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Discuss Rune Hunters - Guide [PG-VL] (Dark Themes)


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The HIstory of the Island Nations

History of the Island States- The Island States are a recently set up series of small island Nations which was formed shortly after a truly destructive war which was ended when the Massacre Rune was expelled from its bearers body; laying waste to the surrounding countryside and the fleets of two warring nations. 73 years have passed since then and the Island Nations have become a respected region because of the dangerous seas and monsters inland.

The Island Nations- A Guide

The Island of Naskiel is the largest of the Islands and also features the largest range of shops avaliable; Its Rune Shop alone features enough minor runes to outfit an entire army with enough magical power to destroy an entire nation. It is, however, not the capital as it was expelled from the Islands Counci but was later reaccepted because of its supplies and strategic ability.

The Nation of Belvolic is the second largest of the Islands and is noted for being the island which a family of well-known strategists call home. It is also the only place where you will find Elves in their natural homes. Other notable landmarks are the Academy of Military Strategy and Godshammer mountain.

The tiny Island of Dunai was originally a trading capital of the Island Nations which is also the home of a Dog-strand of Beastmen. The island has lately fallen on hard times.

Southport is the capital of the Island Nations and is widely acknoledged as the strongest island militarily because of a training academy and of the fierce Beastmen which defend their island fanatically.

Thunderhelm is the Dwarven Stronghold on an unnamed island and is home to the best blacksmithes in the islands; They are reported to be researching strange weapons called 'Flinters' but it is unknown what these weapons are and their capabilities.

Nashiel, The twin Island of Naskiel, is well known for its armouries which produce the armour that the graduates from the Southport Military Academy bear; and of its high quality brews which is why a secondary Dwarven villiage has been set up there recently.

Lundai is the final of the notable islands and is not a pretty sight, recently getting wracked with a huge explosion that resulted in the main city getting destroyed and the surviving inhabitants being forced to flee into the Darkwind woods.

An Example Character

Name: Dailo
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Rumoured to be Half breed (Human + Beastman (Dog Breed) (Uncomfirmed)

Class: Ninja
Special Skills: (He possesses an individual rune which is known as the Warp Rune which allows him to teleport to any location which he has seen and knows)
Weapon(s): Small throwing daggers and a pair of small thin stilletos.
Appearence: (Unneeded in an Example)

Magic: Teleport Magic
Bio: (Unneeded)
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