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HWA- Hardcore Wrestling Association [M-VSL]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkGreen]Ok .. now i'm not sure if there is already a wrestling rpg on this board, or if there has been one in the past, but there is going to be now. I've been apart of many other successful wrestling rpg's on many other boards, but i've always been a competitor, and not the owner. Now is my turn.

Here's the story --

[I]The WWE has been at the top of the wrestling ratings since WCW was bought out. It seems as if nothing can stop the promotion, and even TNA has been put out of business from lack of interest. Ted Turner decides that now would be a great time to fund another wrestling promotion, and he decides to give the reigns to his nephew Jimi Freund. Jimi had been training to be a wrestler all of his life, and now he was getting the oppurtunity to own his own promotion. There are many people he can choose to rise his promotion to the top, but he wants a promotion full of fresh new faces.[/I]

So that's the story. It's fairly simple, and the story will pretty much progress as we go on. I'm still not sure if you guys will write your own matches or if I will write them for you, i'm gonna need so feedback as to what I should do.

I was looking over at some other peoples old wrestling rpg's, and I like the idea that Monster had of a stat sheet, so I'm gonna steal it. Sorry.

[U]You can use only 30 points[/U]

Strength: ( How strong your wrestler is )
Charisma: ( How over with the crowd your wrestler is )
Technique: ( Your ability in the ring )
Submission: ( How well you can use submission skills )
Hardcore: ( If your wrestler can shed some blood )
Endurance: ( The toughness of your wrestler, and how long they can stay in a match )

[U]Here's the sign-up sheet:[/U]


Wrestler's real name:

Wrestler's In-ring name:

Wreslter's Height:

Wreslter's Weight:


Wrestlier's Finishing Move/Moves: ( I want an explanation of what the move is )


A descriptive description of what he/she looks like:



When enough people sign-up .. at least 10! .. we'll start out this new promotion. I hope that it can be successful, and if anyone has anymore questions you can PM me. Believe me, this rpg will get aaa llloooooottt more in depth then what I'm describing.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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What a releif, I was afraid I would have to start one of these. Anyways, my character is baised on myself in my old basement wrestling group.

Wrestler's real name: Jake Wallace

Wreslter's Height: 6'0"

Wreslter's Weight: 200lbs

Sex: male

Wrestlier's Finishing Move/Moves:

Waa-Cutter - A variation of the TKO, were Waah lifts his opponent onto his sholders then swings him around behind him into a stunner.

Waa-Sault - A moon-sault

The Walls - The Walls of Jericho, aka standing boston crab.

Face/Heel: Face

A descriptive description of what he/she looks like:

Strength: 4
Charisma: 7
Technique: 7
Submission: 5
Hardcore: 3
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Wrestlers Real Name: Morgan Williams
Nick Name: Human Suplex Machine MK.2

Wrestlers Height: 6'3
Wrestlers Weight" 230 pounds

Sex: Male

Wrestlers Signiatures/Finishers:

Ura-Nage: The wrestler stands face to face with the opponent, slighly to their side. The wrestler tucks his head under the opponent's near arm, and reaches across the opponent's chest and around their neck with his near arm. The wrestler then simultaneously lifts the opponent up, turns 180°, and falls backwards, bringing the opponent over him and slamming them down to the mat back first.

Exploder: This is a variant of a belly-to-belly suplex. Rather then crossing the opponent's arms around his/her own, the wrestler performing the Exploder Suplex wraps one of the opponent's arms behind his/her back and throws him/her overhead in the same motion as a belly-to-belly. Another way of finishing this grapple is during the belly-to-belly like motion of throwing the opponent is for the wrestler to catch him/her and fall backward like a fallaway slam.

Machine Suplex (Finisher): The same as an Exploder but it ends in a pin.

Face/Heel: Heel

Wrestler Appearence: [IMG]http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/pictures/j/johnnythebull/10.jpg[/IMG]

Charisma: 8
Technique: 6
Submission: 3
Endurance: 3
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[FONT=Arial]Wrestler's real name: Ryan west

Wreslter's Height: 6'5

Wreslter's Weight: 245

Sex: male

Wrestlier's Finishing Move/Moves:

RKO- where Ryan puts the wrestler's head on his shoulder and slams right down on the matt.

Spear- as the wrestler tries to get up, Ryan stays in a corner waiting. as he finally gets up, he tackles him back down.

Face/Heel: Face

A descriptive description of what he/she looks like: below

Strength: 6
Charisma: 10
Technique: 4
Submission: 2
Hardcore: 3
Endurance: 5[/FONT]
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