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Yugioh Card Game Banning and Restrictions Gone Wild


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[URL=http://www.pojo.com/yu-gi-oh/PriceGuide/Banned-Restricted-List.shtml]The ban and restricted list[/URL]

Why are they banning so many cards now? What's the point of releasing them if they are going to be banned? This is just crazy.

As soon as I got my hands on Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of Beginning he already had been banned. I never even had the chance to use him. The reason they say is he is "too powerful". Shouldn't some cards just be "too powerful" to seperate the better duelest from the pack.

Not only are they banning new cards, but they are also banning old favorite like Pot of Greed, Mirror Force, and Graceful Charity. Most of these cards were staples and ran in every deck so why would you ban them?

I have to rework my deck almost every month because more and more cards are being banned and restricted. I'm almost to the point of just quieting, because the game is getting so hard to play.
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[quote name='Hells Fire']Shouldn't some cards just be "too powerful" to seperate the better duelest from the pack.[/quote]

First, I think this is in the wrong thread. Since it has nothing to do with the Anime.
Second, I agree that the company is screwing the game up. Why make cards if nobody can play with them? It's no longer a game. It seems they're just trying to make things rare and "collectable" rather than playable.
Third, it's about money. It always is. They want as much money as they can.

Most importantly, I disagree with your statement above. It seems like you think that a better duelist is one with better cards. That's exactly what I hated about the game. It's about who's richer, not who's the best strategist. It's not about who's the best tactition or card player. It's all about who can afford the best cards.

It used to be fun, but now it's just annoying.

[quote name='Hells Fire']I have to rework my deck almost every month because more and more cards are being banned and restricted.[/quote]

Maybe that's what they want. If you keep reworking your deck, you may have to buy new cards to replace the ones that were restricted. Like you said, they're restricting staples, meaning [b]everyone[/b] has to change their decks. [b]Everyone[/b] has to buy new cards and spend more money.

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That's true. I've noticed in all card games that the evil corporations making them will milk you of your milk money by saying, "No, you can't use (enter random old card here), but here's (new card with same effect) instead! It's ultra mega rare though..."

not really, i lied, but the older card editions are being taken away and the newer card editions are totally different, meaning you have to change your deck entriely.

Transition to [B]ANIME[/B] : ~~~~~~~~

What is up with Yu-Gi-Oh G/X? All the characters look like freaky-fan-fiction-couple-matches of the other series' characters (like the guy who looks like YuGi and Weavil.... Ewww much? Also, all the cards are all new and I have no idea wtf they are. Also, there are only like, 7 cards per person that they ever play. What happened? 4000 life points and a 15 card deck? Someone explain before the voices in my head convince me that it's a terrorist plot to give the children attending prep-schools servere paper cuts and steal their souls... please. :animestun :animestun :animestun :animesigh
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