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RPG Gundam Wing: MS War (sign up)


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Okay, my last Gundam Wing RPG was sort of a success, but it lacked storyline......... and members...... so I'll give it another try. I'll post up the story at the (play) version, when enough people sign up. Here's what you need:

Your Weapons:
Gundam Name:
Gundam Weapons:

Name: Craig Kensindan
Age: 15
My weapons: Gunblade, Sniper rifle, Ouzzi 9mm X2.
Gundam Name: Black Ice
Gundam Weapons: Laser sniper with various rounds and cooling back, 2x vulcan cannons, a Cluster beam cannon, beam saber and shield. 4 barrel mini gun with large cooling back and shock absorbers.
Bio: Craig has grew up in the Sanc Kingdom, as a renegade. He has had a Gundam constructed for him so he can get revenge on those who killed his family and friends.
Description: Looks like Milliardo Peacecraft, with blue ripped jeans, a black vest, and a black trenchcoat. Bit black boots.
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Name: Neo Kiesanowski
Age: 14
My weapons: Tesla Uzi's, x2. Psg-1, sniper rifle.
Gundam Name: Cactuar
Gundam Weapons: Gatteling guns on shoulders, a nail gun on each arm, a laser blade on the left arm too and a cannon in the chest.
Bio: Neo was an only child and was abused by his parents, his father was part of the Gundra corporation, which Neo now fights against. He has built a gundam over the coarse of many years.
Description: Tall, black hair, blue eyes, wears a long trench coat (Black) and black clothing. (Cough)Matrix(Cough
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Name-Kain Strife
My Weapons-Desert Eagle.50,Buster Sword,Caster,2x Uzi
Gundam Name-Ultima Trigger
Gundam Weapons-Buster Rifle,Shield on left arm,2x Vulcan Cannons,Missles,Laser Sniper and cooling pack,Beam Saber
Bio-He is not a freindly person.Not much is known about him.
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Name-Misaiya Tsumashi
Weapons-Double-edge sword, caster
Gundam Name-Angelcry
Gundam Weapons-Beam rifle and sword, power shield, missle launcher
Bio- Misaiya is a battle hardened girl who has lead a hard life. Her father and mother were killed when she was 11, and ever since then she has had to survive by stealing and fighting to get what she wants or needs. This life has made her a very angry person, and extremely violent in some cases.
Description- Silvery-white hair, blue eyes, tall, slender, wears a black half trenchcoat over a white shirt and black pants with sort of high heeled shoes
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Name: Kevin Le
Age: 17
Your Weapons: Beretta M92F 9mm, Glock .79, Western Custom M37, M4A1 Assault rifle
Gundam: Dragonfly *think Zero Custom ungrade*
Gundam Weapions: Twin Buster Rifle, beam saber, twin shoulder vulcans, and a solid Cannon.
Bio: Quiet and quick to action. Not much is known.
Description: 6'4" 115 lb. and with black hair.
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Name: Drake tilsden

Age: 20
Your Weapons: Twin nine milliters, and a full staff.(it retracts for storage)
Gundam Name: Deathmist (a little like a deathscythe/shenglong hybrid)
Gundam Weapons: Two shoulder vulcans, retractable heated knuckle claws, heated blades protrude upward from it's elbows, a small retractable laser cannon in the right forearm and a retractable flamethrower on left forearm.

Bio: A young scientist, he built his gundam from the floor up. He's a team player, and very passionate in everything he does. He wants to know the unknown, for his life is driven by his curiosity.

Description: 5'10", black hair and gray eyes. He wears black jeans, a plain gray shirt, a black jacket, and thin black leather gloves. His gundam is gray and white.
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Name: 'Flash'
Age: 14
Your Weapons: Buster Magnums x2
Gundam Name: X-Eternus
Gundam Weapons: Erm, can't remember.. I'll post them when I get home, I have already designed a Gundam, and I might even scan it...
Bio: Born in one of the colonies, Flash was raised in an Orphanage, and was the oldest person there, after the Priest and Nun in charge were murdered by an unknown killer. Flash protected the other 20 or so children by himself for a few years... He eventually broke into the large basement of the Orphanage building, and found the Gundam 'Eternus'. After seriously modifying and upgrading it, He renamed it 'X-Eternus' ...He left the Orphanage, and vowed to seek out the killer, and get revenge... (I'm tired. I don't care if this type of background has been out-done..)
Description: (I'll post a Pic later)
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Name: Hiyoshi Li
Age: 15
Weapons: M16 mk. II pulse rifle and samurai sword
Gundam Name: Behemoth
Gundam weapons: dual rain guns on one arm and 250mm cannon on the other also has a rocket propelled grenade launcher and a beam samurai sword and shield

