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Discuss Dogs of War: Hinsen's Report [M-LV maybe S]


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Dogs of War: Hinsen?s Report
Hinsen's report that was sent to Earth regarding the Dogs of War and their planet

The Dogs of War are a race of creatures that live on a planet where half of the planet is desert because it always faces the sun for that solar system and the other half is a frozen desert and never sees sunlight and is continually night. The only light it has is the reflection from its three moons.
They are a warrior race of creatures that are continually at war. There are two cities that always fight with each other but when some is invading they band together instantly. Fighting is second nature for this race and fight for fun and training. Every now and then tournaments are held to see which city is the strongest and a fight usually erupts from that. They also practice slavery with other races of aliens, including humans. Usually only the females are taken and the males are either killed or tortured for their amusement.
They have invented a set of gates that allow them to travel to nearby worlds in search of food and that is how one of our members was destroyed. The use the souls from the species of that planet and that is how they build the gates.
They have a unique system set up for their army and how they operate. I will describe each of the positions in their bio. They prefer not to wear boots but do have metal covering the tops of there feet and not the bottom.

The Dogs of War can be classified into four different species. The Vorca, Thanack, Purian, and Breazon.
The Vorca are the strongest out of the four. They can rip through blast doors in a matter of seconds with there bare hands. They stand at average 8? and are pure muscle. They do not like to be told what to do, despise bodyguards, and mostly listen to the highest ranking of their own kind. They are very skilled with every weapon and usually carry three with them at all times. Though not a big fan of dual wielding smaller ones or ranged weapons they prefer to use single large weapons. They are the backbone of the army set up. Coming in and completely destroying everything. They are the most aggressive and brutal of the four, torturing their victims that they don?t kill right off the back. They usually take several slaves for their own.
Weapons: any big weapon.
Armor: any

The Thanack are extremely fast and can reach speeds of up to almost 70km/h. They stand at about 7? to 7'2"and aren?t quite as muscular as the other species but can rip a human in half easily. They are more docile then the Vorca but are extremely deadly in combat. They take orders extremely well and follow them out entirely. They prefer pole weapons and small one-handed weapons to swords and other types. They are the first wave and the clean up crew for if the Vorca forgot any. They come in and destroy all defensives and anything that could take out some of the Vorca before they get in close. They usually take several slaves for their own.
Weapons: spear, halberd, trident, scythe, javelin (throwing spear), axe, sword staff, daggers, short swords, sai, hand axe, and hand scythe.
Armor: Leather or light mail

The Purian are the assassins of the four species and stand at about 7?5?. They can move without making a sound, even run. They are the calmest of the four and sometimes serve as personal bodyguards. They are very proficient in the art of silent killing and as group can take out an enemy facility in a matter of minutes without detection. They use ranged and small one-handed weapons over swords and pole weapons. They operate independently and with the rest of the army. They go around and come from the unprotected back side and do what they do best. Usually the two halves of the army have a contest to see you can take the most before they meet. Like the Thanack they follow orders extremely well. They usually have only one or two slaves.
Weapons: Bow, crossbow, daggers, short swords, sai, hand axe, and hand scythe.
Armor: Light mail, Leather, or medium mail

The Breazon are the smartest of the four and stand at 7?6?. They are also the only speciecs in politics. They rule the cities with the consent of the ones that live there. If one Breazon steps out of place, the people have the choice to either kill him or dishonor him by exile. They usually have several bodyguards and quite a few slaves. They are the third calmest and usually have a Vorca to give their orders to the rest of the army. They serve as the generals and plan out strategies with their officials from each species. They usually carry some type of sword and are extremely skilled with it. They are the third strongest as well. They try to get the leader of each army they face captured so they can get their head and mount it. They are not to be underestimated.
Weapons: any but mostly swords.
Armor: Medium mail

There are two cities in which The Dogs of War live in. Tockra Vivec and Fraden Vivec.
Tockra Vivec translated is the City of Fire. It is located in the desert region where it is extremely hot. Our planes can?t operate in its conditions with out getting overheated. There are streams of lava here and there. The winds form the frozen plains provide some relief for our soldiers but they also cause huge sand storms, which are always going.

Fraden Vivec translated is the City of Ice. It is located in the frozen desert on the other side of the planet. It is always night and the only light is from the three moons. Our vehicles have a hard time operating here as well. Snowstorms constantly appear and there are huge ice formations dotting the place. The streams here run but are so cold the water has to be heated before it can be drank. The desert winds that blow through provide some heat but not much.

If anyone has any questions then feel free to post them.
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