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Agent Child [M- LV]


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The Humans Resource Agence, what a lie. Yes on the outside they are here to help people that need a new life, but it was never that way from the begining.

This is a place that people die trying to hide from. It is a place, that if you die by someone else, you will die from them. The Agency is here for one reason, and one reason only, to capture, or kill the people that have risen agianst the government.

That could be a good thing, but one problem is the people they are useing to do their dirty work. They are useing children that are no older that 15.

The agency hire people that have skilled military training and use their skills to teach these children how to kill, and to kill efectively. To the higher ups, they could care less about what happens to the 'Youth', as they are called, but thats their side.

For the personell, they are cosidered valuable items. They are treated with the highest respect. They are also apid very well. Most drive brand new exotics.

That is pointless, I know. I just thaught it could come in handy, somewhere. For the first couple of posts, I would like it if everyone tried to meet everyone else. Also, it would be best to do it while training. Well have at it. The first missions will be sent soon. As soon as I get a feel for everyone and learn their strenghts and weaknesses.
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Seta, a large, broad, muscular man, walked back and forth as he called out commands. "Down"

Joe, who had the same build as Seta except smaller, was in push up posiition and sweating went down and touched his nose to the ground. "ninty-seven sir"


"Ninty-eight sir"


"Ninty-nine sir"


One hundred sir"

"And stop" Seta walked over to Joe who slowly stood up and went into a salute. "Is it getten any easier boy?"

"Yes sir"

"That's sir yes sir to you. Drop and give me tewny more" He watched Joe do twenty more. "Now what was that"

"Sir yes sir"

"Alrighty then, go take a shower you smell worse that a stripper who had just gotten off work" He watched Joe walk over to take a shower. "You got five minutes" Then get to your room and getn bed and get some sleep" He left and made his way to the lounge and found Daiske sitting there watching somthing on the television. "how's trainig going"

"Good, you get that kid straighten out yet?" Diaske laughed.

"Yep once he learn that he ain't gonna win he started worken his butt off. Thinken I'm gonna wake him up at 6 in the morinen tomorrow"
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Daiske smiled as he turned back to the tv,"You know, Seta, he is still only a child. Think you are pushing him a little to hard?"

"What? He may be a child, but he has the killing power of one of the strongest men in the world. And he will get stronger with me being his brother." Seta began to laugh as he sat down.

"Umm, Daiske? Can I ask you something?" Daiske turned around and saw Angelica standing holding a paper bag.

"Hey, Angel. Sure, give me a minute to finish my conversation with Seta." He gave her a smile and watched as her face lighted up. she nodded as she turned and went back to her room.

"What the hell? You always that cozy with her? You are really to easy on her." Seta said as he changed the channel.

"You know her Seta. She may be a killing machine, but she is still an eleven year old girl. I can't make myself be rough around her." He stood up and stretched.

"Thats whats going to get you two killed one of these days."Seta waved as Daiske walked away.

"Now, tell me Angel. What is it that you wanted me to talk to you about." He he put an arm around her shoulder as she pulled out a telescope from the paper bag.

"Well. The sky is clear, and it is almost dark. I was hoping that we could watch the stars like we did last week." She blushed slightly as she looked up at him.

"you really want to? Well ok then. But first, we may need to get in a little training." Angel smiled as she began to jog over to the weapons rack.
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[size=1][color=maroon]"Are you going to put that book down so we can finish up training?" Kiki asked Hana.

Hana replied with a "Mmnh."

Kiki sighed and shook her head. She then pulled the book out of Hana's reach and said, "Now give me a real answer please." Kiki said.

Hana jumped up and down trying to reach for the book, "Hey give it back."

"Training or no book. You know the deal." Kiki said.

Hana pouted and folded her arms, "All right sheesh."

"Get the gear." Kiki said.

Hana still had the same pout, "Book please." she said pulling out her hand.

"Finish training first." Kiki said still keeping the book away from Hana with her index finger holding the page Hana was on. Kiki watched Hana walk off to get her archery gear and gave a soft sigh. She then looked over to Seta and Daiske.[/size][/color]
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