Bio: born into a wealthy family on a colony Hiyoshi's older brother hito built a gundam and called it Behemoth but unfortunately his family was murdered and his home destroyed he went to his fathers lab and activated Behemoth and vowed to find his families murderers he doesn't take much and keeps to himself

Discription: He wears a black trench coat and pants with a grey shirt on the inside. He's 6'1 and has green eyes his gundam looks alot like Deatrhscythe his brother modeled it as he always admired it only it has green shoulders and grey legs with a green and grey head
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Name: Sam Andrews

Age: 24

Your Weapons: A powerful light sheild and double barrel shotgun which is outfitted to use regular and the rare caster shells.

Gundam Name: Blizzard

Gundam: Think this puppy in white and red instead of red and gold - [URL=http://www.gundamproject.com/mecha/counterattack_sazabi2.html]Nightingale[/URL]

Bio: An expert pilot trained by the military special forces, he is given a customized Nightingale codenamed Blizzard for his outstanding work during the 1 year war. Sam has great carisma and is considered by many as a lady's man. But this also means he is constantly getting into trouble, and if it wheren't for his excellent combat skills and the respect of his fellow officers, he would have been demotted long ago.

Description: A man who stands tall at 6'5" he has long rough blond hair, which is more often than not in shambles. However, he always ties it back with his signature white band. He has specially made contacts which give his white eyes besides his pupils, designed to intimidate the enermy.
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(i don't know if you guys have started yot but....

Name:Jackie Smith
My Weapons:M60 machinegun,sniperrifle,sword
Gundam Weapons:shoulder-mounted beam gatlings,(2 twin beam sabers,buster rifle,two flamethrowers,crusher fang)ALL the stuff in parenthesis() are located in a wolf head on the left arm.The twin beam sabers are stored in there, the crusher fang is like the Nataku's dragon hang,but it's a wolf.
Bio:Raised in the colonies but now living on earth she works on her gundam and draws stuff(like everything that moves!!)She has befriended a pack of wolves and they will protect them with their life.She likes to talk and is very friendly but has a short temper. has the uncanny ability to pull anything out of her large jacket pockets, allways carries a cassatte player and headphones with her.
Description:5'2" long blonde hair, black hat&jacket,blue jeans,white shirt,carries the sword&M60 with her at all times,hides M60 underneeth jacket on her back.
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Guest QuickSilver
my weapons: 2x pulse hand guns
gundam. blaze
gundam weapons: double edged spear like deathsith, super gun which can split into 2 guns, sword, attached to left arm gatling gun, and on his right arm there is a gun which shots little daggers
bio: born and raised in the colonies. goal is to help bring peace
description: 5'11'', long black hair, always wears shades
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Name: Kaworu Nagisa [AU]
Age: 15
Your Weapons: No personal weapons, but can create a nigh-invincible A.T. Field, which makes him very difficult to destroy.
Gundam Name: Epion
Gundam Weapons: Progressive sword, Heat Rod, Short Range Rockets, Progressive Knives.

Bio: [AU] Kaworu Nagisa, Aka Tabris. 17th and 'final' angel. Chose against initiating a third impact, and now fights against the angels to prevent it. Through technology created by [AU] Trieze Kushrenada, made a plane jump to this world, though he had in reality been shooting for another.

Description: For Kaworu Nagisa, see attached picture. The epion is in reality a prototype Evangelion, not a Gundam, though it uses many traits of both. It's larger than the average mobile suit, and stronger, though it uses incredible amounts of power and is very difficult for anyone but Kaworu to control. The Epion is painted brown like the Epion, with black trim. It's most noticable feature is it's seven eyes; excatly like Liliths. Only the [AU] Trieze Kushrenada knows the true signifigance of this.

Glossary: [AU] Alternate Universe. This symbol show that the character is not original nor one directly copied; it is a variant of a pre-existing character, from an alternate universe where things went differently.

Notes: Anyone mind me throwing in Evangelion? I've toned down it's power so it'll be level with the other Gundams. It has some big drawbacks as well, which I'll show later on.
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Name: Ryu
my weapons: Dragon sword (made himslef) 2 machinegun
Gundam: Destroyer [IMG]http://members.tripod.com/tifaho/virsab4.jpg[/IMG]
Gundam weapons:Twin buster rifle,beam saber,2 x vulcan gun
Bio: In a battle he lose his memory. So now he fight's cause the only thing he remmber's how to do is kill. And some day hopes to meet some one who knows him.
Descriton: Guy in pic [IMG]http://members.tripod.com/tifaho/robi4.jpg[/IMG]
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