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RPG Alien vs Predator RPG (play)


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btw, all speaking will be in English....... so we know what the hell we're on about
In the dense jungle's of southern america, a pack of tribal indians are hunting. Little do they know that something is watching them.

Blade: Armed........ aliens?

Blade lands behing the indians, and extends his metal claws. He sticks them through an indian, the lifts him into the air. He fires his cannon at another, and uses his disk to kill the remaining three.

Blade: Pityfull.

Blade grabs each indian by the legs, and one by one skins them, and hangs them from a tree.

Blade: I'll let them decompose for a bit, before I get their skulls.
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Uknown wakes up inside a Container and looks around to see lots of humans looking at him. He breaks out of the container and starts gutting left, right and centre!

Uknown: pityfull humans!

Once all the humans are dead he collects his mask from the wall and puts it on. carefully reconnecting each pipe and then he exits the building and runs out into the jungle
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*Kevin is in a base who knows where being brief but little did his superiors knows he is fell asleep but the as soon as he heard unknown enemies his head pop up*

Kevin: So do we have a picture of the enemies?

Man in Shadow: Yes had one.

Kevin: Had?

MIS: It escape.

Kevin: ......How did it escape?

MIS: *pass him pic*

Kevin: Man it's ugly.

MIS: You see way?

Kevin: Yes be what do you want me to do?

MIS: Kill them.

Kevin: Them?

MIS: There's more then one of that kind.

Kevin: Back a minute. How many kind is there?

MIS: Two that one and another. *pass him another pic* It's a lizard type. Do your read you ship out solo in two hours.

Kevin: Man this one is ugly too.
*Kevin leave the room read up on the two types*
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Signal from queen: For now you will be a lone fighter. Creatures known only as predators are among us on this planet, and pose a potential threat to our colony.

Kai's mouths foam as he ponders about his new adversaries.

Signal: You have been gifted with a pheromone sensor, you will be able to "see" the predators when they become camoflauged. Humans for the most part can be disregarded, as they pose no threat. You are advised to take caution on the soldier humans. You must not fail, Kai, for our colony depends on your success.

Acid drips from his mouth as he becomes excited with this new challenge.

Kai: An entire colony full of drones, and it's survival is on my shoulders, hehe.

He leaps into the jungle in hot pursuit, careful to blend in perfectly with the lush jungle, and somehow keep perfect silence.
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[color=royalblue]Akira breaths heavily as he walks through the sederted town, looking for any left over Aliens.

Akira:Wait...Whats that?*lifts gun into firing posistion*

Alien:SKREE!*gets blown apart, and Aleins rush at him from every corner of the town*

Akira:NOT GOOD!*starts firing*[/color]
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[color=crimson][i]A figure runs across the desert... he dressed peculiarly from the mans postion...

The figure runs behind a cliff and takes off his protective cloak[/i]

Orion: I know Aliens are around here... where...

[i]He hears a earth shattering explosion and a large bellow of smoke is seen over the horizon[/i]

Orion: That would be our alien attack i presume...

[i]He runs off twards the smoke...[/i][/color]
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As Kai is running through the forest, he senses pheromones that relemble Blade's, a notorious alien killing. Kai allerts the nest with his signal.

Kai: Screeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Running at full speed, Kai rams Blade with such force that he crashes through a tree. Deciding it's best to wait for recruits with this one, he sets off again at full speed.

Kai: No need to commence with the fight, the dones will be looking for him now.

He silently runs through the jungle with amazing silence, prepared to ambush again.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Krillen [/i]
[B]Hey, Predetors Cannnnn travel in Packs, If youve seen Predetor 2 then youll see about 50 of them in a Space Ship Together.... [/B][/QUOTE]

Try 12 predators. And this isn't the film. I'm saying that the predators must travel on their own, because lets face facts, aliens and humans wouldn't stands a snowballs chance in hell of beating predators if they were on their own........ never mind in a group.
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Yeah you got a point there. The whole spec op unit was killed with ease by one Predator in part one.

*Kevin in a plane be ship to the dense jungle of where the hostiles are at*
Kevin: Brief, stock on ammo and,guns but still only a 10% of me get out of this a alive and in one piece.

*he ready his weapons and check on his ammo and parachute. he jump out the plane without fear and ready for the unknown*
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Blade, happy with the bodies, one by one goes and rips all their skulls and spinal colunms out, they cleaning and polishing them.

Blade: This is pointless........ I need something more populated.

Blade turns on his stealth, and leaps across the trees, with his bag of skulls. He gets back to his ship, which is underground. He deposit's the skulls in the ship, then goes back outside.

