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Pokémon Crystal Faq
For Gameboy Color
Version 3
By Haven Luckenbill
[email][email protected][/email]

The newest version of this walkthrough can always be located at Gamefaqs- [url]www.gamefaqs.com[/url]

Table of Contents:
1. Updates
2. Thanks/Legal Information
3. Walkthrough
A. Introduction
B. Game Introduction
a. Wakaba Town
b. Route 29
c. Yoshino Town
d. Route 30/31
C. Flying GYM and the Wing Badge
a. Kikyou Town/GYM #1: Flying Gym
D. Bug GYM and the Insect Badge
a. Route 32
b. Tsunagari Cave
c. Route 33
d. Sewada Town
e. Yadon Cave
f. GYM #2: Bug Gym
E. Normal GYM and the Regular Badge
a. Ubame Forest: Catch the Farfetch'd
b. Route 34
c. Kogane City
1. Mini-lesson #1: Hotkeys
d. GYM #3: Normal Gym
F. Ghost GYM and the Phantom Badge
a. Route 35
b. Bug Catching Area
c. Route 36
d. Route 37
e. Enju City
f. Wrecked Tower
g. GYM #4: Ghost Gym
1. ASCII Map - GYM #4
G. Electric GYM and the Shock Badge
H. Steel GYM and the Steel Badge
I. Ice GYM and the Ice Badge
J. ??? GYM and the Raging Badge
K. English/Japanese Pokemon Name Chart
L. TM/HM List

Revision 1(First Version): December 23rd, 2000
Latest Revision: December 30th, 2000
Added Ascii art, Information on Togepi Egg, thanks/legal info, revision information, and part D
Latest Revision: January 22nd, 2001
Changed $ to ¥, corrected Tsukushi's gender, added part E, added sub-listings, changed Gym to
GYM, changed GYM Master to GYM Leader
Sorry it took so long, the only reason I updated so fast last time was because I was on X-Mas
vacation. Expect updates to take about this long at most.
Latest Revision:
Fixed Revision 2's date (previously was stated as January 22nd, 2000), added parts F through L,
edited section 2

Thanks/Legal Information

Thanks to Nintendo, who made this game.
Thanks to M meeva ([email protected]) for information on TM31.
Thanks to [email][email protected][/email] (Lloyd Gayman) for informing me that Tsukishi is not a girl, just a
Thanks to Kazim Rahim for the TM/HM list and the English/Japanese pokémon name list.

Pokémon and Pocket Monsters copyright Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures.
This document copyright 2000/2001 Haven Luckenbill.

Reproduction: Feel free to freely distribute this faq, but please notify me and do not edit it at all.
This is so that I can contact you when I update it.

A. Introduction

The first question is whether you want to be a boy or a girl. The top one is boy, the bottom is girl.
After that, they will ask you the hour, starting at 10 in the morning, going up till later in the day.
Then, you can name your character. The top choice is free form naming, otherwise you can pick one of
three names.

B. Game Introduction

~~a. Wakaba Town~~

Go down the stairs, and talk to your mom. She will have you choose what day it is. She gives you the
pokégear as well. Then go outside, and go to the house to your left. You will go up to Professor
Utsugi and have a long conversation. He'll ask you a yes/no question(I answered yes), and then you can
pick you starter pokémon. Starting from the left, they are Hinoarashi(fire), Waninoko(water), and
Chikorita(grass). Once you choose the one you want, you will be asked a yes/no question(yes is the one
on the top and no is the one on the bottom), asking you if you want to rename you pokémon. Then
Your starter pokémon will always have an acorn equipped on it. This means that when it gets to low
life, it will restore 10hp to your pokémon. Then he will talk some more, and point out the machine
that can be used to restore your pokémon's HP. When you try to leave Utsugi's place, one of his
assistants will stop you, and give you a potion. Leave the town and continue west onto Route29.

~~b. Route 29~~

If you go up and to the right of the area after the first patch of grass, you will find a pokéball
containing two potions. Eventually you will come to an area with a boy and a strange plant. There will
be an acorn inside.

~~c. Yoshino Town~~

At the entrance to the city there will be an old man. If you talk to him and
answer yes to his question, he will give you a tour of the city. Don't pass him up though, he gives you
the map when he's done! No pokéballs in the shop yet, but the order of items from top to bottom is:
(and I forget the names of most of these items)Potion, Antidote, ParalyzeCure, SleepCure. When you're
done in the city, head up into Route30.

~~d. Route 30/31~~

Inside the plant is another acorn. The man in the house will give you another acorn. The pokéball
above the acorn man's house has an Antidote in it. Go up to the right side. At the second fork, either
path will get you to your destination. Inside the plant is nut that auto-heals poison. Professor Oak
and a man in a suit are inside, and you have a long conversation with them. You will get the pokédex.

Now go back to the town, but before going to Route29, make sure you healed your pokémon. Having your
pokémon at level 8 or so will be helpful, too. When you enter Route29, you will fight your rival.
Rival Battle #1. He has a level 5 of whichever starter pokémon has the type advantage over yours. Easy
fight. Go through Route29 to the town you start in, and go into Prof. Utsugi's house. There will be a
policeman talking to Utsugi, and you will find out that your Rival got his pokémon by stealing it! The
policeman will ask his name, as well. When you try to leave, the assistant will stop you again, and
give you 5 pokéballs. Now go back to Route29.

C. Gym #1: Flying Gym and the Wing Badge

When you leave the small path between town and Route29, a trainer will come up to you and ask if you
want to know how to catch pokémon, or something along the lines. If you say yes, he will show you. You
don't seem to get any items out of this. Continue going through Route29. Remember, you can catch
pokémon now if you wish. Go through the town, use the pokécenter if you need to, stop by the shop if
you want(they're selling pokéballs now), and go up through Route30. When you get to the fork in the
road, this time take the left path. There is a trainer there. He has a level 4 Koratta(Rattata).
Another trainer. He has a level 2 Pidgey and a level 4 Koratta. Trainer #3: Bug Catcher. He has 2
level 3 Caterpies. At the top of Route30, you get to Route31, where there is a cave. Next to the cave
is a pokéball with a potion inside. To the left is a plant with a nut inside that I beleive
automatically wakes you up if you fall asleep. Continue on Route. Trainer #4: Bug Catcher. He has 3
level two Caterpies and a level 3 Weedle. Below him is a pokéball with a pokéball inside. Continue
to the left. You will get to the third town.

~~a. Kikyou Town/GYM #1: Flying Gym~~

Finally, a gym to test your skills! Gym Trainer #1: Bird Trainer. He has a level 9 Spearow. This will
be a tough gym if you chose Chikorita. Gym Trainer #2: Bird Trainer. He has 2 level 7 Pidgeys.
Gym Master #1! He has a level 7 pidgey, just for warm-ups. Time for his level 9 Pidgeotto! Don't get
cocky with this guy and try and beat him with low or same level pokemon of types that are weak to
flying(bug, grass, ground, etc.) When you beat him he will give you TM31 and the Zephyr badge.
TM31 contains Mudslap, which reduces accuracy and causes damage. It is ? type.
Congratulations! You got your first badge in Pokémon Crystal! Go to the pokécenter and heal your team.
Talk to the scientist at the desk. He'll give you a Togepi egg. It will hatch after about 1000 steps.
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D. Gym #2: Bug Gym and the Hive Badge

~~a. Route 32~~

Now go down towards Route32, stopping along the way to pick up what I beleive is a paralyzecure nut.
Continue down to Route32. Make sure to stop and talk to the boy along the way, he will give you an item
to attach to a pokémon. More on what this is later. Keep going down, until you get to the second boy.
Trainer #5: Trainer. You can go around him if you want to, but I would fight him if I were you, for the
experience and the money. He has a level 6 Koratta and a level 8 Zubat. You get ¥128 from him.
Keep going down, fighting and catching pokémon along the way. If you take the right path, there is a
trainer that will only fight you if you talk to her. Trainer #6: Jr. Trainer Female. She has a level 9
Nidoran Female. You get ¥180 from her. Now down and around to the left and get the repel in the
pokéball. Keep going down until you get to another fork in the road.

