote sat on his cot; bed could not describe it, and twirled his staff around for a while, until Apollos, sitting on an opposing bed, interrupted him.

?Narote, what do you think of Renjin and Kirra?? Narote thought about his response for a moment before replying.

?I think they?re two nice people. You obviously know that I?m not a supporter of dark magic, but I?m willing to look past that.?

?Yeah, I agree. I?m not too happy with having to give up precious stones, but it?s for a better cause,? he said, but stopped talking after nearing a gurgling sound coming from outside. Narote?s head swiveled towards the window, where he heard the shout come from.

?Where?s your commanding officer?? Narote pushed the window open, calling down to the dwarf who was holding an orc by the neck in midair.

?Please, put him down! There?s no need for violence.? The dwarf, unheeding, tossed the orc to the side. The orc scampered away, sprinting towards the forest without sticking around to answer the question. A heavy silence hung over Narote, as the dwarf shot an annoyed glance towards him. Apollos was looking over Narote?s shoulder, in obvious afterthought.

The awkward moment was broken by a sudden falling of rain from the heavens. A thunderclap in the distance immediately followed a brilliant bolt of lightening. The ground was spotted with moisture before soaking the earth?s surface, churning dirt into mud.

?Sir, why don?t you come inside the Inn? If I made you angry, I?m very sorry.? His call was not responded to verbally, but the dwarf strode into the warm dwelling to escape the rain. All around, he heard the pitter-patter, the tempo rising with the approach of the storm.

?Do you think the Inn will hold up against all this?? Apollos asked tentatively, staring at a dripping spot in the piecemeal roof.

?I doubt it. I?ll try to do something about it,? he said, and then closed his eyes trying to recall the command. His eyes snapped open in remembrance. ?Resarcio.?

He pointed his staff at the ceiling, and the tiles shifted into place, elongating as necessary to cover the opening in the roof. The drips stopped.


?Well, the years I spent studying minor spells helped, it seems.? Apollos nodded in silent agreement, then turned to stare back at the wet window, watching rivers of water run down. The room was filled with the soothing sound of raindrops.[/SIZE]
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[color=#330066][size=1]Kirra withdrew her hand from Renjin's graps rather sharply. She hiccuped once more. Her platinum silver eyes looked angry, for some reason. Renjin had a look of confusion across his face. What did he do this time?

A sudden clap of thunder and brightness of lightning signalled the oncoming of a storm. Rain started to come down. Kirra looked up into the sky, the dirt and blood being washed away by the fresh feeling of rain. Renjin looked at her curiously. She seemed very close to nature, closer than normal Night Elves.

" Renjin.... can you leave me..." came a whisper from her as she closed her eyes and held her head up to the sky.

Renjin took a step backwards. She didn't hiccup when she said it. His eyes narrowed.
" You're drunk Kirra. You shouldn't be out here by yourself."

" Renjin.... I said go..." she growled, still looking up at the sky with closed eyes. Renjin growled himself. She was too complex for his liking. One minute she was churpy and happy, then the next she is moody and solitary. [i]And this is the reason why I could never understand women......strangest creatures on Azeroth, no matter their race....[/i]

He backed away and melted into the shadows. Kirra stood there, now alone, bruised and cold, letting the icy-cold rain pelt her dark skin. It was refreshing, and brought back her mind that was lost in her drunken haze. Although it was icy-cold outside, inside of her was a burning rage.

" How could I have been so stupid.... and needed saving.... I'm not worthy of the title Shadow Hunter....."

Shadows started to dance around her - three dimensional ones. All were whispering in some language that was not of Azeroth. Their dark webs of hands and feet whirled around her, becoming a frantic pace. Evil glowing red eys swirled around her.

" Be silent!" she commanded. The shadows stopped immediately, muttering between themselves.

[i]Thane[/i] started vibrate upon her back. It was calling for her to use it. The blade itched to be used - against anything. Kirra reached up to her back and unsheathed the beautifully curved blade, the silver blade glistening the in rain. Lightning flashed, illuminating its wonderously curved blade.

