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Gaming X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse


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The first X-Men Ledends game was a big hit when it came out on the racks of EB, Best Buy's, Circut City, and other electronic places that sell games. When finally the long awaited sequal has arrived in X-Men Legends 2: Rise of the Apocolypse. the game comes out September 22nd, 2005 (today), I cant wait to buy it after school :catgirl: .

To defeat the greatest evil, the X-Men will join their greatest enemy. X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse ? sequel to the best-selling X-Men game ever?introduces the epic storyline of an uneasy alliance between the X-Men and the hated Brotherhood in a fight to reclaim Earth from Apocalypse's grasp. Impressive gameplay enhancements include more than double the superpowers and customization capabilities, the debut of several new playable characters, over 100 diverse types of enemies, and a breathtaking range of exotic and real-world environments -- from the Madri Temple to Egypt. For fans loyal or new, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse delivers a bigger, deeper and more epic action/RPG experience.

From hated foes to united force: Experience the amazing saga of X-Men and Brotherhood rivals bonded by a common enemy. Create, customize and control a punishing team of 4 powerful Mutants, selecting from 16 playable characters -- many playable for the first time. Choose from your favorite X-Men character -- including Wolverine, Bishop, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Storm -- and Brotherhood Mutants -- such as Magneto, Toad and Juggernaut. Instantly switch between team members mid-fight to take full advantage of their unique abilities. Combine their powers for even more bruising combo attacks.

Unique superpowers and customization capabilities: Each of the 16 playable characters has 10 individualized superpowers at your command, including awesome fighting, melee or ranged attacks and devastating extreme powers. Instantly upgrade and customize your characters' levels and powers on-the-fly with just the touch of a button so you never have to leave the action. Empower your character with a huge array of completely unique equipment items. Switch costumes between Ultimate, Astonishing and other styles.

This game also come with online features for players who want to band together to defeat the evil Apocolypse in a joint operation.
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UGHHH, another repetitive American action RPG, based off of superhereos non the less. The original got very tedious very fast. Overlong levels, terrible story, and linear skill path lead to a mediocre game. But then again it has a well known license so even if it is sub-par, people are still going to buy it.
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Well, I played this game, and I loved it. I'm not sure if it's better than the first X-Men Legends, but it was definitely a lot of fun to play. The game engine is the same, but they changed enough features to make the gameplay experience a little different from last time.

For one thing, the graphics have improved. There are more cutscenes with graphics as seen in the TV commercials. The cutscenes with gameplay graphics are also sporting a little more detail; characters actually have mouths that move when they speak, and the large Rock'em Sock'em hands are gone.

There are a lot more powers, boosts, and debuffs for players to choose from. Rather than Jean Grey simply using telekinesis, using a radial mental attack, and a group shield; Jean can now also deploy psychic entities to fight for her, launch a homing psionic energy bolt, and bring allies back from the dead. Characters level up more often on the field, so you even have a greater chance of increasing the power of your multiple attacks.

The playable characters still aren't quite balanced, but they're a little closer to being equal. Wolverine takes a major nerf, as it's actually possible to kill him this time around. However, Gambit is now a worthwhile teammate to bring along on your missions.

Missed an item in a previous mission? Save points now allow you to go back, power-level, and pick up those pesky hard-to-find danger room discs. You can also open a portal that will allow you to go back to your homebase anytime you want, mid-mission, and take care of new business.

The levels are still as long as all get-out, but you could probably cut through it all by skipping the numerous side-missions.

There's a New Game Plus feature, so you can take all of your unlockables with you on a new game. I beat the game on Normal, and I'm planning to take one of my lvl50 characters into a new Easy game, solo.
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