Down Path:
Stick to the left if you want to avoid this trainer. Trainer #7: Jr. Trainer Male. He has a level 9
Nidoran Male. You get ¥180 from him. If you go right and up at the first area without grass, there is
a pokéball with a SuperBall.

Right Path:
If you take the path to the right there are several fisherman trainers. The first one, facing to the
left - Trainer #8: Fisherman. He has 2 level 8 Poliwags. He gives you ¥320. Trainer #9: Fisherman.
He has 3 level 5 Magicarps, a level 15 Magicarp. You get ¥200 from him. Continue down. Warning: If
you want to skip a trainer battle, stay to the far right. Trainer #10: Fisherman. He has a level 10
Goldeen. You get ¥400 from him.

There's a trainer spinning around, so you going to have to use timing if you want to avoid him. Trainer
#11: Trainer. He has a level 10 Upaa(whooper). You get ¥160 from him. Continue going down. You will
be stopped by some fat kid. He will ask you something about ¥100. I haven't found what difference it
makes whether you answer yes or no. E-mail me if you want to tell me what he's saying. Then go up to
the left and talk to the little girl there. She will give you a antidote-nut. There is a pokécenter
here. Go inside and talk to the man in the safari gear, and answer yes to his question. He will give
you the fishing rod.

Keep going down, and keep to the left to avoid a trainer. If not, you'll face Trainer #12: Bird Tamer.
He has 2 level 6 Pidgies and a level 8 Spearow. You get ¥192 from beating him. Then go to the left and
enter the cave.

~~b. Tsunagari Cave~~

Go to the left. In the pokéball is an item to attach to a pokémon. Go down to the left to avoid a
trainer battle. If not, Trainer #13: Safari Guy will challenge you. He has a level 11 Onix. You get
¥352 from him. Trainer #14: Safari Guy is another spinner. He has a level 4 Geodude, a level 6 Geodude
and a level 8 Geodude. You get ¥256 from him. Go over to the right and go down, sticking to the left
wall if you need to avoid a trainer battle. Or - Trainer #15: Fire-breathing Clown. He has 2 level 6
Koffings. You get ¥288 from him. Go down to get a Superball. Go back up to the fork in the road.

If you go to the left there is a pokéball with a Potion inside. Now go down and to the left and up the
steps to face Spinning Trainer #16: Crazy Trenchcoat Man. He has a level 10 Slowpoke. You get ¥600
from beating him. Now go down the ladder. Go down the steps and to the left and get another item to
attach to a pokémon, which from now on I will call equipment. Now go to the right and up to get TM39().
Now go back up the ladder, down the steps and go over to the right, staying on the bottom to face
Trainer #17: Fire-breathing Clown. He has a level 9 Vulpix. He gives you ¥432 for winning. Go down to
get a sleepcure. Go over and down and leave the cave.

~~c. Route 33~~

Go down and get the antidote out of the plant. Go left. Spinner Trainer #17: Safari Guy. He has a
level 11 Geodude and a level 11 Machop. You get ¥352 from him. Follow the path to get to the third

~~d. Sewada Town~~

The gym is blocked by some Team Rocket goon, so leave that until later. Go up into that house above the
gym. Talk to the man, and he will rush out of the house. Leave the city at the exit to the right and
cave near there will now be accessible. Go into it.

~~e. Yadon Cave~~

Follow the path, you will face a trainer. Trainer #18: Team Rocket Trainer Male. He has 2 level 9
Korattas. You get ¥360 from him. Keep on the trail. Another TR jerk. Trainer #19: Team Rocket
Trainer Female. She has a level 9 Zubat, and a level 11 Ekans. You get ¥440 from her. Go up and get
the pokéball. It has a super potion inside. Unavoidable Trainer #20: Team Rocket Trainer Male. He
has a level 7 Koratta and 2 level 9 Zubats. You get ¥360 from him. Trainer #21: Team Rocket Trainer
Male. He has a level 14 Koffing. He gives you ¥560. Congratulations on liberating the Yadon(Slowbros)
from Team Rocket. Now the man takes you back to his room. He gives you a new ball if you talk to him.
I'm not sure what kind it is. Now you can access the gym. Also, if you try to leave, your rival will
come up and challenge you. See Rival Battle Three, a little further down.

~~f. GYM 2: Bug Gym~~

This is the bug gym. It's pretty easy, even more than the first. The first trainer that you fight is
GYM Trainer #3: Twin Trainers. You fight both of the two little girls at once. They have a level 10
Itomaru(Spinnorak) and a level 10 Ladyba. You get ¥200 from them. If you go to the left you will fight
GYM Trainer #4: Bug Catcher. He has a level 13 Paras. You get ¥208 from him. There is Spinning
GYM Trainer #5: Bug Catcher up at the top. He has a level 7 Weedle, a level 9 Kakuna, and a level 12
Beedrill. You get ¥192 for beating him. On the right side is GYM Trainer #6: Bug Catcher. He has a
level 12 Caterpie and a level 12 Weedle. You get ¥192 from him. Now on to the GYM Leader! GYM Master
#2: Tsukushi! He has a level 14 Metapod, a level 14 Kakuna, and a level 16 Scyther. Now, the Kakuna
and Metapod are both very easy, although Kakuna can do poison sting. I suggest using a lower level
pokémon against them to get it some experience. Don't mess around with Scyther though, it has Fury
Cutter, which will do more damage every time he uses it, until he kills you pokémon in one move and
there is nothing you can do to prevent it, 'cause he is so fast. You get ¥1600 plus TM49(Mega Slash)
for beating her.

When you try to leave the town, you stupid rival will come up and challenge you again. *Yawn*.
Rival Battle #2. He has a level 12 Gastly, a level 14 Zubat, and a level of his starter. If your
starter can't handle his, use another pokémon not weak to it's type. Should be no problem.
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E. Gym #3: Normal Gym and the Regular Badge

~~a. Ubame Forest: Catch the Farfetch'd~~

Time to catch the Farfetch'd! Go through the path 'till you see a bird pokemon. It's a Farfetch'd. Go
up to it and talk to it, and it'll run away. Talk to it again, then go to the right and up and around
and talk to the Farfetch'd, then go keep chasing it back towards the entrance of the forest. Eventually
it will get stuck between 2 trainers. Talk to the trainer on the left of it, and he will give you HM01,
Cut! Now you can cut down those pesky weeds. Go up and cut that plant(you can just talk to it, you may
have to say "yes", you want to cut it down, but no need to use menus) and continue going up. Get the
pokéball for more weird equipment. Keep on the path. Pokéball with a antidote. Go up and get the
PPRestore(10 PP on one move). Go left and talk to the kid. Trainer #22: Bug Catcher. He has a Level
8 Ladyba and a level 10 Paras. You get ¥160 from him. Keep on the path. Make sure to talk to the
woman behind the counter to get TM12: De-Accuracy.

