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Anime Anime voice actors: met any?


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[COLOR=Blue]Hey out there. It's me again, Dragonboym2. And I would like to know, have you ever met any voice actors? I've met a couple. Let's see...
Oh yeah. I met Scott Mcneil a couple times. For those of you who don't know, he did the voice of Piccolo on DBZ when Pioneer owned the rights, Rattrap and Dinobot from "Beast Wars", and he's most well known for being the voice of Duo from Gundam Wing.

I first met him at Anime Boston 2005. I was one of the last people in line, and at long last, it was my turn. The two girls in front of me (whom I befreinded) got t picture taken with him, and I leaned in giving the peace sign. Scott noticed, and says "No mischief back there, young man. I'll turn this line up right around!"
Scott's a cool guy. I got to talk to him, and he's very freindly, and funny as well. We talked about his voice work that he has done in anime, and he had alot to say. I mentioned that his Piccolo was better than Chris Sabat's, and he said that Chris is a cool guy. Well, I do like Chris's Vegeta. Then I got into his work as Wolverine in "X-Men Evolution." All Wolverine did was stand around, and look menceing. He thought that he had a good fight with Sabertooth. I disagreed, commenting that was a hissy fit, not a fight. He kind of agreed with me. "Yeah. Every other episode it was (Wolverine voice) Hey, it's another mutant kid. Come with me." But here's the cool part. I wanted to get an audio recording of him doing Duo for a freind of mine, who is a rabid fan girl. He did it, all right.

I saw him again at Otakon. He remembered who I was, and I had him sign a Wolverine book for me.

What voice actors have you met?


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I saw Scott McNeil and Kirby Mirrow (sp?) Kirby is the voice of 'Miroku' in Inuyasha. I didn't actually meet them, because they were signing autographs at CN Anime 2005. So I made my brother stand with me so I can see them. So technically, I didn't meet them, but they were like 2 metres away from me... :catgirl:
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[QUOTE=lumpy3922]I've never met a voice actor, but oh man that's so cool that you've meet Scott Mcneil.
I'm WAY to shy for that. I wish I had the guts to go. I would die if I ever meat Greg Ayres(I think thats how you spell it).[/QUOTE]

[COLOR=Blue]Greg Ayres? He was at Otakon as well. I didn't get to meet him, but he did a little Son Goku, and Ed Elric. You should try talking to voice actors who do characters you like. I am looking forward to meeting Crispin Freeman. He's the voice of Alucard from "Hellsing." That would be cool.


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[quote name='Dragonboym2][COLOR=Blue']Greg Ayres? He was at Otakon as well. I didn't get to meet him, but he did a little Son Goku, and Ed Elric. [/COLOR][/quote]
I did want to make a correction here, the English language voice actor for Edward Elric is Vic Mignogna. Vic is a really sweet guy. I have met him and [u][URL=http://articles.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=579]interviewed him for theOtaku.[/URL][/u] Vic has done the voices for several anime series including Kurz Weber in Full Metal Panic, Kougaiji in Saiyuki, Dark in DNAngel and, of course, Ed in Full Metal Alchemist.
Panda and Vic Mignogna[/center]

I have also met Greg Ayres and he practically knocked me over when he glomped me! He is a really cool guy. I got to hang out with him at AX this past summer. He is probably one of the most fan friendly voice actors out there right now. He is such a fan boy it's not even funny how excited HE gets over meeting other anime industry celebrities! He has done lots of work including Goku in Saiyuki and Chrono in Chrono Crusade.
Panda and Greg Ayers[/center]

I have met quite a few of the voice actors who worked on Robotech. Michael Bradley, Frank Catalano, Greg Finley, Eddie Frierson, Alexandra Kenworthy, Steve Kramer, Melanie MacQueen, Iona Morris, Tony Oliver, Mike Reynolds, Paul St. Peter, Reba West (aka Rebecca Forstadt), Wendee Lee and Dan Woren. Some of these voice actors have moved on to other acting works such as Melanie who some may recognize as "Lady Luck" in the Virginia State lottery ads and a role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Iona has worked on tv series like Moesha and does commericals too. Steve Kramer does lots of directing and voice work including working on the dub for Naruto. Tony Oliver has been in, well, lots of stuff. Gungrave, X, Lupin the Third and Saiyuki.
Tony Oliver and Panda[/center]

Now a special guy in my life is Dan Woren. He has worked on a bunch of different anime series (Trigun, Yukikaze, Samurai Champloo...) and movies like Star Trek: First Contact as a Borg. He is one of my very close friends and I am actually going to see him today! I do have an [u][URL=http://articles.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=766]interview with Dan Woren[/URL][/u] posted on theOtaku. I also have interviews with[u] [URL=http://articles.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=542]Rebecca Forstadt[/URL][/u] and [u][URL=http://articles.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=657]Wendee Lee[/URL][/u] which are all over on theO as well. Rebecca has worked on Ghost in the Shell: SAC and Metropolis. Wendee has worked in practically everything! She is best known as Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop.
Dan Woren and Panda[/center]

