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Sign Up Ultimate Wish [M-LS]


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[CENTER][SIZE=1]What if I told you about a game? A game where if you win you will get everything your hearts desire. I have created this game over a period of 40 years?. I found the island on which you will compete. But you must follow these rules? If you fail to comply there will be consequences.

[B]Rule #1[/B]: There will be no killing in this game. If you injure another contestant you will be disqualified and exiled from the game.

[B]Rule #2[/B]: If you ever try to escape the island on the time being you will be disqualified and sent away from the game.

[B]Rule #3[/B]: Never question Mystique.

These are the rules, please they are very simple. Do not break them? It will be very shameful if you do. Now please be careful on this island?not everything is what it seems?.


A plane flied over the Pacific. The contestants looked down in awe when they saw the small island in the distance. On the island they saw a large mansion; it was on top of a hill. The rolling hills of green were the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. It did not seem like a island at all but more like small piece of land lucked out from the country side of England and plopped in the middle of the ocean.

The lane landed a few miles from the house. As the contestants got off the plane they saw a small woman who was covered from head to toe. She seemed to be wearing a burqa, an Afghani head garb that had a rectangular strip for the eyes to see out of. It was forced to be worn by the Taliban.

As the 4 men and 4 women stepped off the lane the woman stated their name in her mind.

Olinda Cho (Female)

Steven Parker (Male)

Alfarahizah Ali (Female)

Michael Brookes (male)

Melody Connor (Female)

Kaysar Qadir (Male)

JinHee Lee (Female)

Piere Jacques (Male)

All 8 of them were here and accounted for. They stood in a line before the woman. Her smile was hidden by her head garb.

?I am Mystique. Please take these envelopes and read over the rules of the competitions. I advise to you to read them more than once. Be warned.?

[U][B]Competitions [/B] [/U]

The competitions are the key to the game. There will be several competitions for different categories. The categories are as followed.

[B]The King/ Queen Competition[/B]: This is the most important competition. The winner of this competition gets to choose two contestants that will be in danger of being exiled from the island.

[B]The Banana Leaf Competition[/B]: In this competion you compete for the Banana Leaf. This leaf gives you the power to stop yourself from being exiled from the island.

[B]Clue Competition[/B]: *Confidential until further notice*

And if you would be ever so kind as to check in to the game?

[B]Name[/B]: (One of the above)
[B]Your Wish[/B]: (Will be granted if you are the last one standing)[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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Name: [B]Steven Parker[/B]
Age: 32
Gender: Female (?) Just kidding. Steve is a guy. Make no mistake, HE is a DUDE.
Wish: To have enough money to start his own gaming business with his best friend back home. Of course, ENOUGH is not defined as a set amount.

This sounds cool, but could you put some detail in it? Or, if that's the way it's suppossed to be, then go on ahead and leave us in the dark!
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[SIZE=1]People listen up. Dont be afraid to sign up for the same character somebdy all ready has. Its ok, and I have taken the liberty to go ahead and put male or female after each name to make it easier for you.[/SIZE]
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Guest SleepyNin
[Color=Nany][B]Name:[/B] Piere Jacques (Male)

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Wish:[/B] To remember what has been forgotten[/Color]

Would you mind PMing me if I get in?
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[CENTER][SIZE=1][OOC: Okay.. so there's no bio? Why isn't there one?]

[COLOR=DimGray][B]Name:[/B] JinHee Lee
[B]Age:[/B] 25
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Your Wish:[/B] She wishes to get out of her home and start a new life. A new adventure... something exciting. She also wishes to have telekinesis. [/COLOR] [/SIZE][/CENTER]
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