~~b. Route 34~~

Trainer #23: Trainer. Of course, you could go around him, but all he has is a level 7 Koratta, 2 level
8 Spearows, and a level 10 Sandshrew. You get ¥128 for beating him. Spinning Trainer #24: Pikachu
Dad. He has a Level 13 Bull(Snubble). You get ¥1040 for it. Over to the left in the small clearing
there's a trainer in there. She's on the upper part. Trainer #25: Trainer Female. She has 2 level 9
Hanekkos, and a level 12 Fushigidane(Bulbasaur). You get ¥240 for that fight. You have to go up and
around her and stay to the left right above her if you want to avoid this coming Trainer #26: Trainer
Male. He has a Level 10 Mankeys and a Level 12 Diglett. You get ¥192 for beating him. Up here is the
Breeding house. If you go inside and give 1 pokémon each to the couple that both have matching icons,
they can breed. Go to the Gold/Silver faq section for more info on this. Up past there is a trainer
that you can dodge if you see him. Stay to the left to do it. Trainer #27: Police Trainer Male. He
has a lvl 17 Growlithe. You get ¥680 for beating him. Up here is another trainer that you'll have to
through the grass to get past. Trainer #28: Trainer Male. He has a lvl 14 Koduck(Psyduck). You get
¥280 from defeating him. Continue up to Kogane city.

~~c. Kogane City~~

In here, you will see a pokécenter with an extra "c" in the sign. Inside there are a lot of crazy
machines and extra people. They don't seem to serve a purpose(don't quote me on that). When you leave,
a nurse will come up to you and give you a GS Ball. Something good must be in here *coughseribiicough*.
Leave the pokécenter. Big shopping mall across the street from the pokécenter. If you go up and around
the pokécenter and go to the house on the right, the girl inside will give you something (maybe the bike
coupon. Right above the pokécenter is the casino. You don't have a coin box, so you can't gamble
before you get it. Above the casino is the train station, which you can't ride because you don't have a
pass. If you go left from the train station, you can go down to the bike shop. It is right next to the
regular shop. Talk to the man inside to get a bike. There is a house on the way to the bike shop, but
there's nothing of note in there.

**1. Mini-Lesson - HOTKEYS**
If you go into the items (3rd option on the start menu) and then go into special items (press
left or right until you get to the section without any numbers). Go to the bike (it starts with
what looks like a backwards "J", and should be all the way on the bottom), then press the a
button and choose the second option. Now you can just press select to get onto the bike just by
pressing select, without having to go into the item menu! This also works for the fishing rods
and any other special items you could use in the field.
**End lesson**

Go down the path between the pokécenter and the casino again, and then go into the building on the
bottom. Go down the steps. Unavoidable Trainer #28: Male Student. He has 2 level 11 Grimers. You
recieve ¥352 from beating him. Keep going up, and face Spinning Trainer #29: Crazy Trainer. He has a
level 12 Lickitung. You receive ¥720 for beating him. In the pokéball is the Coincase. Up at the
counter is a women who will "increase the happiness" of your pokémon. You need your pokémon to be happy
for certain ones to evolve: Togepi and Eon (Eevee), for example. Go up. If you try to go to the left
you will face Trainer #30: Male Student. He has 2 level 7 Kuiris(Magnemite), a level 9 Kuiri, and a
level 11 Electrode. The prize from him is ¥288. If you go down the path you won't be able to get
through the door. It's locked. Go back to fight Trainer #31: Crazy Trainer. He has 2 level 10 Yadon.
You get a prize of ¥600 from him. Go up the stairs. Now go in the building to the left of the of the
train station. This is the radio tower. Go up the stairs to the right. Talk to the woman looking
through the microscope. She will give you the special item Buruukaato. If you talk to the other woman
standing in the room, she'll act as some type of exchange station, I think. I don't know what you have
to exchange with her, though. When you go back down stairs, talk to the woman at the right edge of the
counter and then answer her questions like this:
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. No
5. Yes
6. No
You will get the Radio for this.

In the house above and to the right the train station and to the left of the GYM, there is a man who'll
change the names of your pokémon. Now go to the GYM.

~~d. GYM #3: Normal GYM ~~
~~Reccommended Level: 20+~~

This is a gym with a very hard boss... MILKTANK! Let's not worry about him quite yet, though. First,
go to the left and then up, and fight GYM Trainer #7: Sexy Trainer Female. She will use 2 level 16
Meowth. Your prize for her is ¥1408. Now this path is blocked, so go back to the entrance and go up.
If you stay to the right you can skip GYM Trainer #8: Sexy Trainer Female. She has a level 9 Otachi,
a level 13 Otachi, and a level 17 Otachi. You get ¥1496 for beating him. Follow the path, and you'll
face GYM Trainer #9: School Girl Trainer Female. She uses a level 18 Bull(Snubble). You get ¥432 for
beating her. Going down the path you'll eventually get to GYM Trainer #10: School Girl Trainer Female.
She will use 3 level 15 Purin(Jigglypuff). You get ¥360 from beating her. Time to fight GYM Leader #3:
Akane! She will be the hardest one yet. First she'll use a lvl 18 Clefairy. It will use transform and
turn into you most likely. Watch out if you have moves super-effective against your own type. Then
she'll use her Milktank! This is very hard. Her bodyslam can knock out weaker pokemon in one hit. She
also uses a move that restores her. Just hit her hard and fast with everything you have. It will miss
fairly often with it's moves, though. It's pound is also very powerful. If you have a pokémon in the
Chikorita family, USE IT! It has a high defense, and Milktank's moves won't hurt it very much. Use
Razor Leaf if you have it. Otherwise just use your starter and any other pokémon you have leveled up.
If you have empty slots in your team, fill them with useless pokemon, whose turns can be used for using
items. If you can cause a status ailment on it, this will help considerably, especially poison. She'll
give you ¥2000. After you've beaten her go down, and one of her trainers will stop you. After this go
back up and talk to her again, she will give you TM45 and the badge, which if you didn't notice you did
not have before. TM45 is mellow-mellow. Congratulations on Winning your Normal Badge!

