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I normally don't like RPGs. In fact, amongst my friends we have a little joke that I am "gamist". This game, though, is on a different level.

It is an amazingly cute game with wonderfully detailed graphics. I've only played 40 minutes into it, but so far the story is fun and full of wildly entertaining characters.
The game battle system is not only real time, but you cooperate with the computer by following your Captain's orders.

The coolest thing about the game is the attention to detail. For example, if you're very close to the camera, your image becomes blurry. If a character's face appears beside the subtitles, it'll be doing [i]exactly[/i] what the character is doing.

Sooo.... has anybody else played this game?


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This game is definitly defferent than the other Rpgs that I have played. The graphics are great and the weired sayings they characters say make it all the more a pleasure to play. I also like the different guilds and how your able to collect 177 characters to help you on your journey. Overal:Excellent!!:lecture:

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