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Art Lineart- A Newfound Friend(crit away)


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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Alright. So I thought to myself one day.. Since inking my art stuff is a blotch of sauce on one's shirt, I messed about with an old piece of Alucard from Hellsing(as usual), and sorta 'inked' it out on Adobe Photoshop.
Otherwise known as line art.

And it was a blessing in disguise.. I suppose. However, it is in need of improvement(no kidding).. And is half-done(no-duh) So criticize away.. :shifty:

WARNING.. Image.. large.. :animedepr

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[size=1]Hello there, thank you for sharing your art. I'd like to tell you that I expect to see you around more. Also comment on this piece. I'll start off by letting you know that I really appreciate black and white works, and simplicity. Your piece looks simple enough, but I know it wasn't easy. And it also looks like a cover art for the manga; as if it could be the artwork in between/introducing chapters.

My only beef with this piece it the back of the chair. The lines go straight up and off of the top of the page, and gives no definition of it being a chair. If you had given it that finished building block at the top, I would be more convinced that it was a chair.

There are visible outlines on his feet, but are barely noticible, and aren't something you should stress about. The quality of the entire piece makes up for it. Very streamlined and crisp, non-fuzzy which is hard to accomplish with such harsh contrast. My favorite aspect is his right hand. Hands are extremely difficult for me, and to many other artists. But you've captured perfect proportion, and posture with this right hand. The seam of the glove along the inside of the hand--wonderful. Now, the left hand looks a bit smaller than it should be. I feel that one could've taken a little more time.

The good outweighs the bad, trust me. Very impressive piece, and I look forward to more.[/size]
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I know I can't outcriticize Goddess at the moment, but I have to get my word in, anyhow.

I liked how the chair goes off of the page. It had a strange effect on me while I was scrolling down. 'What the heck are those line for? OH, it's a chair! DANG!" I enjoyed that part.

After seeing the whole piece, I started to admire your work with the sillhouette (is that mispelled?). The shoulders are slack (in posture, which is good) and I can see the shoes, pants, and waist as if they were actually there and drawn completely in. The hands are perfect, too. I agree totally on Goddess there. And the head, hair, expression, and angle(s) are right up there with the original Hellsing critique.

The best mix of all perspectives and lines that I have seen on Otakuboards. Keep up the work and excell.
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]Awwight. I took your advices, and tweaked the piece a tad bit more.. Inclusive of chair, hands, etc etc. Thanks for commenting-- I sure need another person's pair of eyes. Many people do, anyway^_^

..Wanna peek at the coloured version?[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/Argopello/Al.jpg]Here[/URL]

And again, thanks. :animesmil[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=FireBrick][SIZE=1]It's so cleeean!!! T_T

Good job on the lineart, chief! Looks pretty meticulous, especially with his hair. The pose looks very natural and the expression fits the character's, um, character very well. And the hands... oh, THE HANDS! They're absolutely wonderful; you even got the seams of his gloves right. Lovely, just lovely.

Like Goddess, I've doubts about the chair. Maybe you could erase the part where the lines intersect with his hair and probably soften its corners, just to make it look a tad more natural.

+1.0 if you color it in. ^_~

EDIT: (Missed your latest post)
[b]Coloured version[/b]
What can I say? I *heart* his deathly pale skin and the shading on his hair. Your skill makes me want to strangle you out of jealousy. Mmm hmm.

As promised!
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hell, half done? i think that artwork is amazing...i only do black n whites anyways...i think it's great. tru, the amount of black area in it is a bit of a down side, but, that's what happens when you draw alucard. i can barely draw him. only a head shot at that.... i would luv to say some of ur other work since it is so amazing.
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