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[COLOR=SeaGreen] Far into the future when all the technology on earth had advanced beyond anything that we could have imagined we have virtual reality games but they had not been modified to the where you can just leave the game when you want to you have to win the game yourself. Thus no one is allowed into the game.

a group of kids were sneaking around one night and they decided they were going to sneak around the place and mabey get a glimpse of the virtual game but what they found was the game was on the Fritz. It sucked them in and they ended up in the horrible game. No one saw them again after that.

Five years later a group of friends who were related to the people had dedicated their lives to finding these people. One of the kids? moms had known where they were going so they went to check there and they found the game and decided they were going in.

Here is what you need for the story




Appearance- write or picture is fine add your weopon in this



here is mine

name- Garret michels

Age- 15

gender- male

Appearance- He is about 6'4" and weighs about 130lb and he is so skinny that he has to always wear a belt or his pants will fall to his knees. He has snow wight hair and glowing green eyes that turn red when he gets mad. he wears a red t-shirt and a pair of baggy black jeans with buckles and chains all down the leg. He also wears a warior braclet around his wrist that glows when ever evil is near that is his weopon.

Personality- He is a very mean boy who doesn't get along so well but sometimes he has a very sweet side to him which is very intresting. The only person he is ever nice to are his friends and his sister.

Bio- when he was a little kid his parents didn't care for him they left him alone to do anything he wanted but when he needed parents to love and support him he got a big no and after about a year when he was two and rebelious they started to pay a little more attention towards the whole if you don't stop then I will beat you into the ground type of way and he wouldn't listen so they beat him into the ground. By the age of five his sister was 5 years older but she was the princess no one even looked at her wrong she hated it she never wanted her brother to be cast out and almost killed when he was five. He never looked at her the way she looked at him. Later on when he was 10 he had told his sister that he never wanted her to leeve him and she said she wouldn't. That night she had disapeared.[/COLOR]
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name- Gage Cutter

Age- 16

gender- male

Personality- A mix personality of serious-ness and carfree attidude he is stubborn to a T and always finishes what he starts with a serious attitude on the other hand he is a fun loving enjoyable guy the only problem is he in a womanizer)

Bio- a popular boy in school takes his studies seriously and is many sports the girls in school ussaly swoon over him but he doesn?t like those girls he likes the quiet an conseritive types he fell in love with a girl name Lorrie who loved him also and they were going out hew couldn?t be happier until the day she disappeared he found out she had went into a VR game and now wants to save her she knows of his womanizing ways and she doesn?t mind although other girls do

Appearance -[IMG]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/guys70.jpg[/IMG]
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Name: Tyrone Ursarex (pun)
Age: 15
Gender: Male (we really need some girls in here)

Personality: Comedian. Smart ***. Good liar. Lazy. That about sums it up. Let's just say that Tyrone has a compliment for every occassion. And I mean EVERY occasion. Also tries to get out of doing work. But his sense of humor makes him very social and open.

Appearance: 5' 8'', sleek black hair, pale skin, and red eyes. Think vampire. He's not scrawny, but he's not muscular either. Wears a brown shirt with yellow letters that read: Horse, whatcha gonna do about it? Also wears dark desert camo pants. His weapons are his hands because he has retractable claws for fingernails (see bio).

Bio (wow, that was fast): Tyrone is the result of the reopening of stem cell research. Genetics has become something that is tolerated by the public, but complete combination between different creatures is rare. Tyrone was lucky enough to be someone with part bat (told ya) in his blood. Of course, there were some side effects, such as his hands and his sensitive hearing, although it isn't ultra sensitive.
Tyrone is looking for his best friend for several reasons. One, he owes Tryone a good deal of money. Two, they still need to finish their shirt company. Three, his other friends don't have the same good sense of humor.
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Name: Loki Simoro (also called Ice)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Persoanlity: Doesn't talk much but is very much to the point. He doesn't mess around with petty things ang only focuses at the job at hand.

Appearacne; Three pics below. He can make ice and has a kori sword, which is a large blade made to look like ice.

Bio: Loki is one of many subjects of a genetics testing facility. He and other volunteers were enhanced in many different ways. Some were part animal others had powers. One of the subjects started killing the others of one by one after he killed the lab workers, Blaze as his nickname was because of his fire capabilities. Loki barely escaped but his mother was killed in Blaze's wrath. Now Loki is hunting him down to exact revenge or to calm him down. Even though Blaze was only a kid he still needed to be found, because he is loki's own brother. He heard about the VR game from Blaze and that he had always wanted to try it. So that is were he figured he would start looking. He is also a very skilled martial artist after being programmed with every form, style, and weapon known in the world.
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[COLOR=Magenta]Name: Colmin James
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has short blonde hair. Her eyes are dark blue due to the contacs she wears. She only wears bright colors such as pink and light blues. Right now her style is a pink tank top with a pink mini skirt. Her shoes are black high helled lether boots that go up to her knee. Her skin is a dark tan. She wears a necklice with many different charms on it. When she pulls one off it grows to the right size of that wepon and when she is done she can just push a small butten and it shrinks again she is also highly trained in Kung-Fu.
Personality: She is always in a good mood and tries to make the best out of any sitution. She nevers seems to be unhappy and of she is she hides her feelings. She has a lot of energy and is always on the go. She is frendly to everyone.
Bio: She is popualur in school and has a lot of friends. AT home her parents praise her and her twin brother and her little sister and brother.She always has what she needed to excel. She has a boyfriend and she is head cheerleder. She never thought about getting involved in VR programs but when her twin brother dissapered she has spent all her free time trying to figure out which program he used last.
OOC: Not what you expected right Kyo? :cool: so not like me right? :D :demon: [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Name- Katie Rowen

Age- 18

Gender- Female

Appearrance- She is about 5'8" and weighs about 105lbs. She has blood red hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a necklace with a cross on it. She also wears a black tank that has a lace over shirt and she wears a pair of black tight pants.

Personality- She loves to just sit in the darkness and she doesn't like to see much of the other people and she hates telling anyone about herself so don't trie but if she gets used to the person then she might open up alittle.

Bio- When her brother left she was a year older than him so he was her little brother that like followed her everywhere she went and he was the best thing that had ever happened to her because their parents had died like four years before and when her brother got sucked into the game it was like her whole life had ended because she made a vow that she would keep him safe for as long as she could so she was crushed. So now she is trying to find him.[/COLOR]
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