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RPG X-Men: Beginnings [M-SVL]


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[SIZE=1][B]July 1st, 2008. 7:22pm. Alkoli Lake, Alberta, Canada?[/B]

?Look at him. He?s magnificent!?

Deep within the Weapon X facility, a doctor and his senior technician watch over their latest project as he lingers in sedation, half naked inside a glass cylinder. The tube is filled with a viscous green liquid, saturated with anti-septics to prevent the severe lacerations inflicted upon him from becoming infected. Of course, they have all since healed. Wires inserted into his arms, legs and torso provide him with sufficient nutrients to encourage recovery, and a mask placed over his nose and mouth allow him to breath.

?What are his vital signs??

The technician shifted her chair over to a monitor displaying a physical read-out of the subject, along with four lines that all convulsed in differing patterns. She monitored the screen for a few moments.

?Heart beat is up to fifty-eight per minute. Blood pressure is one-twenty over eighty. Brain activity is increasing. I think he?s beginning to come around, Sir.?

??Sooner than we expected. Very well, contact division, have them ready the containment cell.?

?Right away Sir.?

The technician rose and shuffled away hastily, leaving Doctor Cornelius to muse over his creation. Truly, few would know of the marvels he had accomplished this day, and of those that did, even less would understand. Not only had he been able to harness the unbreakable alloy adamantium in its raw, liquid form, but he had then been able to secure a host capable of surviving the demanding task of grafting the metal to his very bones. He would receive no award this day, no recognition or praise, but he would die in the knowledge that he had just undertaken, and successfully completed the greatest experiment known to science. Next to this, space travel was mere child?s play.

Cornelius was startled from his day dream suddenly by a series of sharp, high pitched bleeps. An immediate cause for concern; that was the pitch designated to warn him that the subject?s brain activity had reached levels of consciousness. He took control of the slight panic that had shot through him upon hearing the sound, then bent over towards the comm. panel that was keyed directly to the facilities security force.

?Commander Keyes??

??Yes, Doctor.?

?This is a Code Blue, I repeat, Blue. Ready your men and get them to the test centre immediately.?


Cornelius flicked off the comm. unit and turned his eyes the circumference of the room. His transmission had attracted the attention of several technicians that had been going about their work, but had been noticeably startled by the command ?Code Blue?. However, once they found themselves under Doctor Cornelius? eye, they quickly recovered themselves and returned to work.

Cornelius turned back towards the subject, and took a step back. The panic that had startled him before had returned, amplified now to paralysing levels. Immediately his lip quivered weakly, and sweat began to form on the man?s brow. His mind raced, though no solution or practicality solidified itself. What he saw was inevitable and final. What he saw?

?Were the subject?s eyes staring back into his.

As the subject became apparent of his surroundings, he immediately drown in rage. He thrashed around inside the cylinder, ripping the wires from his arms and legs, causing his skin to tear and bleed profusely. A cry of pain, almost a howl, could be heard throughout the facility. The moment subsided; the subject forgot quickly about his already healing wounds, and turned his attention to his glass cage. He balled his fists, and started banging and kicking at the glass with his limbs. When glass meets adamantium, there simply is no contest. The glass first began splintering, then shattered altogether on one side.

The subject leapt from the plateau, planting both feet onto the floor. Shards of glass pierced the soles of his feet, but in his state of feral anger the subject barely noticed. His gaze was focused on the scientist before him. He didn?t know how, but he was sure this was the man who had but him through so much pain, such agony, and had turned him into an animal. He grabbed at the breath mask on his face, and yanked it off, breaking the strap around the back of his head. He threw the mask to the ground, and snarled at the man. Cornelius could only stare back in petrified silence.

The subject?s anger swelled; his eyes boiled over with fury. He erupted into a scream of pure hatred, and as he did so, six metal blades tore through the skin between his knuckles, gleaming against the lights, and drenched in blood. The subject?s scream quickly turned to a yelp, and he fell to his knees. He held up his hands in disbelief. They were stained with still pouring blood, and between his fingers were knives. Knives that had come out of his own skin. They had turned him in to a laboratory rat, an animal? and they had given their animal claws.

