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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][I]N/B:[/I] Before I start I want to say that this will have no connection at all to the new Transformers Universe from the Armada/Energon/Cybertron series. The only connection will be with Generation One, Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

Alrighty then, it's been a while since OtakuBoards had a Transformers RPG and I've been thinking about doing one for a while and I've had several ideas but before I try it out I'd like to see what people think of Transformers and if they'd be interested in it.

[I][U]Idea #1:[/U][/I] Might not be the most inspired idea but I was thinking of just doing a redo of the original series but with our own characters so no name rehashes or anything like that.

[I][U]Idea #2:[/U][/I] Somewhat more inspired. Based after the ending of Beast Machines, a group of Transformers aren't that happy about being Techno-Organic and want to reclaim their machine-ness. They steal a shuttle and go off looking for a planet where they can regain their former forms and such, they are followed by another group but before they can capture them they both crash land of this highly urbanised planet and so need to become mecha and vehicles once more to disguise themselves.

Like Beast Wars in reverse, heh. So tell me what you think.

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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

As I said when we last spoke about this, which was probably about ten minutes ago, I think that the second of the two ideas is by far the best one. If we simply do a rehash of Generation One, we're basically limiting ourselves to people who'll sign up as Autobots/Decepticons who survive that battle of Autobot City. Where as if we make this set after Generation One, Beast Wars and Beast Machines it'll allow people to come up with whole new characters and add to that a brand new story and we have a recipe for success.

I'll admit the one flaw I see in the second idea is that maybe a few people will all want to be descendants of, or even successors to a certain transformer such as Grimlock. However given the calibre of role-players on OB I don't see this as being a particularly large problem. Finally I must add the obvious fact that Decepticons suck and Autobots will forever pwn them in terms of coolness, that statement is of course directed at all Decepticon fans.[/SIZE]
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