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RPG Knockdown High (M-LVS)


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Welcome to Knockdown High. A boarding school deep in the mountains. Here, the kids do not learn about english or math. They learn how to fight. The students tend to have violent tendencies that their parents couldnt handle. So they shipped them off to this school. Now, having become skilled swordsmen and hand to hand, the students have begun to look forward to the one thing that promises graduation from Knockdown. The annual Combat Trials. Held at the end of four years, anyone who enters and wins is graduated. However, this year is different. Several foreign students have been transferred to Knockdown, and they've been causing more trouble then usual.
Tom jogged down the steps of his dorm. It was early morning, and it was turning out to be a sunny day. Tom cursed as he squinted against the glare of the sun.
"Damnit...I hate sunny days..."
He shifted his shoulders around, rolling the large leather strap that held his sword across his back to a more comfortable position. He straightened his shirt, dim red leather, and dusted off his pants, also dim red leather. Rolling his neck, he jogged off to his trainer, Mr. Jacobs. The old man was the mentor for the entire swordplay dorm, and he was damn good at it. He often gave them wooden blades with lead cores, making them actually fight. Tom's collarbone was broken in one such fight, but just like Mr. Jacob said.
"How can you learn to fight if you're afraid of pain?"
Tom quickened his pace. He was running a bit late. The massive halls entered his view. Four, laid out in a square, each one for a different dorm. Swordplay, Stave Training, Wrestling, and Martial Arts. Tom headed into the East Hall, and cursed as he saw the others already pairing up and sparring. Mr. Jacob scowled and pointed to the test dummies in the corner. Tom sighed. Punishment for being late, you gotta do the Suicide Drill, a drill in which you repeatedly strike the dummy until you can no longer lift your arms. Tom took hours on this drill. He groaned and steadied himself. With a shout, he went forward.
((Welcome to Knockdown everyone. Glad to have you. First post should be you're heading to training. The first event will come shortly. Go to it.))
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Donya walked down her hall as usual, her head tucked down so her eye were half hidden. She could hear the others already there for the training and looked up to see Mr. Jacob send a young man to the suicide drill. She would most liekly get smae for being late, then again, she was always late. she stepped up to him and he nodded, she was given a worn out dummy that looked like had seen its better days. She pulled off her leather jacket and sighed as many heads tunred as they always did from her out fit. She hated the attention it drew but liked the flexiblity of it so she refused to change. Many said that she should change if she didn't like the attention but she figured anyone who tried anything she could pretty mcuh beat the hell out fo anyway. She reached back and let her fist hit the dummy in the face, a puff od dust and sand sprouted from it as her blow struck forcefully. she noted with a smile as the heads turned away again. That was more like it, no one to bother her. she brought her knee up and into the side of the dummy and once again noted with satisfaction as the sand and dust came from it. Donya loved to fight and was good at it, she was the best in her old neighborhood, she was a gang leader, and for good reason. Another swift kick and the arm came off flying across the room to land by the boy who was also suicide training. She looked up for only a moment the went back to beating the dummy.
"this is ridiculous, I dont see why we have to do this stupid shit every time we're late.
Mr. Jacob looked at her and walked over.
"If you do not like it Filum, you can go to the hot box. Would that tickle your fancy?"
She scowled and barred her teeth.
"No, I don't need to loose the weight."
"That I suggest you keep your mouth shut and keep to your training."
She rolled her eyes and slmaed her fist into the dummy's face breaking the wood inside.
She frowned and continued to hit the dummy, noe harder then ever as her temper began to flair.
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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Jake awoke to a skipping CD on his alarm. He groaned as he rose, cracked his neck a few times, and turned off the alarm. Next, he shuffled from the bed into the bathroom, turning the shower on.

[i]Ugh...another day in this hell hole... [/i]Jake thought, [i]but as long as I can get a good fight in, it should turn out well.

[/i]After he finished his shower, he dried off and got a bit of breakfast. Good ole' Cocoa Crispies. He threw on a black tank top and some pin-stripe slacks and his black and white adidas and headed out the door. Checking his watch, he noticed he still had a good half hour until he needed to be in training. He headed to the spar room anyway.

