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Inuyasha Fandom

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The last love song has panned out, and faltered on its own grave. The darkness that swallowed our world now invades all that escaped, making a nightmare out of all that dared try to resist.

Through the powers of music, some have been spared, but remein trapped inside their own heads, drifting endlessly within their dreams.

But, dreams can become huge, and they can merge with others. This is how we come to be. We are rying to save something, anything of our selves. Drifting within our dream world, we are that which we perceive ourselves to be.

The Moonlight Sonata has begun.

Okay, i left this one wide open, because we are after all, within a dream world. It's twisted, the nightmares taking shape and form. In order for us to wake up, we must confront the darkness that resides within humanity, and prove we are capable of purity... of having human hearts.




Medium: (must be an instument, as this is how we are keeping outselves sane.....)
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