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Sign Up Full Metal Picnic (M-Language, Violence, Explosions and whatever else)

Drizzt Do'urden

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[CENTER][B]You are hearby invited to the first anime character picnic[B][/CENTER]

Where?[/B] North City, Earth

[B]When?[/B] Friday, November 11th, 2005

[B]Who[/B] Any an all anime characters who recieve this invitation (No guests)

The idea behind this is that a certain select group of anime characters has been given these invitations.

The kicker will be the fact that the characters who did not recieve invitations are finding out and letting each other know. So basically the story will be about the characters who did not recieve invitations trying to wreck the picnic. And depending on how many posters we could have a great battle at the end, or possibly a sappy happy ending where theres an apology, a hug, and a few more people joining the party.

(Also all characters are going to be essentially equal. Yes you can still use all their powers, but no ones going to have an advantage. I.E. SSJ4 Goku is just as strong as Pikachu, whose just as powerful as vash the stampede)

Sign ups-

Anime: Just incase you pick a lesser known character
Invitation: Just yes you recieve, or no you did not.

My sign up.

Name: Goku
Anime: DBZ
Invitation: It's my party so I hope so
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