[b]OOC: Sorry it's so short. My mind is a little fried right now.[/b]
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[FONT=Arial] Lee got up that morning, always earlier then the rest. His nightmare this time woke him. HIs old past still haunts him. He quicky dressed and walked to the trail. He did afew warm ups and began his normal jog. It was a daily thing ever since he was 10 years of age. One mile.... His breathing was deeper then normal. He quicken his pace to get to the 2nd mile. His body was weakening. Right at the third mile, he fell on the gorund shaking. Sweat was pouring down his face. Its been 4 years. his scars still remain on his body from that hateful past life. A boy could never lose himself in one day. A warrior could never die and come back to life again. But he did. He could have breezed through 5 miles easily, but he was get weaker. Graution from this knockdown school was approching.
Lee made it to his training and paused to see a student, Filum attacking the dummy. She was in her bad mood again. Lee smiled as her anger reminded him of one of his friends....A friend he would always dream about.
"Lee, your late. Suicide drill.." Lee walked up to on e next to Filum.
"Cheer up alittle.."
"O if it isn't Lee, the one that is never late. Did ya have a problem today? Bad dreams?" Lee grinned and thought she was just like her. He pulled back his fist and slammed the dummy back into the wall. The dummy was broke instantly as sand went everywhere. He picked up another dummy as the students where looking at him now.
"There ya go, got them off your back." He whispered as he blasted another one to the wall.[/FONT]
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Tory arose early every morning and went about his business. He seldom socialized with the others at this place so he kept to training almost constantly. He got every morning and laped the school. He then would return and have toast for breakfast. Despite the fact he eats little he still manages to stand about 6'2, wonder how he got so tall on so little food? Anyway, he ate little and ran down to the school for his first class. He walked in to the training ground and took up the weighted training blade. He started to swing away and preped. The teachers saw it as dedication, the other students saw it as ass kissing. For him all it wal for the love of the fight, he loved to fight and fight well. This was the place where he felt himself, this was a school where they,not only let him fight, but encouraged it. He heard the teacher come into the training court. The guy was a real ass hole, but as long as he was willing let him beat the crap out of people, he would be willing to tolerate him. This was the way everyday started for Tory, but things were about to change. Tory had heard about this income of new recruits from over seas and that was something he looked forward to. Fresh meat. Tory chuckled and brought the blade down and crushed the concrete floor. He was ready for these newbies, and he was ready for tehe usual victims as well.
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[color=#DF2020][FONT=Century Gothic]Faith sat on the side her head tilted to the side as the rest of the people were trying to deafeat there partner. The east side which was martial arts. To learn how to fight with your own body.This was great for Faith sense she didn't like to use weapons much only if she had to. She like using her hand more than anything else.
The teacher of the martial arts section of the school looked at Faith and started to scold "Why are you sitting there? Your supposed to defeat your partner..."
Faith looked at her "I did..." Faith pointed to girl moaning in pain laying on the floor. The girl sat up agaisnt the wall feeling a bit weary.Faith looked at her with slight emotion in her face. She looked delicate and innocent.
"She wouldn't fight for real. She seem to hold...back. She said it was only practice...did i do something wrong? I didn't brake anything..." Faith said with a puzzled look in her face.
"Oh..well." The teacher looked at Faith a bit concerned "Well i get you another partner.." The teacher motioned for one other student to come over.
"You well fight Faith now. Her partner is...out of use right now." Faith got up and took a fighting stance.
"What is worse slow and painful or something quick?" Faith asked as they started there fight
"Uhh...a slow one?" The student replied
Faith frowned "Wrong answer.." [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Donya swung her foot out and caught the dummy in the side splitting it in half, she stopped and looked at Lee.
"You know, no one like a show off,its not good for one's oversized head."
He smiled again and looked away from her.
"Speak for yourself."
She growled and threw her dummy at the wall busting it.
"You have a sharp tounge, that could get you into trouble."
"Only if I let it."
She smiled sarcasticly and looked at him, her dark blue hair following her movments.