Blade: Their weapons........ are so........ primitive............

Blade leaps across the trees, still with his stealth.
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[i] Forte sits down and listens to the mission ahead of him [/i]

Myro: Now do you understand this Forte??

Forte: Yes i know what i have to do.

[i] Forte leaves and enters the vast wasteland of Turinia [/i]

Forte: Ahh, i will dispose of the ones that threaten our armada. No one will know.

* snicker *

[i] Forte continues to walk off [/i]
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Blade runs through the forest, only to be stopped by a single bull alien. It snarls and drools acid, rears back its head and lets out a blood curdeling(sp?) scream. Disturbed by the noise, Blade despenses of the single alien with his shuriken. As he prepares to leave, another jumps in front of him. Another two pop out of the bushes behind him, then to the sides. In no less than ten seconds Blade is completely surrounded by ravenous bull aliens. Little does he know, the ordeal is being monitered by an intrigued Kai, perched atop a tree, and well hidden.

Blade: *arming himself* Let's go.

Aliens: Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
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[i] Forte is still walking along destorying Aliens [/i]

Forte: Hmm, this is a big one

[i] Forte gets into a battle stance [/i]

Forte: Bring it on!
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Blade extends his right arm, and a metal disk appears. He throws it, and it decapitates two of the sliens. He fires his Plasma Cannon at another, making a huge hole the aliens chest as he drops to the flor. Blade then extends his claws, and punches an Alien in the neck with the spikes. An alien jumps on his beck, and he choots it with the plasma cannon. Blade then reveals a short stick.

Blade: Stick around!

Both ends of the stick extend, impaling two more aliens. He does some Darth Maul type moves killing the other three.

Blade: Somone knows my location, he can see through my stealth..........

Blade puts his stealth off, and raises his arm with the stick in it, issuing a large battle cry.
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Hearing a small crackling sounds, Blade turns to see several javeline like spines speeding towards him. He dodges in time to see Kai leap from the tree and reveal his evil self. He drools with acid, excited with the confrontation. Blade aims his weapon.

Blade: Big mistake.

As he fires, Kai leaps into the air and lands on top of him, pinning him to the ground. Acid drips onto his armor, barely avoiding his face. He attempts to gut Kai with his claws, and Kai steps back with a screech.

Kai: Screeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa!!!!!

Kai fires several more projectiles from his back. Blade manages to dodge some, but is impaled by two he was unaware of. He falls over in pain. Kai bides his time as he approaches Blade.

Blade: A new alien....
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[i] Forte is in a fierce battle [/i]

Forte: AAHHHH, enough. Bone Blades!

[i] Bones with blades on the end come out of his body, Forte screams in pain [/i]


[i] Forte stops, charges the beast [/i]

Forte: Die FLOOD!!!!!!!
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Blade raises his left arm, and fires a small fork-like projectile straight through Kai's neck. Kai falls to the floor, and Blade pulls the spikes out of his arms. He presses a few buttons on his right shoulder,and a small compartment, with various first aid tools appears. He grabs a learge needle, and injects it into his chest. He wails in pain as he inserts the liquid into his body. His wounds close up in a matter of minutes.

Blade: Hmm..... this alien is strong.

Blade pulls the fork- like projectile out of the aliens neck. Blade then reveals his staff, and it extends on both ends, then extends again.

Blade: Get up!

He waits for the motionless alien to rise.
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[i] Forte starts to slash and bash this monster but it barely hurts it [/i]

Forte: * heavy breath * How the....

[i] Forte starts charging and slices his left arm off [/i]

Forte: That should help.....

[i] Forte gets into a battle stance [/i]
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Kai's body lies motionless, while his tail sweeps Blade faster than he could blink. With a scream, Kai disappeared into the forest again. Blade picks himself up and listens to the forest. Screaches and growls come from what seems like all directions. He readies is weapon.

Kai: (deep groggy voice) Predator, reveal location of Earth base now.

Blade: Never!

Kai: Screeeeeeeaaaaa!
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[i] Forte does a Lightening Crash and it slices the Alien into pieces and he explodes with massive force, Forte goes flying out of the building/ place [/i]


[i] Forte hits the ground hard [/i]

Forte: Uhh, too weak...

[i] Forte faints and lies there motionless [/i]
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*Kevin arrive in the jungle with a clueless face*

Kevin: So where do I go from here?
*he walk a little farther in saw a group of type two alien (which are alien) the group saw him and charge*

Kevin: Oh crap!
*he unleash a wave of bullets kill all but one it knock him right into a tree as it about to do a fatal strike it was blow away with a machine gun*

Kevin: Well this is fun.
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