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[FONT=Arial Narrow]Welcome every one to the last installment of Angels Must Die. I hope that this final chapter will run as well as the first two. I?m going to be trying a new style on all of you, so let?s cross our fingers. I've decided to create an underground for this rpg before I actually open sign ups to hear what you, the OB rpers have to say about Angels Must Die and any ideas you might have for where you would like to see the story go. I have yet to finish making all the sub-chapters for this RPG because I need some help with the direction of the story. I know the ending, but I'm still lost at the little things in between the beginning and the end. That's where this thread comes in handy. Below is some basic set ups for the rpg. Hope to hear from all of ya soon.

[CENTER][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Let?s establish some rules first.

I will be running this through pre-selected sub-chapters to help the story move along cleanly. At the beginning of every sub-chapter I will briefly describe what should occur. I will be Pming people with additional information specific to their character.

This is the final chapter of this RPG, which means characters will be getting killed. Being that all my characters were pre-made, I have already selected which sub-chapter they?re suppose to die in. Please do not be offended when the time comes for your character to say its good-byes.

There will be no god-molding. This makes a story very boring when you do this. My character is stoppable, so even I follow my own guidelines.

There will be no killing of a character unless its authorized by myself or the character?s handler.

My word is final. Please don?t argue with me, it will end in early termination of your character. So will lack of posting. If you have a problem with some one?s post or you will be unable to post, please PM and I will try to work around it.[/COLOR]

Here are the characters open for you to play:

(I will be extremely picky with the person that chooses to play this character. Adiol is Reoan?s ex-lover from her previous life. He and eleven other Angels were the reason Reoan was sent to Hell.)
Race: Angel
Appearance: Male
*Reserved for Kamuro*

(Said to have helped the Yakuza attack the Zodiac. Was only seen by Capricorn. Knows that Padeal was in love with Adiol.)
Race: Angel
Appearance: Female

(Is the keeper of Hell and does not have a human form. Said to look similar to a Minotaur.)
Race: Duke of Hell
Appearance: beast-like

(Massive demon with quite a temper and loves to torture his victims.)
Race: Duke of Hell
Appearance: Male

(Once a Duke of Hell, but after a mighty battle with Reoan and Kraven, he lost his wings thus turning him into a mortal.)
Race: Mortal
Appearance: Male
*Reserved for Angelus*

(The Guardian Reoan searches for.)
Race: Guardian
Appearance: Male
*Reserved for Kairi*

(Hints had been made that the human housed the soul of Caleb, who was suppose to be the soul Reoan was originally suppose to meet.)
Race: Human
Appearance: Male
*Reserved for Lil Kitsune boy*

(The fallen Angel that had accompanied Reoan before Jacob?s death. His unknown past made him un-trust worthy despite his luring manner.)
Race: Fallen Angel
Appearance: Male
*Reserved for Seibzeihn*

(Though the body that Kraven had taken was now died, but his soul lived on. Or so the stories claimed.)
Race: Demon
Appearance: Male
*Reserved for Fallen*

(One of the three remaining Zodiac. The sun sign Aries allowed this strong woman to weld the power of fire.)
Race: Zodiac
Appearance: Female
*Reserved for Astdis*

(A charming prince of sorts was known for his ability to heal. But he housed many secrets. The sun sign Pisces.)
Race: Zodiac
Appearance: Male
*Reserved for Reiku*

(Once a cop, this strong willed woman knows how to get answers. The sun sign Gemini.)
Race: Zodiac
Appearance: Female
*Reserved for Reiku*[/CENTER][/FONT]
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[size=1]I love it. AMD was truly great, and now its back, although I don't expect people were thinking that Kraven would be back, but he is! Nothing can kill Kraven!

I also like the "his soul lived on. Or so the stories had claimed." Very nice touch.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow]I'm happy to see that you all seem really excited for this to start up again. And I'm currently working on the first sub-chapter as we speak. I plan to put the sign up and background story up in the INN, let's say...next week. We might have a few NPC if we don't have some newer Rpers sign up. So hopefully we can work around that. Once the sign ups are up and we find out who's who, I'll give brief describtions of the NPC here in the underground.

Well hope to catch you all on the flip-side.

:animesmil [/FONT]
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