Now go to the building next to the GYM with all the plants in it and talk to the woman next to the
chair. You may have to talk to her more than once. Eventually you will get the Squirtbottle from her.
Leave the town and go onto Route 35.
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F. Gym #4: Ghost GYM and the Phantom Badge

~~a. Route 35~~

Once on Route 35, you'll see Spinning Trainer #32: Trainer Female. She uses a level 15 Vulpix. You get
¥300 from her. Continue, and you will fight a pair of trainers (not like the twin trainers in the bug
gym), starting with Trainer #33: Trainer Male. You can easily go behind them, but I'd suggest always
fighting all the trainers for experience. If you do go around her, though, watch out of the spinning
trainer on the same row as the path you're on. He has a level 13 Sandshrew and a level 15 Marill. He
gives you ¥300 too. Trainer #34: Trainer Female. She has a level 16 Pikachu. You get ¥320 from her.
Next up is Spinning Trainer #35: Trainer Male. He has a level 10 Zubat and level 10 and 14 Digletts.
Your winnings are down to ¥280. Starting with the one on the left, it's Spinning Trainer #36: Fire
Breathing Clown. He has level 11 and 13 Magmars. You get ¥624. Spinning Trainer #37: Juggler. He has
level 2, 6, 10, and 14 Voltorbs. You get ¥560 from them. If you talk to the Officer, you'll battle
Trainer #38: Policeman. He has a 2 level 14 Growlithes. He gives you ¥560 as well. If you go into the
grass to the right there is Trainer #39: Bug Catcher. He has a level 15 Venonat. You get ¥240 for
beating him. First go down through the grass, and face Trainer #40: Bird Tamer. He has a level 12
Pidgey and a level 14 Pidgeotto. You get ¥336 from him. If you continue on this path you'll find a
pokéball with TM04: Bodyslam in it. If you go up past Trainer #39, and cut down the plant, you'll take
a big shortcut, but I would advise against it. If you take it, you'll skip the bug catching place.
Instead, go through the loading house next to the police man.

~~b. Bug Catching Area~~

Talk to the girl on the right. She will give you some item. Please e-mail me if you know what it is.
There is a girl straight above the entrance, Spinning Trainer #41: Clefairy Trianer. She has a level
14 Bull. You get ¥1120 for beating her. Go up and to the left, and near the bottom of the tall grass,
there is Spinning Trainer #42: Schoolgirl. She has a level 12 Oddish and a level 15 Cubone. You get
¥360 from beating her. Go up and to the right from him. You'll meet Spinning Trainer #43: Pikachu
Dad. He has a level 14 Raichu. You get another ¥1120 from him. Down and to the right from him is
Spinning Trainer #44: Schoolboy. He has a level 12 Oddish and a level 15 Voltorb. You get ¥480 from
him. If you talk to he man at the counter at one of the loading houses you can enter the bug catching
tournament, if it is the appropriate day. I am not sure what days those are, though. In the upper
right corner, there is a boy with a game boy. You can go through the fence to the upper right of him.
Go to the right and down and get a paralyze heal item from it. Then go back past the opening and go
all the way to the left and then down, and keep going straight down on the path through the trees.
You can pick up TM28: Dig. You can escape to the entrance of any cave by using it outside of battle.

~~c. Route 36~~

Get the item in the plant past the house above the sign. You can get around Trainer #45: Hot-shot
through the grass. He has 2 level 13 Abras, and a level 15 Kadabra. You get ¥480 from beating him.
Then fight Trainer #46: Schoolboy. He has a level 16 Tangela. You get ¥512 from him. Talk to the
"plant" blocking your path, and answer yes to the question, and you'll fight Usokki, which is actually
a rock pokémon. Make sure not to kill it! It's the only one in the game. Now there are two paths,
take the one to the left.

~~d. Route 37~~

First go to the right through the grass, and get the items from the three plants. The first plant has
some kind of acorn, the plant on the upper left has another kind of acorn, and the last one has another
acorn. Now go back through the grass, and go to the path left of the sign, and fight Trainer #45: Twin
Trainers. It doesn't matter which one you come up too, they will have a level 16 Jigglypuff and a level
16 Clefairy. You get ¥320 from them. Then go fight Spinning Trainer #46: Hotshot. He has a level 17
Sleep (Drowzy). You get ¥544 from him. Continue on to Enju City.

~~e. Enju Ciy~~

If you go in the pokécenter, you ill meet up with your rival, but don't worry, he's not interested in a
fight. Now go to the house above the pokécenter for some good pokédex data and battling. Starting at
the left, there is Spinning Trainer #47: Lady Trainer. She has a level 17 Flareon. You get ¥1224 from
her. Next, Spinning Trainer #48: Lady Trainer. She has a level 17 Eefi(Espeon). You get ¥1224 from
her. Next, Spinning Trainer #49: Lady Trainer. She has a level 17 Blacky(Umbreon). You get ¥1224 from
her. Next, Spinning Trainer #50: Lady Trianer. She has a level 17 Vaporeon. You get ¥1224 for beating
her. Next, Spinning Trainer #51: Lady Trainer. She has a level 17 Jolteon. You get ¥1224 from beating
her. Then go talk to the guy in the suit, and get HM03: Surf.

~~f. Wrecked Tower~~

Now go up in the upper left corner and go in the wrecked tower. Some kid will come up to you and tell
you something. Go on to the left and go up. Keep on the path. Before you even get into his sight,
your rival will turn around and come challenge you. This is what he has if you chose Chikorita. Level
20 Haunter, level 22 Magmarashi, level 20 Zubat, and a level 18 Magnemite. I assume he would have
pokémon that are about as strong if you chose a different starter. Anyway, you get ¥1320 from him.
Then there is a earthquake, and a hole opens under your feet and you fall through. Go up and look at
the pretty statues. But then the statues come to life! They are the three legendary beasts, Raikou,
Entei, and... Suikune! They all run off, and Suikune briefly stays with you, then darts off. Go down,
and talk to the boy in the way. He will run off. Go up the ladder, and leave the tower.

~~g. GYM #4: Ghost GYM ~~
~~Reccommended Level: 25+~~

You might want to go to the pokécenter and heal your pokémon now. Then go to the gym. New in G/S/C,
ghost types have a move where they curse you, and you take damage when you hit them, too. However, to
do this they must first do an attach on themselves that puts them at half life, so if you have a pokémon
that has a heavy hitting attack that would take away half of their life or more, you can prevent taking
damage. Remember, normal and fighting moves are useless against ghost types. Anyway, go up and face
GYM Trainer #11: Monk. He has 5 level 16 Gastlies. That shouldn't be so hard. You get ¥512 from him.
Then it's GYM Trainer #12: Old Priestess. She has 2 level 20 Haunters. You get ¥800 from her. Next up
fight GYM Trainer #13: Monk. He has a level 22 Haunter. You get ¥704 from him. Next up is GYM Trainer
#14: Old Priestess. She has a level 18 Gastly, a level 20 Gastly, and a level 20 Haunter. You get
¥800 for her defeat. Again, use anything that can deal a lot of damage with one attack. Also, these
Haunters know hypnosis, so they can put you to sleep. Now, for GYM Leader #4: Matsuba. He has a level
21 Gastly, a level 21 Haunter, a level 23 Haunter, and a level 25 Gengar. This could be tough, so come
prepared with healing items. All of it's attacks miss fairly often, and it also might just kill itself
if you use an uncursed pokémon, but don't count on either of those things. All in all, not too hard a
GYM, but don't slack off, or you could get burned. Once you've beaten him, you get ¥1600, the Phantom
Badge, which allows control of pokémon up to level 50, and TM30: Shadow Ball.