His fury reached peak levels as he entered a state of blood lust. He leapt from his knees and hurtled through the air towards Cornelius, driving his metal claws through the man?s chest as his momentum knocked them both to ground. There was a sharp crack as metal ripped through bone and muscle, then a gurgle as the lungs were punctured, and blood began to drown them. The last thing Cornelius saw on this world, as blood and mucus filled his throat and nose, was his creation?s face inches from his, screaming at him in rage.

The subject rose from his knees, planting his feet on the floor, then ripped his claws from Cornelius? torso before bracing them at his sides. He let out a snarl as his focus turned on the others in the room. Those who managed to achieve a moment of clarity were already making their way towards the only exit. The subject stalked through the room, as the slaughter of the entire technician team began. Metal tore through bone, punctured organs, tore through throats, gouged faces. The stench of death was pungent.

Within moments, there was but one figure left standing. As his mood subsided and he began to calm, an air of claustrophobia took him. He began to feel like the caged animal they had made him, and he thought now only of escape. Frantically, he leapt into a run, and bounded down the stairs of the exit and around the corner, into the cavernous passages of the Weapon X facility.

Alarms blared, panic and dread was everywhere, as the predator stalked through corridors and through doors, desperately searching for a way out. Like a cornered animal, he slashed and stabbed at anyone who got in his way, anyone who may hinder his escape. Bodies littered the passages behind him. He bounded along, blind to where he was going, when suddenly his keen nose caught the smell of oil. This was followed by a series of shuffles and clicks. Anyone could tell that sound, it was the sound of a gun cocking. He skidded to a halt near the end of a t-junction, falling to his back as he did so; his bare feet barely able to retain grip. He scrambled back to a crouched position, and pressed his weight up against the wall before the corner. He sniffed the air. There was a man just around the corner, his perspiration was very pungent.

As soon as the tip of the soldier?s rifle emerged around the corner, the subject sprang out, crouching low, driving his clawed fist deep into the guards gut. The guard keeled over, blood spurting from his mouth in a coughing cry. The other soldier across the way shot, and a tranquiliser round struck the subject in the shoulder. The subject studied the projectile for a moment, then swatted it from his arm. The soldier immediately began backing up, as he flicked on his radio.

?Commander, subject is in Corridor 314. Sedative rounds ineffective, sw--*transmission ends in several bullet shots, a harsh yelling, then screams, followed by utter silence*.


Commander Keyes and five armed men hurried through doors and along passageways in pursuit of the subject. They were disciplined and efficient, the only sound they made was the tapping of their heels on the tiled floors. Though, against some foes, even that is too much noise.

They came to a stop along an L-bend , and the lead man looked back to Keyes. He listened, and could hear the panting and tapping feet of the target as he made his way towards them. With a flick of his hand he gave the signal, and the lead unclipped two smoke grenades and tossed them around the corner. He heard a sharp ?puff? then a hiss, signalling that the grenades had activated. With another signal, four men moved elegantly around the corner into flanking formation, to eradicate the target. After the demise of Doctor Cornelius and the warning from Private Connors that sedative rounds were useless, Keyes had decided it was best simply to eradicate the target and minimise further collateral.

Keyes and his second in command waited patiently as the four guards moved into the corridor. Almost immediately thereafter he heard the sound of gunfire, mixed with snarls and howls. A lump began to appear in his throat as the firing slowly began to diminish, then cut out altogether. Flickers of smoke trailed around his feet, and around the corner he could hear the snarled breathing of the subject. His eyes met those of his subordinate, and though no words passed between them, there was a clear and definite understanding between them that they were in serious trouble.

