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Art Van Garro [Web Comic Series]

Dragon Warrior

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Howdy, folks. Dragon Warrior here with a new fun project :) I bring you [b]Van Garro[/b], a fancy webcomic from my fingertips. The plot to it is on the website along with the first comic (since this is brand new). I'm working on character bios, but those shouldn't be up until enough comics are out revealing the characters. I will be doing a new comic every day (minus certain days) or maybe I'll do them randomly. Nevertheless, you should check back every now and then. There will never be two comics per day unless special circumstances.

[center][URL=http://www.geocities.com/vangarro/]THE WEBSITE[/URL][/center]

I'm quite excited about it and I hope I get fans. Go to the website and click "Enter." The latest comic is always on the home page. Click "First Comic" to see the first comic (as of right now, it's the only comic, so it'll be on the home page anyways). There's also the archives containing all comics in order.

Enjoy! Comments please ;^D
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I'm not sure if people will find it hard to find on their own.. but assuming they do, we generally request that you link directly to your artwork just to make it easier. That way people have an easier time of knowing exactly what you want discussed and critiqued. I mean, you can post the link to the site on the side, and that's fine, but assuming you update regularly anything, you'll have the chance to post with more direct links (though you may be planning to do that in the future anyway).

But anyway, onto the actual comic, I think it's awesome. lol Classic Gavin humor. The artwork isn't too bad; you can see everything fine and it's just as good as the rest of your work, but there's always room for improvement. ;p Except in this case, the important part is the funnyness, and you have it down. Can we except a bunch of gay jokes, though? XD I mean, these are funny, but they'll only take you so far.
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