**1. ASCII Map - GYM #4**
Time for a stupid ASCII map! In this gym, you must follow an invisible path to get the leader.
The X's are blocks that if you step on, will teleport you back to the start. You can only walk
on the O's. The T's are trainers. The |'s are walls.
| X X X O O X |-----
| X X X X 0 T |
| X X X X 0 X |
| T 0 0 0 0 X |
| X 0 X X X X |
| X O O O O T |
| X X X X O X |
| X X X X O X |
| X X X X O X |
|0 T 0 0 0 X |_____
**End section**

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K. English/Japanese Pokemon Name Chart

| | | |
| No.# | ***. Name | English Name |
| | | |
| 152. | Chikoriita | Chikorita |
| 153. | Beiriifu | Bayleaf |
| 154. | Meganiumu | Meganium |
| 155. | Hinoarashi | Cyndaquil |
| 156. | Magumarashi | Quilava |
| 157. | Bakufuun | Typhlosion |
| 158. | Waninoko | Totodile |
| 159. | Arigeitsu | Croconaw |
| 160. | Oudairu | Feraligatr |
| 161. | Otachi | Sentret |
| 162. | Ootachi | Furret |
| 163. | Houhou | HootHoot |
| 164. | Yorunozuku | Noctowl |
| 165. | Rediba | Ledyba |
| 166. | Redian | Ledian |
| 167. | Itomaru | Spinarak |
| 168. | Ariadosu | Ariados |
| 169. | Kurobatto | Crobat |
| 170. | Chonchii | Chinchou |
| 171. | Rantaan | Lanturn |
| 172. | Pichuu | Pichu |
| 173. | Pii | Cleffa |
| 174. | Pupurin | Igglybuff |
| 175. | Togepii | Togepi |
| 176. | Togechikku | Togetic |
| 177. | Neiti | Natu |
| 178. | Netio | Xatu |
| 179. | Mariipu | Mareep |
| 180. | Mokoko | Flaaffy |
| 181. | Denryuu | Ampharos |
| 182. | Kireihana | Bellossom |
| 183. | Mariru | Marill |
| 184. | Mariruri | Azumarill |
| 185. | Usokkii | Sudowoodo |
| 186. | Nyorotono | Politoed |
| 187. | Hanekko | Hoppip |
| 188. | Popokko | Skiploom |
| 189. | Watakko | Jumpluff |
| 190. | Eipamu | Aipom |
| 191. | Himanattsu | Sunkern |
| 192. | Kimawari | Sunflora |
| 193. | Yanyanma | Yanma |
| 194. | Upaa | Wooper |
| 195. | Nuou | Quagsire |
| 196. | Eifi | Espeon |
| 197. | Burakkii | Umbreon |
| 198. | Yamikarasu | Murkrow |
| 199. | Yadokingu | Slowking |
| 200. | Muuma | Misdreavus |
| 201. | An`noun | Unown |
| 202. | Sounansu | Wobbuffet |
| 203. | Kirinriki | Girafarig |
| 204. | Kunugidama | Pineco |
| 205. | Foretosu | Forretress |
| 206. | Nokotchi | Dunsparce |
| 207. | Guraigaa | Gligar |
| 208. | Haganeru | Steelix |
| 209. | Bull | Snubbull |
| 210. | Guranburu | Granbull |
| 211. | Hariisen | Qwilfish |
| 212. | Hassamu | Scizor |
| 213. | Tsubotsubo | Schuckle |
| 214. | Herakurosu | Heracross |
| 215. | Nyuura | Sneasel |
| 216. | Himeguma | Teddiursa |
| 217. | Ringuma | Ursaring |
| 218. | Magumaggu | Slugma |
| 219. | Magukarugo | Magcargo |
| 220. | Urimuu | Swinub |
| 221. | Inomuu | Piloswine |
| 222. | Saniigo | Corsola |
| 223. | Teppouo | Remoraid |
| 224. | Okutan | Octillery |
| 225. | Deribaado | Delibird |
| 226. | Mantain | Mantine |
| 227. | Eaamudo | Skarmory |
| 228. | Derubiru | Houndour |
| 229. | Herugaa | Houndoom |
| 230. | Kingudora | Kingdra |
| 231. | Gomazou | Phanpy |
| 232. | Donfan | Donphan |
| 233. | Porigon 2 | Porygon 2 |
| 234. | Odoshishi | Stantler |
| 235. | Douburu | Smeargle |
| 236. | Barukii | Tyrogue |
| 237. | Kapoeraa | Hitmontop |
| 238. | Muchuuru | Smoochum |
| 239. | Erekiddo | Elekid |
| 240. | Bubii | Magby |
| 241. | Mirutanku | Miltank |
| 242. | Hapinasu | Blissey |
| 243. | Raikou | Raikou |
| 244. | Entei | Entei |
| 245. | Suikun | Suicune |
| 246. | Yougirasu | Larvitar |
| 247. | Sanagirasu | Pupitar |
| 248. | Bangirasu | Tyranitar |
| 249. | Rugia | Lugia |
| 250. | Houou | Ho-oh |
| 251. | Serebii | Celebi |

L. TM/HM List

| | |
| TM | Name |
| | |
| TM01 | Explosive Punch |
| TM02 | Slam |
| TM03 | Curse |
| TM04 | Body Slam |
| TM05 | Roar |
| TM06 | Toxic |
| TM07 | Thunder Ball |
| TM08 | Rock Smash |
| TM09 | Psych Up |
| TM10 | Spin Ball |
| TM11 | Eruption |
| TM12 | De-Accuracy |
| TM13 | Snore |
| TM14 | Blizzard |
| TM15 | Hyper Beam |
| TM16 | Numbing Wind |
| TM17 | Barrier |
| TM18 | Acid Rain |
| TM19 | Giga Drain |
| TM20 | Defend |
| TM21 | Frustration |
| TM22 | Solar Beam |
| TM23 | Iron Tail |
| TM24 | Dragon Blizzard |
| TM25 | Thunder |
| TM26 | Earthquake |
| TM27 | Splash tackle |
| TM28 | Dig |
| TM29 | Psychic |
| TM30 | Shadow Ball |
| TM31 | Sand Hell |
| TM32 | Double Team |
| TM33 | Ice Punch |
| TM34 | Confuse Breath |
| TM35 | Sleeptalk |
| TM36 | Demon Bubble |
| TM37 | Meteor Shower |
| TM38 | Fire Blast |
| TM39 | Swift |
| TM40 | Fire Curl |
| TM41 | Thunder Punch |
| TM42 | Delayed Psychic |
| TM43 | Dodge |
| TM44 | Rest |
| TM45 | Mellow Mellow |
| TM46 | Pay Day |
| TM47 | Iron Wing |
| TM48 | Fire Punch |
| TM49 | Mega Slash |
| TM50 | Nightmare |
| | |
| | |
| HM01 | Cut |
| HM02 | Fly |
| HM03 | Surf |
| HM04 | Strength |
| HM05 | Flash |
| HM06 | Whirlpool |
| HM07 | Waterfall |
# THE END! 4now. #
# n e wayz. #
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Head west to Route 38.

***ROUTE 38***
1. Travel west and battle any trainers.
2. Go into the farm and feed the Miltank 10 Berries to get TM-13 SNORE.
3. Now go down to Route 39.

***ROUTE 39***
1. Fight any and all trainers.
2. Give Lass your number. I once got a Thunder Stone from her, which was cool!
3. Go down to Olivine City.

1. If you want to know about Battle Tower, refer to its section below.
2. Go to the gym and talk to rival.
3. Rest up.
4. Head into the Lighthouse on the southeast corner of town.
5. Climb it while battling all the trainers.
6. Raise your Pokemon to Level 29 and try to keep them there.
7. Talk to Jasmine, the leader.
8. She asks you to get her sick Pokemon medicine from the island to the west-
Cianwood Island.
9. Exit the lighthouse.
10. Go to the house west of the Mart and get HM-04 STRENGTH from the man
11. Go to the coast- Route 40.

