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A Dream Experiment [ rated PG-13 for L and possibly S]


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Scientist have learned that when you dream you dream on very different sub-levels in your deepest state of your dreams you develop a sort of phycocenetic connectinon with other dreamers some even think you enter an alternate dimension depending on what you dream to test this theory scientist have devolped a dream helment that can keep you dreaming and allow them to view it but they need beta testers that?s where you come in. you recive an email from Harkamet Scienice Univeresity the leading study of dream sub levels:
[B]Hello Sir or Madame,

This email is a random selction to offer you a job testing the dream helmet that we have developed to view the different dream sub levels we are willing to pay you $10,000 but this is completely up to you what you will be doing is simple we will place the dream helmet on you and inject you with a speacil sleep drug it will be a peaceful experience and provide us many different views on dreams if you are interested in this opertuninty please respond to this email ASAP if you do you will recive directions to the research area thank you for your time

Mr. Eugene Halokan Leading scientist on dreams and there sub levels

PS there are only seven dream helments so we will only accept 7 canidates at a time [/B]

So what will you do will you help these scientist by traveling the realm of your sub conciouess or will you just delete this email the choice is up to you?

Basically you are one of the people who excepted the Email and your going to be traveling around in a shared dream with the other characters as I said there will only be six characters (not including myself) at 1st when things get started I?ll be sure to welcome a few who wanna be it after it gets going a little I think when I start the RP things will be a little better explained some things I cant explain well here so please be paitent now then:

Apperance: (pic or detailed description will do fine)
Reason for Partipating in the Experiement: atleast a paragrpah (3 lines)

1. When in the dream please remember that this is not a nightmare but a good dream there is no violence at all unless I say so
2. every once in awhile I will be pulling everyone out of the dream and back into realilty so when that happens you got to remember that it is reality (don?t worry this wont happen very often)

PS. This is a dream anything is possible and frequently I will change the scene but when it I don?t and your getting bored feel free to do it yourself ^_^ have fun I will post my bio when 3 people post
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Name: Kyo Incha

Age: 21

Gender: Male


Personality: A nice outgoing man with a quick wit and a good sense of humor

Background: kyo lost his parents when he was real young which b made him an orphan. He stole to stay alive for most of his young life then was take in by a foster family and worked to get to where he is now. A well off man with a great job.

Reason for Partipating in the Experiement: He likes to take chances.
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[U]Name:[/U]Li Ming Le Mone (Like lemonade..but without the d)

[U]Age:[/U] 22



[U]Body:[/U] Li?s skin is cream-colored with a pretty figure. Her ears are small and delicate as well as her hands. Li?s cheekbones are prominent with an average forehead and thin eyebrows. Her chin is has a nice shape and strong looking. She stands 5?5 and weighs about 126. Her lips are small and cutely curved. She had a white rose tattoo with rain drops falling from the petals behind her upper left back shoulder blade

[U]Eyes:[/U] Slightly slanted jade eyes.

[U]Hair:[/U] She has luxurious long silky hair that is the color of the jet black with red highlights. Her hair goes all the way down to her waist line. Li?s hair is usually worn in a long low side braid or loose and curly.

[U]Outfit:[/U] [URL=http://www.invoid.net/images/img/1/anime_babes028.jpg]Outfit[/URL] The pant's are black...I don't like brown <.<...

[U]Personality:[/U]She is an intellectual person and always like to be creative. In order to have a conersation with her, you must have something meaningful to say with a point. She has a calm personality and is serious the majority of the time. Li doesn't like to get into arguments and so she avoids them when she is able to, for the reason being is her short temper.

[U]Backround:[/U]Born and partially raised in Jilin, China; Currently residing in South Carolina, USA. She was raised by her father only, because her mother had died after giving birth to her. She was raised in her two cultures, chinese and french and accustomed to US traditions. Her father was french and her mother was chinese. Her father, William Le Mone didn't know much about her chinese culture, so he would send her into a program called, "China's Finest". There she would meet other kids of her culture and learn her heritage. She now lives in a condo with one roommate..who has been her best friend since they first met in China's Finest (Which she still attends...but as a part time performer and aid to students). During the day she's a graphics technician wiz and a part time junior college student (Studies Special Ed Pyshcology).
[U]Reason for Partipating in the Experiement:[/U] She is interested in learning more about dream stages, thus helping her to understand more about her research assigment. At first she was so frustrated to find a way to better understand dream stages, that she was about to give up. But then the letter came, which brought a smile to her face. Other than research, it is more of a personal reason to do this. Li is a person interested in dreams, which she thinks they always hold a meaning to them. But one thing Li never knew, was that it had been said people are able to develop a sort of phycocenetic connection with other dreamers.[/COLOR]

Note:Need anything more please let me know.
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