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For years, scientists have been working on ways to defeat death. They have tried hundreds of thousands of ways to get people to live longer. One by the name of Kruash was working on one a strand of DNA and exposing it to radiation and putting it with various chemicals. He watched it as it began to change and grow hoping that he could achieve his goal, to make a self-healing genetic material that could be put into a human and would heal itself back to normal. One day after running various tests, he finally began to think he had found it. He only needed a test subject so he decided to use himself. He injected it in his arm then cut himself with a scalpel, and watched in amazement as in a couple minutes the cut was closed and no mark remained. He quickly and excitedly cleaned up his lab and headed home, unknowing of the security guard passing in the hall, who was suffering from a severe case of the cold. He walked in and picked up one of the test tubes, not knowing that it contained a different version of the strand. He injected himself and waited for a second, not feeling a thing. Disappointed he turned around but began feeling dizzy and feel onto a table containing more tubes and spilled them all over the ground. He stumbled into the bathroom then feel to the ground. The next day, Kruash returned to his lab wearing a large hooded coat. He shut the door to his lab and took of the coat then looked in the mirror. He brushed his hand against the dead looking skin that now covered his body. He began thinking of what he had done, the strand did heal him but also made him look like a zombie and he had a voice that kept buzzing in his head. He covered himself back again and made his way to the bathroom and opened the door and stopped finding a security guard walking around clumsily, except that the guard looked like him only worse. His features were distorted and there was blood all over him and the bathroom. Kruash stood frozen with fear as the zombie guard slowly came over to him and stopped. The voice in his head kept saying master over and over again and then he realized that it was the guard's voice saying it. He pointed to one of the stalls and told him to go over there and began to smile as the zombie replied. Thoughts of ruling the world began running through his mind and he unleashed the zombie in the hall, telling him to gather more people. He walked back to his lab as the zombie stumbled off. He found a needle on the floor and checked the residue inside. It was the strand that hadn't had the last bit of the procedure, so that meant the zombie couldn't reheal like he could. He heard screams and after a couple minutes more voices joined in his head. This would be his base from where he unleashed his army on the world.

Now Kruash controls the entire city of Chicago. The goverenment has sent in team after team only to have them killed or turned into zombies. Now they have composed an elite group of six poeple to put in to take out Kruash, hoping that it will cause the rest of the zombies to die.

You will be playing as elite ops agents and it takes place in the present. You can use a melle weapon, guns, or both. You will be outfitted to the teeth, since you will need to survive in the city. After six poeple have signed up you will be split into two teams of three. Delta team and Beta team. I will lead Delta team and I need someone to lead Beta team.

If you have any questions or want a spot reserved please fell free to post or pm me
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