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Mobile Infantry: Dirtside [M-VLS]


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[SIZE=1]A couple of weeks ago I was talking to Annie about RPGs I had in the works, or at least ideas I had for RPGs that I was looking to expand and launch in the Arena. One of those projects entitled simply Mobile Infantry and takes place as the name suggests in the Starship Troopers universe though it will be set after the first movie and will probably ignore the television series as it?s been a long time since I?ve seen it and the plot and characters to the television series are incompatible with those of the movie. Anyway to get back on point I?d be interested in creating an RPG based on the series because we?ve never had one before and I think it would be fairly easy to translate it to a workable format for the Arena.

I suppose my main question would be if people would be interested in taking part in an RPG like this ? Seeing as how the Starship Troopers movies are more so based on the characters themselves involved in the war rather than the war itself I would prefer to keep it that way, rather than have the war become the main subject of the story and the people caught up in it become secondary. I?ve given it the same or at least the equivalent rating for the Arena that it had when it was released or at least released on video, however I would ask that the level of sexuality, if that's even the right word be kept to the same levels and style of the movies, the last thing I want for this is for it to become a Troopers-based porno movie. The violence content will be fairly strong but gore will again be similar to that in the film, the same can be said for language though if memory serves there was only a small amount of cursing in the film.

I know reading through those last few lines you?ll be thinking that I?m just going to be replicating the movies for OB, but I am going to try and make it something unique without getting too far off that basic canon established by the films. While sexual, violence and language content are going to be of similar levels to the movies there is of course going to be some room for interpretation but as I said at the beginning this is going to be based on the characters, rather than the war and the content. [/SIZE]
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