Sergeant Marsh raised his rifle and took a step forward. Despite his levels of military training and discipline, he was noticeably tight and anxious. As his heel met the cold floor, the subject exploded around the corner with a snarl; his left claws tearing the rifle in half, while his right pierced the heart of the Sergeant and he drove him backwards into the wall. Blood oozed down the man?s chest as he collapsed to the floor, leaving a thick streak of blackened blood down the wall behind him. Keyes reacted instinctively, firing three rounds from his rifle into the subject?s sternum. There was a howl of pain as the subject dropped to one knee, but moments later sprang into a leap, taking him towards Keyes? position. The subject threw what was designed to be a punch, but with three metal spikes protruding from his knuckles, the act became decidedly more ugly. The blades ripped through the left eye, upper nose, and right cheek of Keyes, through his brain, and out the back of his cranium, spurting blood, mucus, and brain tissue. The concussive force of the punch shattered Keyes already ruptured nose, knocking him in an arch towards the floor as a corpse. Keyes body hit the floor limply, and the three bullets that had penetrated the subject also hit the floor, as the subjects recovery system removed them and closed the wounds.

The subject proceeded along the corridor, and he began to detect traces of pine in the air. The subject, realising he was nearing an exit, broke into the run along the corridor. The sound of running water soon followed, as the subject broke around a corner and was greeted by a fire exit. He kicked the door through and leapt out into the open air. Immediately he began to shudder as the cold bit at his flesh. The subject found himself standing ankle deep in show, with Alkoli Lake to his immediate right, the foreground setting for a small mountain range, behind which the sun was setting. To his left were the fringes of some woodland.

For the first time the subject raised his hands and examined the weapons coming out of his hands. They, along with his hands, were stained with dried blood. He immediately found it odd that he could actually feel the claws, and that they seemed to have the sensation of touch, as if they were part of him, and not some foreign matter. Dismissing this, and with the majority of his anger having subsided, he, with some effort, managed to retract the claws back into his arms. He watched as the slits they had come out of sealed in a matter of seconds.

The subject examined his surroundings, hoping to find a road or path. With no clue as to his position or bearings, his best option was to find a road and let that take him to some form of civilisation. He was surprised to find that almost the entire facility he had just escaped from was underground. On the surface were the broken remains of what appeared to be an old military camp or training facility. There was no sign of any road or access path, which unnerved the subject somewhat. His keen ears picked up activity coming from back inside the facility. In a panic, he took off into the woodland. Wearing nothing but a ragged pair of shorts, he headed off, in freezing cold weather, into a forest as the sun was setting. This night was going to be a very long one for the subject, who had no real clue as to where he was, or where he was actually heading.[/SIZE]
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The California sun was setting at his back whilst a filthy steal door lay in front of him. Expecting the music to cut out and every goon in the bar to turn their gaze his way Andrew walked in with a skittish air about him. In actual fact nobody so much as spared the young runaway a glance...well, except maybe for a few girls in the corner. Feeling somewhat relieved Andrew walked confidently towards the bar and took a seat.

[B]“Wha’ can I get ya Kid?”[/B] asked the old man behind the bar washing a glass. It was said in a nice enough manner but with a hint of resentment when he spoke the word ‘kid’.

Andrew nodded towards the fridge behind the bar. [B]“Bottle o’ Budd please, man.”[/B] Andrew had learned from the last few months on the road that life was easier with a few drinks. When he’d learned that his father wished to send him away to some school for “Gifted” people such as himself, Andrew took his few valued belongings, enough cash to last him a good few months and left, not really knowing where his destination was. He’d stopped by Danielle’s place on his way to apologise, let her know he was leaving and most importantly, get his last lay for a while.

He accepted the bottle from the tender with thanks and took a big gulp. Its effects took place almost instantly, he could already feel his head and throat tingle. With a sigh he picked up his drink and his travel bag and headed towards a door on the opposite side of the room labelled ‘POO ROOM’. Obviously kids looking for fun had long since removed the ‘L’ and the owner just couldn’t care less. Upon opening the door there were three old tables with humming lights above them, two of which were in use. On his immediate right in the corner of the room a woman with a long flowing skirt was straddling a man rather intimately. They took no shame and made no attempt to hide what they were doing.