***ROUTE 40***
1. Using the Surf technique the Kimono Girls gave you at Ecruteak City, surf
passed the Whirl Islands (In the Rare Pokemon section).
2. Battle any trainers.
3. Surf until you reach Route 41.

***ROUTE 41***
1. Surf west.
2. Battle more trainers to get experience.
3. Surf into Cianwood Island.

1. Look north to find Eusine.
2. Battle him and beat him.
3. Go to the southern building and get the medicine Jasmine needs.
4. Go to the gym.
5. Beat any pre-leaders.
6. Now push the right boulder UP!
7. Push the left boulder UP.
8. Push the middle boulder RIGHT.
9. Battle Chuck.

Now Geodude/ Graveler is basically obsolete. Use any Psychic type you may have
captured outside Goldenrod City and use it?s psychic attack.
Use any grass or electric types against Poliwrath. Beat him!

10. Now we need to get back to Olivine.
11. Look for a woman outside the gym.
12. Get HM- 02 FLY from the women.
13. Now teach it to your bird.
14. Fly back to Olivine.

1. Climb the lighthouse.
2. Give Jasmine her medicine.
3. Now go to the gym and fight her.
4. You may want to level up at Route 39 and be at level 40.
5. Battle Jasmine.

Use Geodude/ Graveler?s Rock attacks. Against that mammoth Steelix, use fire
attacks and water attacks. She?s the hardest leader yet, so take caution. You
will want to have your bird and others as back up if necessary. Beat them!

6. Now we need to get to Mahogany Town.
7. Check the map- we need to backtrack to Ecruteak City and exit to the east
from there.
8. Go north to Route 37 and 36 into Ecruteak.

1. Rest up and buy any supplies.
2. Then exit the city to the east this time.

***ROUTE 42***
1. Surf east.
2. You can enter Mt. Mortar if you want to catch Tyrogue.
3. Enter Mt. Mortar.
4. Look around, grabbing any items you come across.
5. It?s hard to describe, but you?ll find a man from Kanto?s Saffron City.
6. He?ll give you Tyrgoue, the baby form of Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or Hitmontop.
7. Outside, Surf east to Mahogany Town.

1. There?s nothing to do here now, since we can?t get to the gym.
2. We should head north on Route 43 toward Lake of Rage.

***ROUTE 43***
1. Avoid the building smack-dab in the route.
2. Beat any trainers you run into for experience.
3. Go to Lake of Rage in the north.

1. Go Surf into the lake and then battle RED Gyarados.
2. Try to catch him since he?s VERY rare.
3. He?ll also be good in the next mission.
4. After beating or catching Gyarados, talk to Lance in front of the sign.
5. He tells you to go to Mahogany Town?s mart.
6. Go there now.

1. Inside, see Lance beating some guys up.
2. A ladder will be revealed.
3. We have to fight Team Rocket again!
4. Downstairs, pass the statues.
5. Rockets will attack, but they are easy to beat.
6. Try to avoid the striped tiled floor.
7. Shut off the PC to stop the alarms.
8. Head through the stairs going down.
9. Downstairs, Lance will recharge your Pokemon.
10. Passed him is a locked door you need a code for.
11. Beat the nearby Rockets.
12. Go down the next stairs.
13. You?ll see Lance again.
14. Pass him and go up to the girl rocket.
15. Get the password from her.
16. Now find a rocket near a planter.
17. Beat him.
18. Get the password from him.
19. Now go to the ladder on the top right corner of the room.
20. Go left.
21. Travel down the stairs.
22. Head through the next set of stairs to find TM-46 THEIF.
23. Go back down and look at the locked door.
24. Administer the passwords.
25. Talk to the rocket and beat him.
26. Now talk to the bird.
27. Get the password.
28. Now go back to the other locked door you saw before.
29. Give the bird?s password.
30. Now, with Lance, fight the Electrodes to shut the power off.
31. Now Lance will reward you with HM-06 WHIRLPOOL!
32. Whirlpool can help access the Whirl Islands between Cianwood and Olivine!
But first we gotta beat the gym leader at Mahogany.
33. Go to the gym.
34. We have to slide to the leader.
35. OK. Go in front of the VERY left trainer.
36. Slide on the ice up, then go right until you stop.
37. Go down until you stop.
38. Then go left.
39. Now go up and right to Pryce, the leader.
40. Challenge him!
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Compared to Jasmine and Chuck, the previous gym leaders, he?s very pitiful. Use
a Rock or electric type to seriously damage this trainer. After maybe 4 blows,
each Pokemon faints! You win!

41. After leaving the gym, Elm will call you.
42. We have to go back to Goldenrod City and beat Team Rocket again.
43. Fly to Goldenrod or backtrack through Ecruteak City to Goldenrod.

1. Go into the tower.
2. Go to the hiding girl on the second floor to get the Blue Card.
3. Fight Rocket members until you get to the top floor.
4. On the fifth floor of the tower, beat the fake manager.
5. He will give you the basement key for the underground tunnels.
6. Go outside and recharge. Go to the building that leads underground.
7. Go find a blue door in the tunnel and use the basement key.
8. Fight Rival.

***RIVAL 4***
Use your Rock against Golbat and Haunter. Use a fire Pokemon or Graveler
against Magnemite. Against Sneasal, use Graveler again! Against his starter,
use a Psychic for an overall advantage. Beat him!
***RIVAL 4***

9. Through it, go down the stairs.
10. Down there, beat the rockets.
12. Now flip the right (--->) switch on the wall.
13. Then flip the middle.
14. Then flip the left. The path to the girl rocket will be revealed.
15. Beat her.
16. Go through the large blue doors.
17. Passed that, beat all the rockets and then talk to the real manager.
18. He will give you a shutter key.
19. Pick up the TM. Now ride the nearby elevator and you are in the Goldenrod
20. Go back to the Radio Tower?s third floor.
21. Use the card key on the right shutters.
22. Go through the hidden stairs.
23. Beat more rockets.
24. Now go to the other part of the fifth floor and beat the final 2 rockets.
25. After beating everyone, the real manage will give you a Clear Bell, which
might have something to do with Suicune, or so I hear.
26. Go to where Bill is (in a house) and get an Eevee from him!
27. Head back to Mahogany Town by flying.
28. Leave Mahogany through the east to Route 44.

***ROUTE 44***
1. On this short route, pass through and battle all the trainers.
2. Enter the Ice Path.

***ICE PATH***
1. Go up and right and down the ice.
2. Keep going until you reach a big ice field.
3. When you see the ice, go UP.
4. Then go LEFT.
5. Then go UP.
6. Then go LEFT.
7. Then go DOWN.
8. Then go LEFT.
9. Then go UP.
10. Then go left.
11. Then go DOWN.
12. Then go RIGHT.
13. Then go DOWN.
14. Then go RIGHT.
15. You are now near some stairs.
16. But passed that is another field of ice.
17. Go RIGHT.
18. Then go UP.
19. Then go LEFT.
20. Then go DOWN.
21. Then go RIGHT.
22. Collect the item, HM-07 WATERFALL!
23. Now go to the stairs.
24. Climb them.
25. Go down the next set of steps.
26. Now go down the ladder at the end.
27. Now we need to push boulders down each of the holes.
28. Push the nearest boulder down into the nearest hole.
29. Then push the second boulder you see down the second hole.
30. Then push the third boulder you see down into the third hole.
31. Now push the 4th boulder into the 4th holes you see.
32. Now go down the far ladder.
33. Go down one step from the ladder.
34. Then go right until you stop (that?s why you needed to push the boulders
35. Then go down until you stop.
36. Go LEFT.
37. Go UP.
38. Then go RIGHT.
39. Collect the Full Heal.
40. Go down the ladder.
41. Collect the Never Melt Ice item.
42. Exit into Blackthorn City.