Soaked and freezing, Kirra held [i]Thane[/i] in a horizontal position in front of her blade, the sharp edge facing outwards. In front of her stood a tall dead oak tree. Her eyes still closed, she ran for it, the three-dimensional shadows watching her. In one slash, Kirra cut through the thickest part of the trunk with ease, causing it to come crashing down in a heavy thud that equalled the sound of thunder overhead.

Opening her eyes, Kirra breathed out heavily. Her body ached from the punishment those human men had given her earlier. It was a just punishment. She had let her guard slip a fraction, and they took advantage of it. Cursing and swearing at herself for such a pitiful act, she headed back to the inn, looking forward to a warm bath.


Steam rose out of the porcelan bathtub. Kirra slid down into the hot water, finally relaxing and feeling rather warm. Her trek back to the inn was uneventful, however, she noticed some scuffel marks of a Taurn, Orc, Human and Dwarf a few metres away from the door of the inn. Whatever the scuffel was about, was over and dealt with. She had come into her and Renjin's room to find him asleep in his bed, looking like a stiff pole as he slept.

The last few hours had been intense enough without the loss of her pride. Cursing again, Kirra swore to herself that she would never ever needed to be saved by anyone else again.... especially by Renjin.[/color][/size]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]"Women..."[/b] Renjin sighed, disgustedly. All those deaths of humans, who they were allied with, and not even one damn thanks. Again, he spun Demonic Embrace, and attached it to his back. He wouldn't be talking in a good mood. Killing was always a drain on him, leaving him socially and mentally inept for conversation for a few hours, at least.

As many trees as he had destroyed in his life, he still loved nature. Renjin pulled a red silk band out of his pocket, tying it around his forehead and across his eyes. Nature springed up all around his vision, the Shadethickets moving boulders for smaller animals to get through...nature, the only thing that seemed pure of heart at that moment.

But as always, not everything is pure. A few of the Furbolg Shamans marched out from their wooden dens, holding rather crude but malicious staffs and even more malicious intent. They weren't shamans, exactly. More like...voodoo users. The three pulled out one totem each. A Searing Totem, an Earthbind Totem, and a Frostwind Totem.

This was bad. Very bad. He could take on normal enemies, but Furbolg Shaman were tougher than...normal. And these totems were deadly. He had one chance. Take out the totems and then get the shamans in one fell swoop.

Like a forest creeper, Renjin slid up a tree trunk, blending in with the purple and brown bark. He cracked his neck backward, looking on the walking bear voodoo makers. He snaked up farther, and grabbed a branch. He pulled his blade across his back, and began to strip the branch into a fine point. Fire writhed his arm, and it caught the makeshift spear on fire. He had grabbed the Hunter's Bow, and it was laced across his back.

He made two more, and then docked them in the notch. They writhed in flame, licking the air and carrying to the high heavens. Renjin pulled back. A little more. The flames were teasing the bow's metallic string. Renjin let go.

The three arrows slammed into the Furbolgs, driving them mad. They crashed over the totems, flailing around, rather crazily. Renjin replaced the bow, while grabbing Demonic Embrace. From the tree he lept, and went to battle with the corrupt Furbolg bears.

A slice, a firey shine, and three dead bodies later, it was over. The blue flames twisted around Renjin's form, only his eyes visible in the calming inferno. There were several daggers and other such things, such as cash on the Furbolgs. Renjin pickpocketed them, and sat down in their den, a nearby fire roaring and crackling it's death throwes at it extinguished. He reached out, and touched the flames to life.

[b]"Days fade and nights grow...but we don't go cold."[/b] Renjin stood, the coat of blue fire shrugging itself from his body. Renjin made his way back to the hotel, and slipped into his bedding until dawn rose.[/color][/size]

[b]OOC:[/b] Revelation, Sean, you're booted. Sorry! I guess it'll only be Alliance on this quest...oh, I think there are a few more that should be booted. If you haven't posted once, you're booted. Sorry.

Also, we'll need to start heading to Ironforge.
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[SIZE=1]Apollos woke early the next morning, far before Renjin, Kirra, and Narote had awaken. He was in the mood for a walk, and he needed to contemplate everything that had just occurred. In a matter of days he had been thrust into a journey that was vital to the safety of the world. He had never expected anything like this. [I]Battle had seemingly stopped for months, and then one of the greatest cities is just annihalted.[/I] He shook and looked up to the morning sky.