[B]“Talk about Californication...”[/B] He muttered to himself with a smirk and took a seat on his own at the bar. This bar was connected with the other room by a door, and obviously the tender didn’t come in unless urged to by the small bell on the bar’s surface. Andrew dropped his bag close to him and began to sip at his Budd. Just before he took his last sip the door opened and two girls, who appeared to be Andrew’s age, walked in.

[B]“You mind if we sit here?”[/B] Asked the blonde of the two.

‘Score!’ He thought to himself. He nodded his head, [B]“Sure, be my guest”[/B] and then took his last sip before ringing the bell. The blonde took a seat to his right and the red haired girl sat on his left. The blonde then held out her hand and smiled. [B]“I’m Bethan.”[/B] Andrew grasped her hand and shock it as the red haired girl held out her hand. [B]“ I’m Kim.”[/B] Andrew smiled, shock her hand and then rang the bell again before speaking.

[B]“I’m AJ, pleasure to meet ya both.”[/B] He said with his charming smile when the tender came in.

[B]“Another Sonny?”[/B] The tender asked with a raised eyebrow at Andrew’s new friends.

[B]“Cheers man. And could you get whatever the ladies want?”[/B] He said acknowledging them. They both offered their thanks.

The tender pulled out another Budd and the usual drinks of Beth and Kim and planted them on the table. Andrew pulled out a dirty $10 bill and handed it to the tender. He took another refreshing sip as Kim began to speak.

[B]“So where you from AJ?"[/B] She took a sip of her own drink and raised an eyebrow.

[B]“Illinois. You two locals then?”[/B] He said as the bottle touched his lips again.

[B]“Long way from home aren’t you cowboy?”[/B] Beth asked with interest.

[B]“Yeah, I’m just doing a little travelling. I figured Cal would be a nice place to come,”[/B] he said as he grinned at them both, [B]“Obviously I was right.”[/B]
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[b]OOC: [/b]Are we supposed to be doing something in particular?
I don't like the post but I didn't know what to do.

[b][color=Navy]"C'mon, just one day! You know you wanna." [/color][/b][color=Navy]Takao tempted.

[b]"Takao, it's not right! What if I fall behind?" [/b]Sakura sighed.
"Sakura! You're the top student in your course, you'll be able to catch up easily, just come with me." [/b]her twin argued.

[b]"Fine, fine...Just this once. But if I fall behind I'll kill you." [/b]Sakura groaned after half an hour of non-stop pleading.

Sakura and Takao left the house shortly after the conversation ended and they headed to the main city section of Tokyo, they were squashed on the train ride there as it was packed as usual.

They made their way to a café that they knew well, being family friends. The two sat at a table and didn't touch the menus, knowing immediately what to order. They greeted the waitress warmly, and they had a short chat as they ordered their regular.

The plates of food were set before them and they dug in. Sakura's meal was her favourite foods for breakfast; crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, a large stack of pancakes with maple syrup and a glass of orange juice. Takao had his usual breakfast; porridge.

Sakura and Takao's similarities were vast, with the main difference as their genders. They had the same almond shaped eyes with the same shade of brown. The same firm mouth and stubborn chin. They shared the same shade of tan from being outdoors, and their hair was partly black with brown from sun exposure, though Sakura's had dyed parts of her hair brown. And she hated that he was slightly taller than her.

The two finished up and payed for the meal, leaving a generous tip. As they walked down the street, they both stuck their left hand into their pocket. They were so similar, yet different. They shared a lot of habits, and tastes, but different in study interests. They had always been in the same classes throughout school since they chose the same subjects, but when it came to going to university, Sakura decided to do Genetics, while Takao enrolled in a Computer Engineering course.

Sakura walked around with Takao for the whole day, they went shopping and bought a whole load of things. She watched people as she always did since she discovered her powers. If she saw a possibly good disguise, she memorised their description in her mind for use at another time.

There was nothing else to do, so they went home to relax. Well, Takao relaxed. Sakura pulled out her text books and looked over what they were supposed to be learning in class.

[b]"Sakura!" [/b]he cried in frustration.

[b]"What?! I don't want to fall behind!" [/b]she said as she read the chapter.

[b]"You're such a nerd." [/b]Takao snickered playfully.