I have met Travis Willingham the voice of Roy Mustang in Full Metal Alchemist. He is very sweet and fun to chat with. He has done work in movies and has a fun time doing voice work. When he has the time he does make appearances at anime conventions so if you get the chance go visit with him, he really is very sweet.
Travis Willingham and Panda[/center]

From Ranma 1/2 I have met Miriam Sirios the voice of Akane and Richard Cox who does the voice of boy Ranma and InuYasha. Richard is a bit of a joker and Miriam is super sweet and fun to chat with.
My hubby John and Miriam (I figured you were getting tired of looking at me!)[/center]

I know I am forgetting somebody here. It's 5 in the morning and my brain isn't working. :animeswea If I remember I will add to my post later.

Oh! Chase Masterson! I almost forgot about her! I will get to see her later today too. She is doing a voice in the new Robotech series. She is best known for her work in Star Trek: DS9. She, just like all the other actors I have met have been very wonderful to meet. All of them are very happy to visit with fans and there really isn't a reason to be afraid or nervous meeting them. I have a picture with Chase (and all the VA's I have met) somewhere on my computer, but it's late and I am sleepy. Plus, this post is mega image heavy already. Sorry to all of you on slower internet connections!
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[SIZE=1]I've met Monica Rial, who works with Greg Ayers at ADV. She's Himuro in Princess 9 and she is also Lumiere in Kiddy Grade. She's done lots of other stuff and is an absolutely amazing person. My favourite quote from her would be:

"Killing people is fun ^_^...but don't do it."

Heh, that was at Amecon in England. She's coming back for Amecon next year and is also bringing Greg with her ^_^.

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24373&stc=1]Here's a pic ^_~[/URL]

I'm the one on the right.[/SIZE]
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I've met [b]Scott McNeil[/b] twice before, and I have a ton of his autographs on Duo Maxwell things. He's such a fan favourite at conventions.

A few days ago was CNAnime 2005. And unlike celestialcharm, I waited the hour and a half or so in his and [b]Kirby Morrow[/b]'s autograph line. I didn't have anything for them to sign, and Scott had already signed my Con pass earlier when I bumped into him in the lobby, but I took pictures and 30 second sound bytes of them both.

At previous conventions, I've also been in Q&A sessions for lots of American Voice actors, including the "Gundam Boys" and one that included both [b]Mark Hildreth[/b] and [b]Hikaru Midorikawa[/b]. And although this particular event never happened to me, it was fun for my friends to randomly find Midorikawa sitting in the middle of the convention without anybody paying attention to him. They were able to get autographs from him without line-ups when other people were lining up for 3 hours straight. ^^

At this year's CNAnime, I met three of the voice actors for [B]Red Vs Blue[/B]. I was able to obtain a "lightish-red" t-shirt that with autographs from the voices of Sarge, Tucker, and Donut. I was also able to obtain two soundbytes from the actors. ^^ They were real fun and great sports.

[quote name='Dragonboym']I saw him again at Otakon. He remembered who I was, and I had him sign a Wolverine book for me.[/quote]
Wow, he remembered you? That's a surprise. SO many fans, and he remembers you! LOL you must've made an impression on him.

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VA's, huh? Well, I've only started going to conventions. So I've only met three so far in Philadephia for the Wizard World Convention. But that's soon going to change.

Justin Cook - Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Chuck Huber - Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Stephanie Nadolny(sp?) - Goku (DBGT)

I was so close to meeting the man who voices Tohma Seguchi in Right Stuf's Gravitation, Bill Rogers this year at AnimeNEXT. I wanted to so bad, but something else came up.

2006 will be my year that I get to travel all over. (I hope.) After school's over with of course. Our Anime Club is making an effort to try and go up to Anime North next year. Ah, Toronto...:p
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[COLOR=Blue]Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I also met Richard Ian Cox, at the same con. He does the voice of Kai from "Mobile Suit Gundam" but best known as the voice of Inuyasha. He even did a little for the fan girls. We all heard him while while we were in line for Scott McNeil. He shouts out (In Inuyasha voice) "KAGOME!!!" The fan girls went crazy.
I didn't get to meet him, but maybe next time, right?


Dragonboym2 [/COLOR]
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Guest ArdenCabbel
Well, I fear I haven't met any voice actors. But there is one I would love to meet.

The ever elusive [B]David Lucas[/B] (Real Name: Steven Jay Blum) : The voice of Onizuka (GTO), Spike (Cowboy Bebop), Roger Smith (Big O), and Mugen (Samurai Champloo) to name a few. I would love to meet him (and to finally see what he looks like).
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