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Sasuke banner please?


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If anyone can, I would love a banner of my avitar, with Sasuke walking. I want it to say

... I'll keep going, and never quit...

And on the opposite side of my avitar I would like this pic.


Sorry for all the trouble :animeswea . Thanks alot if you will make it for me! Now I gotta learn how to put a banner up... Oh well, thank you!
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[size=1][color=royalblue][b]Katana:[/b] *randomly bursts out* "You're that fanfic person!"

= =;; Gross got, Nomura. I hope you don't mind that I whipped up a set for you. I was in one of those ruts where...I needed to make something but I didn't know what. Thank you. XD

And it turned out a little bit Christmas-y. Oap. - -;; Also a time for experiments...wonder how it'll look.

...and the avi, which I pretty much just took a banner I made almost a year ago and sliced up the Sasuke part. XD It looks cool, right? ...Right?

Well, if you would like anything changed, just say so. ^_^[/color][/size]
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