[b]"Better than being a slacker." [/b]Sakura retorted.

[b]"Hey, I'm a slacker that's acing the course." [/b]

[b]"That's because you're always on your laptop."

"And you've always got your face buried in books."

"Do not!"

"Do too."



[/b]The two of them childishly argued but stopped when they forgot what it was they were arguing about and shrugged it off as nothing important.

Sakura put away the text book and lay back on the side of her bed, Takao moved up and lay beside her, they sighed in unison and started talking about random things in their lives.
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" Ay que linda mami!"

Triana pours the drink into a tall glass. A smile covers her face as she looks back at the man. She twirls the bottle and places it back in its hold then walks back to the bar top, grabs the soda spout and pours coke over the mixed concotation.

"Long Island Iced Tea, Manny. 5 dollars." She hands the drink over to the man while he whips out a small stack of money.

"Thanks sexy!" He holds the bills out for her to grab but doesn't let go as she takes it in her hands. "What time do you get out of here tonight?" He spoke up over the loud club music his friends around and smiling at her as well. Some with scattily clad woman some alone but trying hard to pull the ladies in the club.

"You should already know the answer." She keeps a hold of the money getting closer to the man.

"Yeah, but I always hope you are going to say something different." He lets go of the money and he smiles pushing away from the bar. A smile still on her face, but her attention on another customer.

It has been 6 months since she left her home town and luckily being in Miami has not caused any problems. She just hated that instead of being in school she was now a bartender at this loud disco. She exhales as she mixes the other drink, the dark circles of fatique, slowly disappearing. She got only a few hours of sleep but being here always woke her up.

She turns back and hands the customer his drink as well. She keeps smiling at him his eyes scanning her body as she takes the money, thanks him, then goes on. It had been a somewhat easy six months. She immediately found this job when she came to Miami and she loved it. The busy people. The town that passed her by, no one ever had time to really investigate her and that was the true reason for her being here.

She needed anonimity. Miami gave it to her.


"You looked bushed Triana!"

Cystal came over as Triana stood by the bathroom walls. She had been on her feet for 6 hours and made a killing. Almost 300 dollars in her pocket.

"I've had better, Crystal" Her heavy Central American accent really shining through.

"You need a ride home?"

"Nah I'l be fine amiga." Triana pushed off the walls and headed to the door. "See you later tonight."

The bouncers' who were the last to leave the club, walked Triana out to her car. Since she had been here. Getting off work this late could mean trouble and she took advantage of the safety.

She jumped in the vehicle and started the car quickly. Then pulled out of the parking lot as the bouncers moved back inside. She kept her eye on the road moving through the still active city although her clock read 5am. She didn't notice the car behind her until she got to the next light.

He pulled up beside her, and rolled the window down. It was Manny. She rolled her window down and he began to talk.

"I finally know what time you get off." He laughed.

She smirked back and replied. "You've known that for 3 weeks now Manny. So what do you want?"

"Breakfast with you and a glance at the sunrise." He smiled again and pulled away as the light turned green.

She followed his car to the normal spot and the spent the early morning together. Comfortable as friends. Triana smiled outside but turmoil built within. What if he was to find out the truth. She kept laughing as pieces of her died.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[Font=Arial]The bell above the door jingled, and startled Veronica out of her sleep full gaze. ?Welcome to Ferra?s Fashion Foray. How can I help you?? She asked, looking alive.

?Hmm, I?m looking for a white turtleneck to match the jacket I?m wearing. Do you have anything?? The young girl asked, looking at Victoria.

?We do actually, over here on the sale rack; we?re offering these really comfortable turtlenecks. I am actually wearing one. I don?t like to admit this to most people, because then they would have my job.? Victoria said, smiling.

?Oh really? That turtleneck actually looks great on you. Is this the changing room back here?? She asked, pointing to a door.

?Yes it is. Just step in, and see if that size fits.? Victoria said, opening the door.

?Thank you.? The woman said, shutting the door quietly.

