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RPG Shadow Hon:The RPG


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Welcome to the world of Shadow Hon where evil rules and Good perishes in the ashes. Lets begin:

Hello my name is ShadowX and I'm recruting fighters for the journey to take over the Shadow Fortress of evil and make this world pure again please join me in my quest. Please input your name if you want to make the journey.
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Good and for my bio:

I am a former Shadow troop turned rebelous and I have the power over all elements and can transform.

SX-Shall we procede

*They travel for eight days before reaching a town and go into the local bar*

Bartender-Hey get out scum we don't like your kind here.

SX-We only come to seek recrutes for a journey against the Shadow Fortess

Bartender-I'm warning you*pulls out plasma rifle*

SX-put that down*waves hand and the gun bends in half*now I'll take a Everdark and my friend'll take a?
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Um, I'm not too familiar w/ the menu, so i'll take a sprite. Oh. And if you think about poisoning our drinks, our gang will be out for your blood.

*Bartender turns away looking pale.*

SX-(whispers)we don't have a gang yet. It's just you n me!

Kool-;) Yeah, but he doesn't know that.

*bartender returns with the drinks.*
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Name: Matt
Age: 16
Bio: Master martial artist as well as a shape shifter.
Weapon: Double-bladed staff

Matt walks to the bar from his table and sits next to SX.

Matt: I understand you're looking for recruits?

SX: That's right, who are you?

Matt: Just a concerned citizen who wants to see the Shadow fortress go down.

Kool: So what are your specialties?

Matt: I'm a champ martial artist, weild a mean staff, and I can shape shift into animals. I have abilities that I'm not sure of yet, but I'm told I can control them with experience. That's one reason I want in.

SX: You seem worthy enough. Just curious, but what's the other reason?

Matt: Those b***ards at Shadow Fortress killed my parents because we didn't have enough food to feed them with. I've been poor all my life, and they've taken advantage of it. They're going down, and I want the best seats for the show.
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SX-Hi I'm SX and this is kool were your teammates

*Bartender serves drinks*

Bartender-HHHHEEERRRRE yyyyuuuu gggoooo.*then runs away*

SX- whats wrong with him

*they drink their drinks and all of the sudden as their getting up a group of Shadow troops come in*

Shadow Tropp Commander- ShadowX come with us.

SX-Yeah right*gets in a battle pose*

SX-Lets' fight

Guys gotta go I'll be on tommorrow bye.
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Good night.
Matt: You guys again? It just so happens that the day you're looking for trouble, you've found it.

Soldier 1: If it isn't our friend Matt!

Soldier 2: You still owe us money!

Matt: I owe you jack sh*t. You couldn't take me by yourselves, what chance do you have when I have friends?

Everyone gets in a fighting stance and prepares for battle.
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name siren kojia

bio: sorceress and warrior


siren strolls up to the two soldires

siren: well hello... disturbing ppl again? can't have that...

siren reaches behind her and clonks the two over the head with a skillet

siren: *looks at them in a duscusted manner and spits* scum... i'm siren... if you'll take me i'm your next companion
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Name: Craig
Bio: Can control all things metal
Suddenly, a boy in a red and black suit with a red cape walks into the bar. His bots clank on the floor as he approaches the barman.

Craig: I'll have a beer please.

Barman: How cute. Get going half pint, your like 12.

Craig: I'm 15 fool.

Barman: Well your still too young.

Craig extends his arm, and all the bar stools rise off the floor. He throws them all at the barman.

Barman: Okay, I'll get you your beer.

Craig: Thats better.
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*SX gets up and walks over to K' Dash*

SX: Dude put the weapon down.*Looks at bartender* Give him a beer got it?

Bartender: YYYYYYYYeeeeesssssss sssssiiiiiirrrrr*Gets beer and gives it to K'Dash

SX-That's better oh and don't ever call anyone of my team or who wants to join a half-pint got it?

Bartender-yyyyyeeeeesssss sssssiiiiiirrr

*Turns to group*

SX-Well you guys ready to get going.

*Pulls out a Sword*

SX-If your ready put your hand on the bottom and grab really tight and pull your hand to the top and thats your symbol for this group.

*Waits for volunteer*
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SX-Good your loyal yet you must relize that if you do everything someone asks you'll end up dead just remeber that. Well I gave the secret away so lets get going.

*SX and the group travel for a few days till they reach the demon's gate*

SX-This is the first place we need to go, this is the home of the demon lord and we need his blood to mix with other blood to make a powerful explosive acid that will help to get in the Shadow Fortress.

*SX starts to walk in the gate when it dissapers and 20 demons surround the group*

Demons in unison-If you want to go through you have to beat us

*SX and the others get into fighting poses and SX transforms into a huge Demon shadow*

SX-lets see if you can handle your power x500 for a start.
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SX-Well lets get started

*SX jumps and spreads his shadow wing at them and destroys 10 of them*

SX-I have to sit out for a minute to regain my shadow abilities becuase that attack is deadly but it also takes you power

*SX falls to the ground and starts to glow(recharging)*
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*SX gets back up*

SX- Well*fires a shadowball*that's all of them

*All of the sudden the gate appears*

SX-lets go

*SX walks in the others following him*

SX-there*points to castle*thats it lets go through the secret entrance it'll take us directly to the demon lord

*SX and the others go through the entrance and find the king and slaughter him without second thought and walk out of the demon world and destroy the gate and make the journey back to the bar from the beginning and sit down*
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