"You could use that tounge for other uses, some of which could make you very popular around her with a few of the girls."
His cheeks flushed at her meaning and she laughed.
"Your not half as dumb as I thought Lee."
She finished her drill and looked at the mentor.
"I dont give a damn what you say to me, I'm going for a bite to eat, we only have 5 minutes left anyway."
She wiped the sweat form her forehead and walked away waving back at Lee.
"See ya rookie."
She entered the mess hall and went through, the ladies looked at ehr grinning.
"You left early again didn't you Donya?"
"It's spagetti day, you damn right I did."
She saluted them kindly nd sat down next to a window looking outside.
"What I would give to be out there again...what I would give."
She twisted the pasta around her fork and took the bite chewing slowly enjoying the taste. She sighed as the quiet surrounded her and closed her eyes. She dropped the fork for another bite and heard the sound of metal hit the table, her eyes snapped open and she saw with anger her food was gone, she looked around and up meeting the gaze of a younger teacher there.
"Chip, you know how dangerous it is to take my food."
The 20 year old youthe sat next to her.
"And you know how dangerous it is to bail on training."
Snatching her food back she took a bite chewing it deliberatly showing no signs of caring.
"And I care?"
"Mr. Jacobs is not a guy you wanna bail on."
"I've doen it before Chip."
"Donya, you have a death wish?"
"That's not funny."
She shoved her fork in his face making him jump backa nd blink.
"And neither is you getting into my bussiness. I'm a big girl Chip. I can handle my-self. Thanks."
"Something tells me your not that thankful."
"Your right. I'm not. Now, get out of my face."
He shrugged and left her to her own thoughts.
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Tory was starting to get bored again, class seemed to be dragging on forever. He stood up and decided he would bail, not worth being here if nothing fun was going to happen. As he left he heard a voice ring out "Mr. Guile, do wish to explain where it is you think your going?" He turned, it was Carten, the swordmanship instructor he was assigned. He was of reputable skill, but that didn't mean much to Tory since he was just some tight ass teacher who went with what he was told. He looked back to the door again "I'm going to lunch, later." Tory felt a breeze shot past his head. He looked to his right and saw the blade the teacher had thrown at him, this wasn't the first time and probably not the last they would throw something at him. He looked back to the teacher "What? did you have something interesting planned?" The teacher stopped ans stared at Tory with a curious look "How about this? Show me your still sharp on your skill and I'll let you leave early." Tory turned "So you want me to fight you?" The teacher brought his arms up "Of course not. I was thinking these three." As he pointed to three kids sitting at his feet, bunch of ass kissers is what they were. They stood and bowed to the instructor, it was sickening to watch them kiss his ass all day. The drew there blades and stepped on to the court as the teacher turned to him "would you still care to fight?" Tory grabbed the bokken at his waist and walked to the court, as he did he passed the instructor "Do you think they can beat me?" The teacher simply chuckled in response. Tory took the court and took his stance. The three others began to move to surround him as they all moved at once. They all took there places and the one just to his left back jumped quick. Tory slide back against him and drove the butt of his bodden into the poor kids gut. The one to his front sought the moment and made his move. The second one moved in at the same time with his bokken preped for a quick thrust. As the one to the front approached Tory rounded behind the one he had just struck and pushed him toward the one to the front and turned quickly to intercept the one on the left. He deflected the thrust and deliverd a quick punishing blow to the kidneys, he hit the floor all to quickly. The last one set his fallen friend on the ground, poor mistake to think of him before himself. Tory sought the moment and brought his bokken right up into his face sending him up and down to his back. As he stood over the beaten students "You kids suck. Try coming back when you decide you really want to fight." He turned and looked tot he instructor "Can I go now. These sacks of meat are wastes of life and not worthy of my time." The teacher clapped once "Very well. You can leave." Tory remained unmoved by the teachers blatent patrony. He walked past him and out the door, as fun as it was to beat down some wannabes, he hated that guy. He sent those kids in knowing they couldn't win, that made him sick to his stomach.
