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Howl's Moving Castle- Spirited Joined [PG]


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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Howl stared out of the flying castle. His black hair flew back as he smiled. It was another beautiful day in the sky. He turned to the small boy beside him.
"Another Beautiful day in the sky uh, Markl?" he asked as he turned his attention again outside.

Calcifer, who was allowing his eyes to wonder heard what Howl said.
"I would enjoy the view, but you know I don't have any legs!" Howl ingored him like he always does and stared at the clouds. He has been against the window he didn't keep track of the time.

"Has Sophie came back from the store yet?" He whispered as Markl looked his way.

"Not yet, I wonder what's taking her...." He didn't hear what Markl said after that for he flung himself against the boy.

"Hold on!!" A explosion came as Calcifer yelped. Another one as Plates fell and broke on the wooden floor.

"What's going on?!" Said Markl as Howl looked up at the window.

"Looks like someone doesn't want us to fly this way. I'll take care of them." He dashed to the door and zoomed outside of the porch. There, Howl did afew hand signals and fired a fireball at one of the many winged shadows that where following them.

"Shadow demons. Just has I thought. Calcifer! Get us going!!" It didn't take him a second before he made the flying castle going faster. Still the many Shadow demons stayed close to them, firing too fireballs at the castle. Howl focused and hit another fireball at the closest Shadow, but there where too many of them.

"Howl! I can't handle much more! We're going down!" Calcifer roared as the castle began to descend down to the rocky mountains below.

"Damn, Hold on to somehting Markl!" The boy nodded and grabbed one of the table's leg.

"Here we go!!" yelled Calcifer as they hit against the rocks.


Timbo the shadow demon watched as the flying castle crashed on the rocky mountains. He had a wide grin as he was happy as he could ever be.

"Perfect! Master will be pleased, pleased he shall be!" His Twin shadow demon, Bimbo nodded.

"Yes, he will tell us how great we have done. Great we have done!" The two demons flew off as the other shadow demons followed.

Sophie looked through the selected apples at the stand, picking the right one. She picked up one and looked at it carefully and nodded. She paid the shop keeper and left. She would have to hurry or the boys would get into a fuss. She took a short cut through the ally. She could see the house where the portal was when a black car came, blocking the exit.

"Excuse me, sir. But your blocking to way." Sophie pronounced as the driver turned to her. Footsteps came behind her as the men in the car came out. They where wearing black suits as the same color with there mustaches. She took a step back to be blocked by a man wearing a red coat with crimson spiky hair. On both of his sides where demons Spohie has neevr seen before.

"Are you Miss. Sophie?" whispered the man in crimson.

"Yes, I am.... Who are you?" The man made a grin and nodded to the men in suits. The grabbed her roughy. She tried to pull away, but they had a strong grip.

"My name is Seymour and your coming with me..." With great speed, he lashed a cain from his belt and whipped it against Sophie's head. Knocking her out cold.


Yu-Baaba was counting her golden coins. 256...257....258....

"Yu- Baaba! Yu-Baaba!" The skull yelled on her desk as she her coin tower fell apart. She banged the desk and looked at the skull.

"What is it Aniyaku? It better be good."

"It is Yu- Baaba! Master Seymour is standing outside!" Yuy- Baaba gasped as she turned and ran to the window. She looked down to see the crimson demon standing outside smiling. She floated back to the skull.

"What are you doing making him stand outside?! Bring him in and treat him like a king!!'

"Yes Yu Baaba!" She threw the skull down and gathered her coins in a small potch. She flew out the door and to the elavator. There at the door was Haku with his emotionless face. Yu- Baaba got inside as Haku pulled down the lever to go down stairs.

"We better be at are best, Haku. He is are very best client and i don't want any mistakes!"

"Of course Yu Baaba..."

Yu Baaba and Haku reached the bottom as they met there golden guest.

"welcome Seymour... We could have the bath house in a better condition if you called before...." She stopped as she sniffed and turned to someone in a long black clock, hands tied behind the back.

"Seymour.....I didn't know you like humans...." Haku turned his attention to the clocked human.

"Yeah, She's a peice of a large puzzle i must complete. I want the largest bath for my men and a private one for myself."

Yu- Baaba stared at the clocked human and nodded.

"Of course, Haku get the large tub ready." Haku nodded and walked away as Seymour's demons followed. Seymour pushed the girl foward.

"You can lock her up in one of your private rooms if you like." Yu Baaba nodded and turned to one of her workers, Rin.

'Take her to a room, peace and quiet. NO one should disturb the human." Rin looked disgusted at Yu Baaba and took the clocked human away. Yu Baaba then turned to Seymour with a curious smile.

"Why are you here, Master seymour? Surely your not here to visit a old friend?" Seymour let his long crimson hair float down to his eyes. A wicked smile came over his face.

"I used to work with a crow demon named Isamu and he took something very important. He died before I could get it back, but I think his son has it. It's hard to track down his son, for he is very sneaky, so I took his woman. When he knows his girl is missing, he'll come looking for me.... I'll swap him for the girl with my.... treasure his father owes me.... I just came here to celebrate." He gave a grin and walked away from Yu Baaba. Her face was blank, like a stone.

