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Any aphex twin fans here?

Guest Doomberg

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[font=franklin gothic medium]Aw, I was kind of hoping for something a bit more substantial than that...lol. Oh well.

I don't know if I'd really call myself a fan of Aphex Twin as such. I really respect Richard D. James but personally, it can be difficult for me to enjoy a lot of the stuff he produces. No matter which way you look at it, it would have to be said that he's always been an experimental artist - he's certainly had commercial success with a few key tracks, but in general he doesn't seem to have been trying to attract any kind of mainstream appeal.

The two tracks that most come to mind are probably Come to Daddy and Windowlicker. Windowlicker is by far my favourite Aphex Twin track and the video clip is possibly one of the coolest music videos ever produced. Come to Daddy is worthwhile and the video is great, but I think it's a bit more difficult to get into than Windowlicker, mostly because it's a little more hardcore in its approach (and I don't use that word to describe a genre here, I use it simply to illustrate that Come to Daddy is more abrasive than Windowlicker).

Anyway, I only own one Aphex Twin album: Druqs. There are a couple of tracks on there that I do like quite a bit, but I'm not remembering the names at the moment. Most of the album is very experimental though - you get a lot of tracks that are one minute of soft piano, or thirty seconds of a baby crying, or a minute of him beating a fence with a metal pole. Although I think the album tends to push the boundaries of "what is music" - which is a worthwhile exercise - I wouldn't really listen to it for pure enjoyment. For me it's mostly a curiosity, with some tracks included that do have great potential.[/font]
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I love them!!! Besides Daft Punk their an awsome techno groups with good songs. My favorites at the moment would have to be "Outside Kick-*** Violin Solo" and "Techno Tectris". Very good ^.^ I was on ebasumworld one night and say that they had a video of this weird person in a wheelchair, the music was good but the guy was scary as anything. I think the Tital was called, "Rubber Johnny" Good times witht he twins :catgirl:
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