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[color=#DF2020][FONT=Century Gothic]Faith sat down on the lunch table with her plate.She sat alone because she haden't made any friends yet. She was a bit anti-social. People didn't like her much because they thought she was nuts. She picked up her fork and started eating peacefully. Faith couldn't help but overhear the coversation over at the next table. Some girl arguing with a boy. Is that her boyfriend or something? Faith couldn't help but stare with the fork hanging out her mouth. I guess the girl notice since when she sat done after the argument with that boy she stared at Faith back.
Faith opened her mouth " Arguing...my parents did that alot" Faith said with no trace of emotion in it "Didn't do much after the ended up in the hospital un-able to move...."
Faith looked down at her tray and took out the fork out her mouth. She started to eat again not letting the girl reply on what she said. She didn't really care if she replied to her. Just wanted to say something, speak her mind.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tory walked in to the lunch room to see he wasn't the first, two girls one by herself and another arguing with some guy had beaten him. He shrugged it off and walked over to get his meal. They were serving spaggehtti today, he hated the stuff. Tory wasn't a fan of pasta, but food was food I suppose. He swallowed the stuff down and slowly slurrped it into his mouth as he sat in the far corner of the cafeteria. He didn't get along with most of the other students incase you hadn't already figured that out. He had a bad habit of picking fights in all the other dorms, so he had enemies pretty much everywhere. Not like he cared, he was just here to kick some ass and let the blood flow, nothing more. He ate with a slow and steady pace, like he was day dreaming. This too was something he did often, he would dream of a great fight, of getting away from this school, of going somewhere, anywhere. He finally became so lost in his thoughts that he stopped eating entirely and just stared off into space. All he could think of was 'what ifs'. He often dreamed of things being different then they were, it was the only thing that kept him sane half the time was the thought that someday he might be able to go some where else. He could hear the hussle and bussle as others started to flood in for there food. The place was getting a little too croawded for his liking, he decieded to just leave and get something extra for dinner. As he approached the door he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned slowly and set his cold eyes on one of the three young men he had beaten to a pulp only an hour earlier. The kid seemed awfully pissed as he began to yell at Tory "So what's your secret?" one of the others from before, a mousey looking kid stepped up "Eric, take it easy. let it go." Eric threww his hand off "Fuck off. What did you do? One second you were the incredible hulk the next you were the Flash. How did you do that? Noones skill is that absolute that they can be that fast and strong at the same time." Tory brushed his hand off "Don't dig into what's not your business kid." This ony further upset him as he jumped at him this time and grabbed Torys hair. This time Tory wasn't as nice as he swung back with lightening quick reaction time, burying the tips of his fingers three inches into the kids gut, just beneath the sternum. He hit his knees, still cursing under his breath. Tory gazed down on him with his cold lifeless eyes "Let it go kid. He set you up in a fight you couldn't win. Be pissed at him not me." He turned to leave and as he made it to the door he stopped to say one more thing "Oh yeah, if you ever touch my hair again, I'll rip out eyes and use them for ping pong balls got it." With that Tory left the cafeteria, after causing yet another uproar.
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Tom stared at the wall. He had left Mr. Jacob's class along time ago, and had entered the cafeteria. He bounced the pommel of his blade back and forth between his palms. He sighed and stood up, glancing around. He froze as he saw a group making their way over to him. It was five of the new foreign students, the transfers. Tom shouldered the blade. Apparently, they were looking to make a niche for themselves by beating someone up. Since he was alone, Tom seemed an easy target. He stared at them as they formed a semicircle. One, a large guy wearing a muscle shirt and leather gloves, walked up to him. He grinned in the normal tough guy manner. Tom still had the bored air around him.
"Vell, dont you look calm? I vonder vat's on your mind?"
Judging by the accent, he must've been from deep Russia. Tom sighed.
"My mind is a place kept to myself. It is not a place for you to wander in."
He turned to leave. The goon gripped his shoulder.
"I vasn't done talking!"
Tom twirled once, and the Russian fell to the ground, gripping a gaping wound in his chest. The others backed away quickly.
"You...you're using real veapons! Isn't that against rules?"