"I bet this must be some treasure..." She whispered as she walked away.


Howl dusted himself off as Markl diged out of the crashed castle.

?Well, that was a smooth landing.... Calcifer, when do you think you can get the castle running??

?I don?t know, by nightfall. It?s going to be hard fixing myself up again..? Howl nodded as he turned to Markl.
?Stay with Calcifer, while I?ll go and follow those demons. I have a bad feeling off this. When Sophie get?s back, tell her I?ll be back by nightfall.? Markl gave a nod as Howl transformed into his crow form. He flopped his wings as he darted to the south, where the shadow demons where heading. He knew that Shadow demons didn?t live around here, which meant one conclusion. Seymour.... He had only met the crimson demon once. The demon said that he knew his father and said he wanted his ?treasure? back, but Howl didn?t listen to him. The treasure he was talking about was a piece of paper with Divine descriptions. The paper, which always stayed in Howl?s pocket didn?t seem that important until he started to learn more and more about magic. He learned that on the piece of paper was a very powerful magic that could still..... Souls, using the souls to gain even stronger. Something like that was too dangerous to carry around, but this was a part of something from his father. He couldn?t let it go. He?d hope nothing happened to Sophie, for Seymour wasn?t a demon to mess with. He continued to fly to the south as darkness fell on the world.

Ok, I have put my two favorite Hayao Miyazaki films and created a sequel to both of them. Howl?s moving Castle with Spirited Away. Here are some characters you can play.

[U][I]Howl?s Moving Castle[/I][/U]

Howl- Lionheart


[U][I]Spirited Away[/I][/U]

Yu Baaba- Ya I know old hag.


Chihiro- If someone be?s her, she get?s caught up. PM me if you want her, and I?ll give ya info on what gets her involved.

There is also going to be a twist that involve characters from The movie Laputa, Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke if anyone saw those movies.
[U]Castle in the Sky[/I][/U]

[U]Princess Mononoke[/I][/U]



wolves- mother, and the brothers.

You can create a character also. If you don?t know anything about these movies, but the story sounds good then here is a website that tells Hayao Miyazaki?s info about his films. This sound be good! Have some fun!

[U]Sign ups[/U]

Race- Human, demon, spirit.
Job- for example blacksmith, wizard, swordsman, cook, Alchemist, etc.
bio- what get?s you involved with The story? If you picked a character from Castle in the sky or Princess Mononoke, PM me, so I can give ya the good stuff.
Abilities- not a lot, but a handful for example. Howl?s abilities. Please don?t pick something that could kill millions of people! Something easy.
Sorcery- fire, water, wind, and lightning.
Transform- can transform into a large crow.
Float- He can float around, but not for along time.[/COLOR]
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Name- Sophie

age- 19

gender- Female

Race- Human

Job- cook, housekeeper, hatter, generally keeps Howl working

Personality- Determined and singleminded, but not at all vain. In fact, she has a few self-esteem issues. She loves Howl dearly, but realizes that neither of them are perfect. She is fun and sweet when not focused on a single goal.

appearance- See picture below

bio- After being cursed by the Witch of the Waste, she found Howl -- the rest is history till she was kidnapped.

Abilities- She's human with no magical abilities except her capacity to love and believe in people.
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Name- Namiko

Age- 16 1/2

Race- wind spirit

Job- keeping things in perspective, also known as hotel manager after the manager was swallowed by NoFace and quitted the job.

Personality- Kind, caring, likes to make her employees like her by giving them candy every Friday and raising their salaries every 6 months without Yubaba knowing.

Appearance- long straight black hair tied in a half a bun, thin glasses, slim, 5"00, long white dress and high heels.

Bio- She is very kind and she was raised bu Grandma Zaniba, she is cool. She learned her skill in white magic defence from Zaniba and got to work for Yubaba after Chihiro left the bath house.

Abilities- can make protective spells out of everything, conjured up candy and can teleport
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Name- Howl
gender- male
Race- Human
Job- Wizard
Personality-Howl is one of the world's most powerful wizards, yet he still has the heart of a child. He's a moodly fellow, often over-exaggerating his emotions, who carries the heavy burden of being a key fighter in the ongoing war.
appearance- below
bio- already up there.
[U]Abilities [/U]
Sorcery- fire, water, wind, and lightning.
Transform- can transform into a large crow.
Float- He can float around, but not for along time
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Name- Kiki
gender- Shes a girl
Race- Witch
Job- Delivery Girl
Personality- Sweet as sweet gets, and very determined. ONce she puts her mind to somthing its hard to change it, and very defensive of her friends.
appearance- See Pic below!
bio- Kiki was asked to make a delivery to Howl and in the process found out about Sophies disapearence, and of course deciced that she had to hekp him find her because its just not right for some one to kidnap Sohpie!
Abilities- not a lot, She can fly on her broom! She owns a talking cat too, his name is Gigi!

Yay1 I'm soooo excited!
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][FONT=Arial Narrow]good good, everyone is in. I will start this tomorrow or very close from now. Even if you don't know anything about the movies, etc. and you want to join. PM me and i'll tell you some basic info. Remeber, you can make your OWN character.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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