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  1. Anime

    [B]Green Green TV[/B]- yeah, this shows is absolutely abyssmal, and the sub I watched it with was horrible. But for some reason I felt connected to the somewhat cliched characters, and the last episode made me really sad and depressed... :animedepr
  2. I'm suprised no one has mentioned Love Hina. It's a little cliched but it's funny and has pretty good production values. I would check an episode or two and see if you like it.
  3. I saw their music video for EVil on MTV, and liked the song (even though the puppet was creepy). My two favorite songs would have to be evil and slow hands also.
  4. Laraku is pretty good, not as great ad Dir en AGrey or Kagrra, but good nonetheless. the only two songs I listen to alot are Ready Steady Go! and invitation to freedom, most of their other songs are a little boring.
  5. Most of American Idiot's songs are kinda generic, my two favorite are Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming. BTW the name of the chracter is Jimmy.
  6. Any real "satanist" knows many of the preconceptions of satanism are absolutely wrong. For example, the pentagram is actually a pagan symbol for the goddess, distorted by the tyrannical christian church, it does not mean you worship the devil and do sacrificial rituals. Also the word "Satan" comes from a Hebrew word meaning "opposer". A real satanist is just an atheist (such as me). Most people who listen to this junk are just those kids who try to be cool and wear goth clothing to be different and have attention paid to them. Most songs like this *cough*American metal*cough* are redemeless. The music usually sounds like they just play as loud as they can and scream. Don't get me wrong, I like loud music as much as anyone else, but if you want to go dark listen to Dir en Grey or Malice Mizer.
  7. Aren't some of their members from Creed? Their music sounds EXACTLY the same. Nowadays all alternative rock bands from the south or west sound the same. Nickleback, Creed, Pearl Jam, it all sounds the same.
  8. I listen to mostly Jrock, stuff like Dir en Grey, Penicillin, Malice Mizer, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Hide, and The Brilliant Green (definitely not Gackt, how I hate him...). I also like alternative rock like Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, etc. The reason I listen to Jrock is mostly because it is alot different from most of the generic metal/punk/rock in America. Also the lyrics for most of the band sare very smart and mysterious, Malice Mizer and Dir en Grey especially.
  9. You knopw Wikipedia is written by users right? lol never listen to Wikipedia.
  10. Is this finally coming out? They announced it about 3 years ago...
  11. Dir en Grey is amazing, easily the best band on earth, just because of their stage presence and lyrics. No song can match the emotion of Mazohyst of Decadence or Zakuro. After I read a translation I was blown away by how deep they were. They also have two of the best musicians playing today, Toshiya (bass) and Shinya (drums). For anyone that likes them I suggest Malice Mizer and Penicillin, which are both amazing bands in their own right.
  12. Anime

    Yeah I watched it for the first time yesterday, it does have great production values. I don't really the story though, it could've been good but it seemed kinda childish, another race anime where no one dies...
  13. Anime

    I prefer the subbed, manga, then dubbed. All the Japanese voices are done really well and Dattebayo does a good sub job. Even though I have only read one volume of the manga it is pretty good, not much else I can say about it. The subbed version is good in one place, Kakashi's voice. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura's voices are much different from their Japanese counterparts and are just plain annoying. Also the dialog for Sasuke is some of the dumbest stuff I have ever seen.
  14. My favorite game would have to be Metal Gear Solid 2 by the genius (and in my opinion the greatest game creator of all time) Hideo Kojima. With easily the most complex and interesting story ever, great character design (raiden doesn't count), original gameplay, and great graphics even for todays standards, it will never be beat.
  15. The CG version of Appleseed. I haven't seen the original but it just seemed so americanized and sorta like a cheesy action movie. It is probably near Sprits within in terms of watchability.