Tom bent over and gripped the Russian's throat.
"This isn't your normal school. Most of the people here won't use real weapons, and they're fools! But, there's a select few here who wont hesitate to kill you. Im in a good mood today, so I'll give you a warning. Dont fuck with me."
Tom sat back down as the foreigners dashed off, leaving a small blood trail. Tom glanced around. These transfer students were picking on everyone, even people who had no chance of winning in a fight. Tom leaned on his sword. He smiled contentedly. He had heard from other students that in around a week, a tournament was going to be held. So far, it was groundless rumors, but one rumor had piqued his interest. It was said that it would be with real weapons. Teams of two would go head-to-head in the arena, and whoever came out on top got the prize. Tom closed his eyes and twirled his blade, its tip making soft scratching noise in the tile.
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Donay looked as the boys ran from Tom, she nodded in approval, she had known they didn't styand a chance against him, it wasn't like many did. She looked up and across the table as a tall blonde girl looked down at her, the girl's smile was crule and evil. Something donya was used to.
"I see you be a student ere?"
"she had afunny accent that Donya could place, something mixed, she looked up at ehr and blinked slowly.
"That would be correct, you have a problem with that?"
"Not at all lasssie, as a matter-o-fact I was opin' you were from ere'"
Donya rolled her eyes, another foreighn student that thought they were tough shit. She scanned the girl over and let her eyes linger on the whip at her side.
"Ah, I see you lookin at me friend ere' you should be scard of it, I'm plenty leathal."
Donya smiled wide, a challange had just been offered.
"Is that so?"
"Is sure is."
"You care to try?"
The girl's hand flew to the whip and Donya had only a split second to react as the lash came down on her arm.
"You be a fast one lassie."
"And you underestamate every person in this school."
"You ave' no weapon, what can you do?"
Donya let her eyes go cold and her smile turn crule.
"You'd like to see?"
She planted her foot on the table and back flipped dragging the whip and gril with her, she pulled the girl into her face and reached over to grab her fork, she looked into the foreighn girls eyes and let the twisted smile grow as she put the fork to her temple.
"You think your so slick with your fancy moves and whip, you think I give a damn? This school is brutal enough, you think people here give a damn about all that shit? You can't move the right way, you die."
she was trembleing in her hands and she like it, it was an additive to her adreiline.
"I have news for you princess, your not in your home anymore, your in hell on earth."
She yanked the whip away from the girl and threw her back, spinning are ound she brought her heeled boot across her face gashing it and sending the girl to the floor, blood oozing from her cheek. She threw the whip down and looked at her.
"Stupid bitch."
she grabed her tray and turned as the crowd moved to let her through she caught Tom's eyes and raised an eyebrow at him, he simply closed his eyes in response. She had heard that a fight, a big fight was coming up, teams of two, diffrent dorms, but same school. If she were to be paired with anyone, she would enjoy it to be Tom, he was one fo the best in his dorm, a winner. She dumped her tray and went outside to sit in the sun and think, her pad and paper with her, she was a sketcher, but no one knew, and she planned to keep it that way.
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[color=#DF2020][FONT=Century Gothic]Faith continued eating her tray dispite the huge noise coming from the cafeteria. Ahh the sound of choas always calmed her. A boy came up to her table and slammed his hands on the table hard trying to get Faith attention.
"This is our table. I suggest to move.." He spoke ina heavy german accent.
"Foreign..?" Faith said sighing. She closed her eyes and continued eating.
"What wrong with that..just move. I have no time to fool around girl.."
"Hn.." Faith continued to sit down and eat.
"Did you hear me!" The boy yelled.
"Yep.." Faith picked up her tray. The boy smiled feeling as though he succeeded of removing her from the table. Faith just kicked the table up the air. While placing the tray of food on her head. She kicked the table again at the foreign students direction. The table slammed against him making him fly across the room into a wall. He connected to the wall sliding down it completly hurt. Then after he thought he was in the clear the table slammed into him again. A few people stared at her.