1. Rest up and go directly to the gym.
2. Make sure your Pokemon are at level 45+.
3. You can train at Ice Path if necessary.
4. Inside the gym, battle all trainers on both floors.
5. On the second floor, push the VERY top boulder right.
6. Then push the other boulder down into the hole.
7. Go to the southern part of the room.
8. Push the right boulder down and the other boulder down into the hole.
9. Downstairs, you can now get to the gym leader, Clair.
10. Battle her!
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You might want to train an Ice Pokemon just in case. If you have your starter,
bird and rock Pokemon above 45, you?ll do fine. Hit her Pokemon with Ice
attacks. Or hit her with powerful attacks, like Slash and Rock Smash. Have your
bird use Peck and she?s toast!

11. After beating her, Claire will only give you the badge if you answer the
master?s questions.
12. Surf behind the gym to find a cave.
13. He?ll ask you several questions.
14. As usual, answer with ?Pokemon are not war? type questions and you get your
15. With all 8 JOHTO badges on hand, it?s time to go back home.
16. Fly to New Bark Town or descend south on Routes 45 and 46 (which lead to
Cherrygrove City.

1. Talk to Elm.
2. He?ll give you the Master Ball.
3. Store the Master Ball- you want to duplicate it!
4. You?ll see the Ocean to the right of your house.
5. Use Surf and Surf right of New Bark into Kanto.

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Kanto is where Red, Blue and Yellow took place! Now we need to get to Indigo

1. Go right.
2. Go into Tohjo Falls.
3. Inside, teach a Pokemon Waterfall.
4. Use Waterfall and you can go up waterfalls.
5. Outside Tohjo Falls, you?ll see the locations of the Day Sibling?s houses! I
missed a few!
6. Fight your way up, beating trainers along the way.
7. Make sure your Pokemon are at Level 55+.
8. Go through the building.
9. It?s a remodeled version of the reception gate west of Viridian City from
10. Show the guy your badges and you can pass through.
11. It?s Victory Road, but it?s shorter. Go through and keep raising your
12. Challenge rival (below).
13. You?ll eventually arrive at Indigo Plateau.

1. Inside, rest your Pokemon and buy A LOT of healing items.

***RIVAL 5***
You may want a very varied team. Use Graveler against Sneasal, Kadabra,
Haunter, Magneton and Golbat. Use everyone against his starter! Voila!
***RIVAL 5***

2. Now make a team with your starter, your rock, your bird, a psychic, a dark
type and a normal type.
3. Now challenge the Elite 4.

He?s a psychic guy, so you want Graveler/Golem. Use your bird as back up. He
shouldn?t be too hard. He?s actually easier than Clair from Blackthorn City.

3. Now challenge Koga, the former Fuschia City Gym Leader.

He?s a bug and poison type, so you want a fire and psychic type. Graveler is
also very powerful. Have your bird pokemon as backup if necessary. He?s not
much harder than Will.

4. Now recharge and challenge Bruno, an original Elite 4 member.

Against Hitmonchan, Lee and Top, use a psychic Pokemon. Against Onix, use a
water type. Use Graveler against machamp and this match is won!

5. Challenge Karen now.

Against Umbreon, use Graveler. Against Vileplume, use fire. Use Graveler
against Gengar and Murkrow. Houndoom needs water and rock. She?s pretty touch,
so be careful!

6. Now challenge Lance.

Use an Electric attack against all the opponents. It damages them moderately.
Use ice and water attacks as backup and save Graveler if everyone else kicks
the bucket. Congrats! You are now the Pokemon Johto League Champion!
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After the credits, you are back in New Bark Town.

1. Talk to Elm to get an S.S. AQUA Ticket.
2. Fly to Olivine City.

1. Go down the dock and board the ship.
2. Talk to everyone.
3. Battle some sailors until you get to the captain.
4. Get his daughter back to get the Metal Coat.
5. The ship will dock in Vermilion City!

1. Go to the gym by surfing.
2. Challenge all pre-leaders and Lt. Surge.

He is the 3rd leader, but you happened to be in Vermilion first, so challenge
him. All his Pokemon are thunder types, so use Graveler. His Rock Smash can
easily beat Lt. Surge.

3. Go north to Saffron City.

1. Go to Sabrina?s Gym.
2. Using the tile transports, always go to the tile on top or below you.
3. Challenge Sabrina.

Use a dark type or rock type to quickly wipe the official 6th gym leader out.
She?s wimpier than in RBY, so you won?t have much trouble.

4. Go north to Cerulean City.

1. Go into the gym and spy on the rocket.
2. Look in the center square pool for a part.
3. Travel east to the Power Plant.
4. You can get there by surfing on Route 9.

1. There, give the part to the mechanics and then you?ll receive TM-07 Zap
2. Go back to Cerulean City.

1. Travel north, passed many trainers.
2. You?ll see Misty at the end with a man.
3. After talking to her, challenge her at the gym.
4. Go back to Cerulean Gym.

Use electric types against that wimp, Misty. She?ll lose in about 10 total

5. Travel south to Saffron City.

1. If you want to go back to Johto, go to Copycat?s house.
2. Talk to her and you?ll realize she lost her doll.
3. Go down to Vermilion City.

1. Go to the Pokemon Club.
2. Talk to everyone and get the doll.
3. Go up to Saffron City.

1. Go to Copycat?s House.
2. Give her the doll and she?ll give you a Monorail Ticket!
3. Now we can travel back to Johto?s Goldenrod City using Saffron?s Train!
4. Head east to Lavender Town.

1. Go to Pokemon Tower.
2. It?s now Kanto?s Radio Tower.
3. Talk to everyone to get a Radio EXPN Card!
4. Now go back to Saffron City.

1. Head west to Celadon City.

1. Go to the gym.
2. Challenge everyone.
3. Challenge Erika.

Use any fire and psychic type. Erika isn?t as powerful as RBY, so she?ll be
beaten within seconds! Beat her!

4. Head east to Saffron City.

1. Argh! I?m getting tired of going here!
2. Go south to Vermilion City.

1. Go to the Snorlax east of town.
2. Use your Radio on frequency to Poke Flute to wake Snorlax!
3. Try to catch Snorlax!
4. Take Diglett?s Cave to Pewter City.

1. Go to the gym.
2. Beat all the pre-leaders.
3. Challenge Brock.

Use water and grass types. Those are VERY strong against Brock. Once you beat
Brock, you get the Boulder Badge.

4. Talk to a man near the entrance to get the Silver Wing.
5. Now we can catch Lugia in Whirl Islands in Johto!
6. Travel south to Viridian City.

