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  1. This show really is kick a**. My brother and I found it in Japanese, then stubbled across it in english.Both orignal and dubbed are really enjoyable. The show has everything from kick but action, to comedy. And let me tell you alot of fan service.(for those who like that)
  2. I know that their making a before the crises game. And their coming out with one about Vincent really soon. It would be nice to see FF7 all nice, but without being change. I would be really pissed if they changed the story any.
  3. First off, we need to know where your area is.
  4. [QUOTE=Sara][color=#b0000b][size=1]Talk to a teacher, parent, or other adult that you trust. Your friend needs help, and trying to deal with her issues on your own won't help her or yourself. size][/color][/QUOTE] ~ This is the best thing to do in my eyes as well. Helping your friend on your own, might just make it worse. For you and for her. I think the best thing is for all of you to sit down with her parents, and explain what's going on. The things that she's been saying, and so on.
  5. [QUOTE=Tallgeese-]Yea so I hear Naruto is a great anime series, I was thinking of getting it, I want to know alot of opinions, is it good, is it bad, etc. Also I was wondering how many episodes there are. Also I was wondering if Gundam Seed was a good anime and if the (if they are) sequals Gundam Seed Destiny and Gundam Seed Genesis were worth seeing considering those are the only Gundam series I haven't seen. Need help asap =][/QUOTE] Naruto is really good. From what I know it's alread at 170 something. It's long, but really good. Sorry but I can't help you with the Gundam thing. But Naruto is really good, and worth all the episodes.
  6. I have a few good ones you might want to check out. Bleach is super good. Full of action, with a bit of drama. Fullmetal alchemist, even better to Bleach, in my eyes. Chorno Crusade (hope that's how you spell it.) is another good one. If you want to see what their like before buying, or whatever. Just go to [url]www.youtube.com[/url] I'm sure they'll have them there. And no downloading :D .
  7. Just like you Samurai X made me cry. Along with Wolf's rain, and Naruto. Samurai X I cryed every time I taked about it with my friend, she cryed watching it too.
  8. [QUOTE=AnimeHeroX]Hi nice to meet all of you i always wanted to talk about this to anime fans anyone here that watches x-play know adam and morgan the hosts of the show anyone here that knows that show know they give most anime game pretty crappy scores the question i'd have to ask to everyone here. would anyone here hurt those 2 for mocking the show you love and the game that's made. or would most people agree with there cold reviews?[/QUOTE] It all depends on the game. If I thought it was good and they were really really cold. Then I would want to hurt them. And may I add that they have, and I have wanted to hurt them. :D. But still that's what they thought of the game, doesn't matter what they think of it. If you buy and like it. Then you can email them (if you can) and tell them to shove it. :D
  9. So five times you say. Well sounds like something I've been through. Where a guy asked me out, over and over, and I had no feelings for him. I have to say, give up on asking her out of some time. Be her friend let her get to know how cool you are and such. Then when you think you and her have something. Try again, it might just work.
  10. In my house we have a sliding glass door. And without me knowing my mom cleaned it. And she was out in the sunroom and called me. I went running right into the door thinking it was open. May I add that this was more then once.
  11. Hmm.... three wishes. 1. Would have to be for a cure for cancer. And no I'm not trying to be all like love and peace. I think everyone knows how much hurt comes out of it. 2. Would be for money of course. Money makes the world go round now a days. And with it you can get whatever you want. 3. I think would be for my mom to be happy, at least for once. After her brain tumor came out, she hasn't been to happy. I just want to see her not upset, smiling and having fun. I know I'm a ball of mush. By the way hey Metal Dragon, what's going on. And welcome, this place is really fun, and has lots of nice people to meet. Like well, look at that, me, hehe. Nice to meet you. And great idea for a topic.
  12. I have a question. See I was watching Gravitation when I saw this Gravitation OVA and it only said that there were two of them. Is it the movies or something??? :animestun. Please help me out and explan what Gravitation OVA is to a lost anime fan. :D.
  13. I just love the manga to death. The anime is really good but alot shorter. The manga is different but just as good, maybe better. Sure in the manga he has a sister, but it adds to the funny. The Shuichi in the manga looks alot older then the anime one. And isn't he older in the anime???? That confused me :animestun . Yeah I find that it is off track with it as well, but it's different from the manga some ways, but still follows it a bit. Which is always good, well in my eyes. Both are super good and I love them. And it's a good laugh, I say to anyone reading this that hasn't seen or read it. READ IT, IT'S SO FUNNY, AND CUTE. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!! :D
  14. Well I have good news. I told him that I didn't like him. And that I still wanted to be his friend and I didn't want anything to change. I told him that I didn't care if he liked me, but just to please leave me alone about go on dates and dating him. Because I don't like you like that. It seemed as though he took it well, but at school he really didn't talk to me. He did tell me that things wouldn't change and that he wasn't going to give up. Oh great.
  15. I unnderstand what you mean. And I know what I have to do know. I just need to end it. And I take all your adice to heart. And I'm going to try my hardest to get ride of him, as mean as that sounds.
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