"Well he shouldn't have thought it was over that easy. I did kick the table into him...he just bounced of the table. The table was going to hit him again...he wasn't my fault he was off guard.." Faith tilted her head looking at them confused.
Faith sighed took her tray off her head. The food haven't spilled or showed sign of any movement. Faith sat back down into another table. She picked up her fork and started to eat again. This foreign students are started to annoy her. Well at least the caused a little chaos in this school. It was way to quite anyways....[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tory was marching his way down the hall and headed back to his dorm. As he walked he saw someone standing at the end of the hall, someone he didn't recognize. he payed it little mind and kept moving on and was headed past him. That was until he heard the sound of a sword grinding free of it's sheath. Tory jumped to the right and got clear of the swing form the kid. Tory took the moment to get a through look over of the ass hole. He was blonde and stood about a hair taller then Tory. He was obviouly not from around here, must be one of the foreigners, he sure was bold for a new kid. He wore a deep black leather jacket, with a red shirt just beneath it with black denim jeans. his hair was cut short and spiked, his eyes hidden behind yellow, round frame glasses. He brought his sword back up and shoulderd it. It was a standard katana, nothing imparticular about it. He looked at Tory with a great smirk, like had just made some great accomplishment. He finally spoke before Tory could lash out "SO you must be a student. I think your going to be fun." The turned ans started to leave. Tory darted and took place in front of him "You strike at me and just try to leave like that. Sorry, but that's not gonna fly here ass hole." Tory brought out his bokken and met his wooden sword with the kids metal sheath. The kid slide against the ground on his feet as Tory slowly pushed him further and further back. The kids thought he was gonna play hot shit and leave, but now he knows once you throw the first stirke be ready to fight it the whole way through. Tory stomped once on the ground and moved himself six inches to the left. As the kid stumbled forward from the force he had applied to up hold his block, Tory brought the tip of his bokken into his sternum. The kid sputterd once and passed out. He turned to leave and as he made it to the door in which he was originally headed he looked back to the kid on the floor "Welcome to Knockdown High. Your going to be very miserable for as long as either of us is here." With that said he walked out and headed back to his room for some relaxation.
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Donya held up her pad and looked around, so amny students were around and she was sure she had already gotten the interesting ones, till a teacher and student met her eyes. the two were sparring and twisting inthe air, she let her eyes soften as she memorized the sight and looked down, she saw it on the paper as if someone were tracing it for her, she began to move the coal pencil lightly across the paper making marks and fineing them. she spent a while doing this till it looked right, then she went in and began to darken the lines amkng them more visible and honing them down to the end. She held up the finished peice only five minutes alter and smiled lightly, it was just like she saw it, perfectm and life-like. she closed the book and leaned back against the tree she was under and sighed. She closed her eyes letting her mind wonder.
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Jake approached the training room with a certain disposition that left other students a little set aback. This inparticular morning was special. He was to spar with his childhood "rival" you could say, Andrew Salands. He went to the hanging punching bag and did his own warm up drill, hooks, jabs, some swing kicks, nothing big.

He glared into the bag and sent one last kick to the side of it, tearing a small hole in it as sand began to pour from it. Jake turned and approached the teacher, who was standing beside Andrew. Andrew let a slight smirk from his lips and looked toward the teacher and half-laughed, "You better get the medic ready."

"I'll make you eat those words, Andrew. Now let's shut the hell up and fight," was all Jake responded with. The two competitors adorned themselves with their own gear; Andrew with blue, and Jake with white and red. The teacher cleared the fighting area and sent the two to opposite sides.

"Match One - Jake Ward vs. Andrew Salands. You both know the rules so I won't say them. If I feel I need to intervene and stop the match, I will. 3 round maximum." After this, the teacher started the bout.

Jake and Andrew circled eachother for a few seconds before Andrew charged at Jake, being met with a knee and a two-punch combo. Andrew smiled and danced back a few paces, nodding.

"This should be fun..." Jake thought to himself.
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Tom stretched as he walked into the sun. He squinted and glared at it. His blade shimmered as he swung it in a quick arc. He grinned slightly, pushing his glasses back up as they slipped down his nose a little. He took three steps before an announcment rang out over the school through the speakers.
