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[size=1][color=royalblue]You know, that has absoutely no relation to anything in this thread. =_=;;
Well, Katana's back (for like, the seventh time) with sommore banners and stuff. I just got Photoshop for my eighth-grade promotion, so I've been having...lots of fun. ^^
Brushes are entertaining to play with. :3 I got three new sets of brushes recently. Problem is, I've only been using black, red, teal, and cerulean. T_T It's hard to branch out of those colors with the brush sets. Especially the red.

So we begin! *Poooooof*

For Curse:

Don't Listen At All:

(Currently my banner...that'll change soon. XD)

...And the matching avatar:

Not too happy with it, but it's still funny.

For ninjaman:
My friend Meg-chan was over and I showed her these. She started singing those lyrics "Where do we go, where do we go, where do we go from hereeeee?" God it was annoying. =_=;;

Fallen Shadow:
Quote possibly one of my favorites. Image ganked from ShadowSecurity. XD He wanted it for an avi.

Critiques and comments are welcomed, just don't flame me to hell and back. T.T;;
If you want any of these, PM me. If you want a request, PM me. (^^;; )

[b]Next Time: [/b] Whatever crap I whip up before school starts** and the Cut-and-Paster Theater Card 1, made for my best friend, Aiyanna!

**Even when school starts, I'll still be whipping up random junk. XD[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=FireBrick][SIZE=1][quote name='Katana][IMG']http://img390.imageshack.us/img390/941/pipsqueek9pg.jpg[/IMG][/quote]
In all its simplicity, this banner amuses me greatly. Perhaps it's the lovely color theme, the cute caption or Ed himself but among all the banners you've posted, I found myself leaning towards this piece the most. The background complements the feeling the caption gives and the caption, in turn, fits the subject well.

EDIT: (Hit the Post button too early!)
Only thing I have doubts about in this banner is the typesetting (is that what it's called? Hmm...). Maybe you could try a different font color, say a darker shade of orange, for the caption and maybe a different color of shadow as well. Mmm hmm.

(You got me with the title. Hehe.)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Instead of critiquing each banner individually, I'm going to point out some general 'problems,' or just repeated techniques.

[b]Your backgrounds:[/b] They seem like you distorted lines, and blended them together. And while that has its place every so often, it is a very confusing effect. For example, on the first banner, there's all sorts of lines zinging around that I can't really appreciate your choice of stock. It feels like the banner is too cluttered when you add too many of these.

[b]Your typography:[/b] Try to pick fonts that match the general banner mood. If it's something dark like Curse, go to [U][url]www.dafont.com/en[/url][/U], and download some grungy fonts. If it's a happy, joyful banner, don't put nondescript italic font, when you could have something cartoonish, or cursive.

[b]Your stock:[/b] Actually, I've got to hand it to you. You have a pretty strong understanding of where your stock should be placed in relation to the text, background, and banner proportions. There's not too much I could advise you on here, except keep doing what you're doing.

Keep making banners! And for the record, Pipsqueek is hilarious.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][b]Curse[/b]: I love the image because it looks mysterious. His eyes look concentrated and hard as if facing death, but it's the red swirls that I don't think fit well with the banner. I love the font for it and even the shadow but I think it needs to stand out more, maybe a bit brighter for people to see.
[b]Overall[/b] - [i]6.0[/i]

[b]Don't Listen at All[/b]: I love the image that you used and even the background suites it well. I like the first font and shadow you used, however, not the second. For some reason that font didn't really seem to fit with the message and image.
[b]Overall[/b] - [i]4.0[/i]

[b]Doubt[/b]: I love how you blurred around the banner's edges giving it a professional and also artistic feel to it. I also think this was the proper time to use swirls since it gives it an edge and makes the image pop out a bit more to the viewer. The font and the colors are amazing. The avatar is also matching & cute.
[b]Overall[/b] - [i]9.0[/i]

[b]Pipsqueek[/b]: I like the orange background and especially the image. I'm suprised not many people make banners of chibi characters anymore and was glad when I saw one. The message fits with the image although I think the shadow of the font could be a darker orange or something more pleasing to go with the background. That's all I could think of that could change.
[b]Overall[/b] - [i]7.0[/i]

[b]Ninjaman[/b]: I like the image and the background. You have nice schemes, not too fond of the font since it doesn't fit the mood it seems you were going for. Your really good on putting the text exactly where it needs to go to stand out. Nice work.
[b]Overall[/b] - [i]6.0[/i]

[b]Fallen Shadow[/b]: I definately love the image. The fact that it's a shadow of a person and the background makes it look even more mysterious. The words are powerful and also give a hidden message to the feel of the banner. I absolutely love it and could not find anything I would change.
[b]Overall[/b] - [i]10.0[/i]

This is all rated from a 1-10 scale. I rated you tough because your obviously a highly skilled graphic artist. Hope to see more of your work in the future.
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Mmmm...interesting feedback. Err, I mean, I wasn't expecting the professional-ism that came with the thread. ^^;; ('cause usually, these things attract noobs).

Pumpkin: *Awe* I'm a high skilled graphic artist...wow...XD I love making chibi banners; they're the most fun to make. And for the record, I came up with the Fallen Shadow quote myself. Heh heh. And I suck at poetry.

Revue: Lovely color scheme...hehe. *giggles randomly*

Retribution: Yes, I was expecting the exact comments you gave. Freakky. I do know of DaFont, but I'm usually too lazy to get them and stuff. Gyn~ya. ><;;

To All: I know, I know, I went brush crazy. I was having fun with experimentation. Sorry. =_=;; (But I still think it fit in with Curse and Fallen Shadow. Bleeh.)

Kinda chibi. I love ramen. And it's just so freakin' bubbly. ^_^

Earth Faerie:
Made a little while ago for Aiyanna. There wasn't much I did to the image except add some orange (that's her favorite color ^^;; ) and brighten it up. So I cut out some patches and did stuff. It's something one could do in twenty minutes. But it still looks cool. :3

Penguin Dance:
I did absoultely nothing but resize it. I needed a gag somewhere in here. XD

The following two thingies are links to the "Cut-and-Paste Theater Card 1", which, as I mentioned earlier, I made for my best friend Aiyanna's birthday. She turned 15 on August 13th, and I decided to get out of our usual chibi-comic cards and make her this.
They are purly for entertainment. They're seriously cut-and-paste. (Okay, I used the feather tool on some. Geez.)
[URL=http://img395.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cutandpastetheatercard8os.jpg][IMG]http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/5204/cutandpastetheatercard8os.th.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://img395.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cutandpastertheatercard9ye.jpg][IMG]http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/2295/cutandpastertheatercard9ye.th.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

If you read them you'll find some clues. =_=;; For what? Use yer brain.[/color][/size]
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