[B]"Things are a mess down here...I don't know if only the four of us can do this. We'll need...help."[/B] He chuckled to himself. [B]"Who would come to the aid of two Night Elves and two Holy Men?"[/B]

He continued to walk around the outskirts of the city. The ground was wet and the trees dripped down water, but t was all very beautiful for Apollos. He could hardly imgaine that there was anything that could taint the beauty of the forest. Until a plume of flame hit one of the trees. The water on the tree protected it, but it was steeming. Apollos looked at the source and growled. Mages.

[B]"Ey, guys. Could you please keep from attacking the forest? If you need target practice, target something else."[/B] A wall of flame came at him. He merely held his hand out and let it flow over his body. He smiled.

[B]"If you want to use me as a target, do so. Just leave the animals and trees out of it."[/B] The Mages gave him a strange look, looked at one another, and walked away, grumbling. Apollos smiled.

[B]"They immediately lose interest when they're prey has no urge to fight back. Cowards."[/B] A voice echoed through the forest from behind him. It was Narote's. He ran back and found Narote, Kirra, and Renjin standing there, slightly irrtated. Apollos smiled.

[B]"Hey guys..."[/B] Renjin took one of the bags from over his shoulder and chucked it at Apollos, then started walking away, Kirra following behind. Narote adressed Apollos.

[B]"We're leaving for Ironforge. We couldn't find you at the Inn and those two grew impatient. I had a pretty good idea where you'd be, so they agreed to come with. The angry Mages walking away also gave off your location."[/B] Apollos smiled. [I]Yah, that's me. Whenever there are either really pissed or extremely happy people walking away, you know you're close to me.[/I]


[B]OOC:[/B] I hope that's alright. Just wanted to get our journey rolling[/SIZE].
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[color=#330066][size=1]Kirra walked along the path behind the group of three males. Narote was chipper, happily chatting awy to Apollos who entered into the conversation only when he felt he needed to. Renjin walked a little way behind those two, looking extremely focused for some reason. Kirra sighed.

[i]As long as I live... I'll never understand the ways of men.... especially warlocks...[/i]

Taking out one of her throwing daggers, she twirled it impatiently around her fingers.

They walked for hours in silence, except for the two humans. The thunderstorm from the night before left a damp, cool feel in the air. Kirra breathed in heavily, relishing in the fresh scent of the forest. She suddenly realised that they were getting further and further away from the Night Elves' home. A sharp pain hit her chest. She didn't like to leave except for missions.

[i]Then think of this as a mission. I hope the others got the message I left for them. I may be exiled when I return for leaving my post. But... this seemed much more important than the petty patrolling I was doing..... much more important.... I can use my [u]real[/u] skills finally..... I don't understand why Tyrande forbade me to use them....[/i]

She looked at the group. Another thought entered her head.

[i]But what can two Night Elves and two Humans do against the force of the Undead and all its associates. And why did myself and Renjin be chosen for this mission? What powers does Renjin possess that I don't know about? What powers do those two humans possess that I don't know about?[/i]

It was nearing midday when the group stopped to have a rest. They had walked far from the inn they had set off from. They made a make-shift camp near a small trickling stream that bubbled over a few stones. The sound was calming and refreshing at the same time. It seemed that the thunderstorm didn't reach here. [i]Strange....[/i] Kirra thought, [/i]normally one's that large cover a large distance. We have only walked a few miles, if that.[/i]

Kirra looked in the stream they camped nearby. Small fish swam against the current, trying to get past the frothing rocks. They looked rather tasty. Kirra ran her tounge across her lips hungrily. She barely had breakfast at the inn before they left for Ironforge.

" Kirra!" she heard Narote's voice from behind her. She turned around to see the three men sitting down around a fire, already cooking fish. Kirra laughed softly and joined them, sitting at the base of a tree. The smell was so delicious, Kirra was almost watering at the mouth.

She looked at Renjin. He still had that look of pure determination on his face. But this time she noticed him take a glance at her and his expression grow more determined. She shifted around to beside him. This was long overdue.

" Thank you for....." She gritted her teeth, not wanting to say 'save me'. " ... for .... helping me... last night."[/size][/color]
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