1. Travel south to Pallet Town.

1. Talk to Oak at his lab.
2. Surf south to Cinnabar Island.

1. Talk to the guy on the island- it?s Gary (known as Blue in GSC) Oak.
2. He?ll fly back to Viridian City!
3. Ignore him and surf east to Seafoam Island.

1. Challenge Blaine.

Like Brock, use water types. Rock types like Golem are also very powerful.
Blaine will lose after 5 total hits.
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Surf east of Seafoam to Fuchsia City.

1. Go to the gym. Beat everyone.
2. Challenge Janine, the new gym leader.

Use psychic types or rock types against her. Her pokemon will lose after 8
total blows!

3. Surf down to Seafoam and Cinnabar.

1. Surf up to Pallet.

1. Travel to Viridian Gym.

1. Go to the gym and challenge Gary (Blue).

Gary has a varied team, but a strong electric type can handle all of them.

2. We have all 8 Kanto Badges!
3. Now we need to win the Kanto League!
4. Go down to Pallet.

1. Talk to Oak.
2. Then go up to Viridian City.

1. Head west to Mt. Silver.

***MT. SILVER***
1. Pass through the Johto League Entrance.
2. You?ll end up on Mt. Silver, the location of the Kanto League Leader!
3. Find your way through the mountain- the path is linear.
4. Challenge the Kanto Gym Leader- Ash (Red)!

This is you r ultimate test. I won?t tell you what to do- after winning in the
Johto League and passing the 8 Kanto Leaders, you figure out what to do! Ash is
pretty tough!

Congrats! You beat the game!
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1. Between Cianwood Island and Olivine City lies the Whirl Islands.
2. Surf there and bypass the whirlpools with the Whirlpool HM.
3. Inside, search around (VERY complex to explain).
4. You?ll find Lugia if you got the Silver Wing from a man in Pewter City.
5. Try catching Lugia- he?s pretty strong! He is one of the Pokemon who can
beat Mewtwo!

1. You can catch the 3 dogs here after freeing them.
2. But Suicune must stay.
3. Challenge the Trio of the Wise and beat them.
4. The Trio of the Wise will give you a Rainbow Wing.
5. Now challenge the Suicune, but SAVE!

1. To gain entrance, you must have captured Suicune, Raikou and Entei and have
the Rainbow Wing!
2. Scale the tower.
3. Challenge Ho-oh. Make sure you save before the battle!

***MT. MORTAR***
1. This is the mountain range between Ecruteak City and Mahogany Town.
2. Go inside and follow the fairly linear tunnels.
3. You?ll run into a man who will give you Tyrogue, the pre-evolution of
Hitmontop, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee!

***ROUTE 45***
1. This is the path south of Blackthorn City.
2. It has many trainers and Pokemon for experience.
3. It leads to Route 46.

***ROUTE 46***
1. This is downhill.
2. You can gain experience and catch more Pokemon.
3. It leads to the route between New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City.

1. Enter from Violet City.
2. Go to where you enter through a cave and solve the puzzle.
3. It should be a Kabuto. Go down and capture as many DIFFERENT Unown as
4. Talk to a scientist outside to upgrade your Pokedex to track the Unown
you?ve caught.
5. Go back to the Kabuto puzzle and use an escape rope.
6. Go back inside the Kabuto Room and go to the new entrance.
7. Now go to Union Cave and surf elsewhere to find another entrance to Ruins of
8. Inside, use flash on another puzzle room and then another entrance will be
9. Go to another puzzle room through surfing away from the ruins.
10. Use the Water Stone in the room and then another entrance will be revealed.
11. Go to the final puzzle room with Ho-oh and then another passage will be

***MT. MOON***
1. Here, you?ll find Rival.
2. Battle and beat him.
3. On Monday Night, go here to find Clefairy.
4. Find the Moon Stone hidden somewhere.

1. This is between Cerulean City and Lavender Town.
2. You need Flash.
3. You can train your Pokemon here.

***ROUTE 12***
1. This leads to Route 13.
2. You can train here.

***ROUTE 13***
1. This leads to Route 14.
2. You can train here.

***ROUTE 14***
1. This leads to Route 15.
2. You can train here.

***ROUTE 15***
1. Along with Route 12, 13, 1, this path connects Fuchsia City with Vermilion
City and Lavender Town.
2. You can train here.

***ROUTE 16***
1. This leads to Cycling Road aka Route 17.
2. You can ride the bike here.

***ROUTE 17***
1. You can ride the Bike here.
2. It connects to Route 18.

***ROUTE 18***
1. Along with Route 17 AND 16, this path connects Fuchsia City with Celadon

1. You can capture low level Pokemon and Pikachu here!
2. You can train here.
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1. Absorb
2. Acid
3. Acid Armor
4. Aeroblast
5. Agilty
6. Amnesia
7. Ancient Powder
8. Attract
9. Aurora Beam
10. Barrage
11. Baton Pass
12. Belly Drum
13. Bide
14. Bind
15. Bite
16. Blizzard
17. Body Slam
18. Bonemerang
19. Bubble
20. Bubblebeam
21. Charm
22. Clamp
23. Comet Punch
24. Confuse Ray
25. Confusion
26. Constrict
27. Conversion
28. Conversion 2
29. Counter
30. Crabhammer
31. Crunch
32. Curse
33. Cut
34. Defense Curl
35. Destiny Bond
36. Dig
37. Disable
38. Dizzy Punch
39. Double Team
40. Double Kick
41. Double Edge
42. Doubleslap
43. Dragonrage
44. Dragonbreath
45. Dream Eater
46. Drill Peck
47. Dynamic Punch
48. Earthquake
49. Ember
50. Explosion
51. Faint Attack
52. Fire Blast
53. Fire Punch
54. Fire Spin
55. Fissure
56. Flail
57. Flame Wheel
58. Flame Thrower
59. Flash
60. Fly
61. Focus Energy
62. Fury Attack
63. Giga Drain
64. Growl
65. Growth
66. Guillotine
67. Gust
68. Harden
69. Haze
70. Headbutt
71. Hi Jump Kick
72. Hydro Pump
73. Hyper Beam
74. Hyper Fang
75. Hypnosis
76. Ice Beam
77. Ice Punch
78. Icy Wind
79. Jump Kick
80. Karate Chop
81. Kinesis
82. Leech Life
83. Leech Seed
84. Leer
85. Lick
86. Light Screen
87. Low Kick
88. Meditate
89. Mega Drain
90. Mega Kick
91. Mega Punch
92. Metronome
93. Minimize
94. Mirror Move
95. Nightmare
96. Pay Day
97. Pin Missle
98. Poison Gas
99. Poison Sting
100. Pound
101. Psybeam
102. Psychic
103. Psywave
104. Quick Attack
105. Rage
106. Rain Dance
107. Razor Leaf
108. Recover
109. Rest
110. Roar
111. Rock Slide
112. Rock Smash
113. Rock Throw
114. Sandstorm
115. Scratch
116. Slash
117. Screech
118. Seismic Toss
119. Selfdestruct
120. Sky Attack
121. Slam
122. Sludge
123. Smokescreen
124. Strength
125. Submission
126. Substitute
127. Swift
128. String Shot
129. Theif
130. Thunder
131. Thunderbolt
132. Thundershock
133. Thunderpunch
134. Toxic
135. Water Gun
136. Waterfall
137. Whirlpool
138. Wing Attack
139. Withdraw
140. Wrap
141. Zap Cannon
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