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In the beginning, there was "darkness."
Then, the "darkness" shed a "tear."
From that "tear," the brothers Sword and Shield were born.
Shield claimed it could defend against any attack.
Sword claimed it could slice through anything.
The brothers began a legendary battle.
At the end, both Sword and Shield shattered.
Sword became the sky, Shield became the earth, and the sparks from the battle became the stars.
As for the jewels, they fell to the ground and became the True Runes

(History of the 27 True Runes)

War. It is the darkest manifestation of mankind?s aggression and chaotic nature. Lands are ravaged, towns burned to ashes and lives are stolen mercilessly. From thousands to millions, these death tolls are made for the purpose of satisfying but only a few. Sometimes it is to extend the reach of their power; sometimes it is to break the chains that bind their soul to destiny. No matter what the intention, the result never changes, and the ground always becomes stained crimson. It is not uncommon, however, for a hero to rise and challenge the nature of war, or shape its course by participating. Carrying the scar of having lost something dear to them like many others, the hero seeks to raise arms against that which threatens to smother the world in darkness. Being a hero is a demanding role to assume, where pain is an assurance and suffering and tragedy become bedfellows.

The World has always emphasized the portrayal of those facing the destructive force of war first-hand. The Historians recount the tales of those who have risen to face adversity and those who have fallen nobly to its might.

Nearly 50 years ago in this land there was a bloody warfare fought between the Grasslanders and Harmonian militia. Grassland, trying to defend their homes and Harmonia, pressing for their land in hopes of further colonization. The Grassland warriors were led by a mysterious man named Riou, otherwise known to the people as the Flame Champion. All those fighting under him were regarded as the Fire Bringer. After years of war, a truce was formed between the Fire Bringer and Harmonia and Riou faded into history as a bandit which fought for good.

3 decades later were the Gate Rune Wars, a conflict which shredded the eastern continents of the world and scattered lives in every direction. During that savage time, the 108 Stars of Destiny rose to challenge the dark forces behind that struggle. After great loss and great gain, these heroes managed to emerge victorious. Sadly, peace was short-lived and not many years later the Dunan Unification Wars began.

This struggle would bring steel and iron to clash anew, once again turning the land into a canvas of blood. Through the valiant efforts of a boy, not unlike the hero of the Gate Rune Wars, the world was ushered into a time of prosperity once more. Fifteen years later, in a remote area to the west known as the Grasslands, another war begins to brew. Once again there is a cry for a hero, but this time, the answer would come from three distinct voices.

Character Generation
(You may use a pre-Existing character or create your own but no god modding and certain characters won't be allowed; ie: Yuber, Luc, McDhol, Sarah, Sarasai and other major characters from the previous games. Pesmerga is safe from this rule since he isn't insanely powerful)

Name: (Self Explanatory)

Age: (Very Open about Age. Go wild with this.)

Gender: (Does not restrict anything to do with abilities and such)

Human- Your Basic Generic Human character, they will usually differ greatly from one another. There are five specific nationalities of Humans. Zexen, Harmonian, Calarians and Dunan so just select one of them. A point of notice is that Zexens have access to the Knight class while Calarians have very dark skin .

Elf- an Elf is a forest dwelling character with pointy features and stand at usually about 5?0 to 7?0 but are slender. An example can be found

Dwarf- Short and stocky Humanoids which are hairy and powerhouses when it comes to physical combat.An example can be found

Kobold- Humanoid Dog creatures which are naturally good natured but are respected for being good warriors. An example can be found hereHere

Karaya- One of the six clans of the Grasslands. They are essentially humans with darker skins and usually blond or brown hair. They are the second most respected of the clans but are well known for being ferocious fighters. An example can be found Here

Lizard- Are the most respected and feared of the six clans of the Grasslands. They are covered from head to foot with green scales and have soft underbellies which are any colors. They live in the Great Hollow traditionally. An example can be found Here

Duck- Are the least respected of the clans because of their animal features. They stand about the four feet mark. An example can be found

Chisha- the Chisha are both the most spiritual of the clans and the most secretive. They are a more Shamanistic of the clans.
(I don?t know the other two clans)

Class: (Go Wild with this)

Weapon: (Go wild with this.)

Faction you're allied to: (Either the Grasslands, Zexen federation or the Harmonian Southern defense forces. Later on the three groups join forces but at the start they will be bordering on Hostile to each other)

Rune: (You can have up to three runes but not three upgraded runes)

Blinking Rune- Teleport magic

Wind and Cyclone Rune- Wind magic. Cyclone is an upgraded version of the wind rune which puts more strain on the body. (All second names are improved versions of the first name which put much more strain on the body)

Earth Rune and Mother Earth rune- Earth magic

Fire Rune and Rage Rune- Fire Magic

Water rune and Flowing Rune- Water magic

Jongleur Rune- Magic Poetry

Lightning Rune and Thunder rune- Lightning magic

Pale Gate Rune- Summoning magic

Shield Rune- Light magic

Darkness Runec- Dark magic

Sword of (Cyclone, Rage, Thunder) Rune- Sword magic

(There are also weapon and such related runes. Check [url]http://www.suikosource.com/games/gs3/guides/runes.php[/url] for these runes. I will allow True Runes to certain people)

Personality: (What your character is like)

Biography: (How your character got involved in these events. Doesn't have to be too lengthy but basic knowledge of the Suikoden universe should be known. If you are unclear then check Suikosource.com to fill in the gaps)

Appearance: (What your character looks like. Image or detailed description)

My Character

Name: Hugo, Son of Lucia Chieftian of the Karaya clan.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Karaya

Class: Karayan Fighter

Weapon: Karayan Knife (Too short for a Schimitar and too long and curved for a proper Knife)

Faction: Grasslands

Runes: Starts off with the Wind rune and Viper Rune, Later gets the True Fire Rune.

Personality: Hugo is or was a relativly free spirited and friendly youth who was forced to grow up too quickly for one to want after his best friend Lulu died when the Zexen Knights attacked Karaya Villiage for unknown reasons (Unknown to him, The Zexens attacked so that their forces would be able to flee when they were ambushed by Karaya and Lizard clan forces during a Peace meeting). He hates the Zexens because they seceeded from the Grasslands and that he was taught to hate them.

Hugo was born the son of the Karaya Clan chief, Lucia, and an unknown father, soon after the Dunan Unification War was concluded. When Hugo was four, Fubar came to the Karaya Clan and Hugo immediately bonded with the wild griffon. He lived a mostly carefree Karayan childhood until the Zexen Knights attacked the village when Hugo was returning from Vinay del Zexany after a failed Diplomacy mission and killed his best friend, Lulu.

After that he had to grow up in an instant, and seeked out the Flame Champion after hearing of his story. He instead found the wife of the deceased Flame Champion, Sana, and took up the responsibility of her husband. As the Flame Champion, he led Grasslands, Zexen, Harmonian, and other forces as the Fire Bringer, and stopped Luc's plans to destroy the True Wind Rune. After the war, he helps rebuild Karaya and also acts as the chief of the Karaya Tribe, succeeding his mother, Lucia.

(It'll take forever to create a proper biography for him since he was one of the major characters in the Game so I'm using the story for Hugo underneath him on Suikosource so sorry if I reveal what happens to Hugo after the events of Suikoden 3)

Appearence: [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/h/hugo01.jpg[/IMG]
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