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Death... how it perpetrates perfection.........

Wrong, it is merely an aspect of life........

Come to the assassin's point of view. It is how they make their living. How they earn their daily bread, or... heavens' blessing. An angel of darkest mercy.......

Welcome to the world of assassins. The dark organization known as the DEATH FACTION has taken on some new members.....and there are those they have orders to sanction, each with extrordinary talents when it comes to the means of delivering a swift death to those whom they are assigned to kill.

But for what purpouse are they brought into the darkness??? Why are some of them to be killed? The answer lies locked with in them. While all of this struggles to bring about an end to the matter, darker games are being played out to the public......

got it? good. this takes place in today's time. here's what i want:



Assumed name:


Weapons (make sure you're armed to the teeth!!!!!)

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