[I]?Finally, my god, I thought I was going to have cramps in my face muscles. That woman just wouldn?t take the hint.?[/I] Victoria thought, walking back to the counter.

Victoria grabbed her sandwich from under the counter and took a bite. She had not grabbed any breakfast, and it was slowly creeping up on 1 o?clock in the afternoon. Her stomach was growling, and it did not make her look any better in the customer?s eyes. As the door opened again, Victoria stowed the sandwich back under the counter, and quickly smiled. ?Everything fit OK??

?I?m surprised to say yes. You got my size right in everything. Even the sweater fit right. You are a genius. I?ll take the whole lot, plus another turtleneck.? The woman replied, rummaging through her purse.

Victoria smiled, and grabbed a turtleneck from under the counter. She wanted this woman out of her hair as soon as possible, and that meant sacrifices. Namely, the turtleneck Victoria was saving for herself.

?I was saving this for myself, but since we seem to be the same size, I?ll give you this turtleneck.? Victoria said, scanning it and sticking it in the bag.

?Thanks a lot. I will definitely come back with my friends. Your shop is so quaint and cozy.? The woman said, turning away from the counter. ?Take care Victoria.?

The women than quickly left the store, leaving Victoria with her jaw hanging open. [I]?She knew my name? My real name.?[/I] Victoria thought and shuddered.

Something was up in air, and Victoria did not like it one bit. The anti-mutant protestors were not very bad here in London, but still, Victoria was worried that even though she was entered in the information bank under Victoria Grenze, Alison Jeckle was not.

It meant that no one could get at her, but at the same time, it meant she was technically lying. If that one bill got through that required mutants to register themselves, then Victoria would be caught and put under trial for assault. What worsened the situation was that it was with a mutant ?ability?. Victoria shuddered at the thought of a trial. It would be the most unfair one since the days of the civil rights movement.

?I bet she just slipped up, I mean, there?s a bunch of woman named Victoria walking around. I can?t be the only one, right?? Victoria muttered, her eyes fluttering around the room.

?Oh man, I?m going to have to work in pairs from now on. I cannot afford to face that woman and her ?friends?. It looks like I?m going to have to move on again too.? Victoria said, sighing.

Victoria finished her sandwich and sighed. It was going to be a long week.[/font]
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[font=times new roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Lhrila UIren was very quiet as she drove along the Canadian highway. She knew she had a long time before she'd be required anywhere, and she knew that her family in Barrow wouldn't miss her much. Even so, she was glad for the solitude. It was esier to cope with her empathy when there was nothing to pick up from other people. The setting sun nearly made her eyes smart, but she turned away and focused her eyes on the fat moving pavement. A light snow began to fall, and she was thankful for the four wheel drive on the SUV...even if it wasn't full size, it was always better to have that, and mud and snow tires too.

She shifted gears, letting her hands slide over the unresponsive equiptment. She was always happy with technology. It was quiet and calm, and it didn't have a mind to torment her with. Eventually she came through the forest and out onto an open, snow covered plain. Her body shifted and her hood fell back around her shoulders, revealling a pair of luminous eyes, soft white skin, and hair darker than ebony. Lrhila smiled to herself, then turned the radio on, knowing the signal would be stronger now. To her great surprise, there was someone on the road.

He looked crazy, but then again, wasn't everyone? He wore no shirt, no shoes, just a pair of shorts. She pulled over and rolled down the window, feeling an intense wave of fear wash over her body.[/i]

"Do you need a ride?"

[i]He looked up at her, his eyes wide, hunted. She felt this time a splashing of hope caress her ears, and she willed herself to afford him with a smile. He looked relieved. His nod was accepted and she unlocked the passenger side of the car.[/i]

"Get in, away from the cold."

[i]He obeyed, and she rolled up the window and turned on the heater, taking off her jacket as she did. He sat down, shivering badly, and she handed her coat to him. It wasn't in her to let someone like him suffer. Besides that, she wasn't detecting any unkind or misleading behavior. She could feel his thankfulness, and his pleasure at the heater working.[/i]

"What are you doing out here? Who's chasing you?" [/COLOR][/font]
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