"Attention to all year four students! As many of you know, a tournament is to be held in two weeks. Though there have been many rumors, most are wrong. There will NOT be a prize for winning, however it is mandatory that you participate. Teams will be of three people. To see your team, please look at the Board at 5:00 pm tonight. You will have two weeks to train with your team mates. Remember, you MUST participate, or you will not graduate this year."
The crackle of the speakers as they shut off shook Tom from his trance. Teams of three? He checked his watch. 4. One hour, and he would see his team mates. Tom was hoping he wouldn't be put with one of the foreigners, as most were all arrogant and weak. A fatal combo in the arena. Tom knew most students here were little more then violent, but he did know that there were...others. They were like Tom, in that they were powerful, fast, and skilled. Tom twirled his blade in another glittering arc.
"...Hell just kicked the flames up a bit..."
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Tory listend to the intercom and it went silent, so he was to work with his fellow students in this up coming tournament. He would rather go one on one, but as long as his partners weren't incompatent he could live with that. He just hoped he wouldn't have to deal with one of those damn Foriegn kids, that punk inthe hall was just a little dog with a loud bark but no bite. He stopped and thought to himself quietly 'who would be best to be paired with'. After he ponderd this for a moment he rememberd he didn't care. The only name he could think of was Tom Kasansky. He was of considerable skill, Tory had seen him fight and occasionally hanging around campus. He didn't want to share a team with him as much as he wanted to fight him. They had been assigned to different instructors so he had never gotten teh opportunity. He always heard from the other class how great he was, but he wanted to know how great his skill was against a real opponent. Suddenly this tournament seemed like a good idea, and he couldn't wait to see who he was going to be paired with.
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Tika sighed as she walked threw the courtyard it was really quiet some people were talking but not alot.
"Come on am I the only optimistic person here!" she shouted quietly then she heard the intercom her ears perked up.
"goody that will be fun I wonder who i'll be paired up with" Tika smiled and spun around girlishly.
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Donya looked up at the sky as a cloud passed over the sun and sighed.
"What a day, first I'm late, I get a freaking brat in my face, now this...what next? This place really is hell."
She looked up as a glitter passed across her face, it was Tom. Standing she pocketed the little pad and pencil and walked towards him when a shadow passed across her's.
"Always a attention grabber..."
She looked up into the face of a large boy who seemed tintent on talking to her.
"And what can I do for you Frankinstien?"
"You and me, we are to be on a team."
"They've already been decided dummy."
"No, you and me, we to be a team."
"Your weak, and your clumsy, if I get stuck with you I'll offf you my-self."
she walked around him and waved back.
"But good luck anyway."
She looked around and felt a tug at her heart, she was alittle lonely, no one really talked to her, she never let them get close enough to.
"I'm such a bitch I neer really cared."
She was alone, and frankly prefered it that way, but she wouldn't mind a friend. She looked up as Tom turned to leave, she followed quickly and quietly, he looked to his side as she came up on his right.
"You actually being social?"
"Lemme ask you a question, are you hoping same as me that you dont get any of the forigners?"
He nodded.
"Thought so...I hate to see the bumbling idiots I'm temaed with...you know, they team us up with diffrent dorms right?"
He nodded again.
"well, good luck Tom, hope you get a good team."
She extended her hand and he took it shaking it lightly.
"You too."
she took a right and went to her room to think and, well, pray for the next 45 minutes.
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Tika walked and spied someone it was a girl she reconized her a someone from the martial arts dorm she walked over.
"Hi!" she smiled friednly the girl scowled
"heh, I figured just like everyone else a stinking pesimist" she said she frowned whipping out her staff twirling it aroud sticking it in the ground and leaning on it folding her arms around it showing off her abdomen she wanted to see if she could get any attension from the boys
"so whats your name I'm tika" she said smiling
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[color=#Df2020][FONT=Century Gothic]Faith sat under a tree her back leaning against it. She started wrapping her fingers around red string. Setting up a game of cradle. She was completly bored. She heard the announcement and hated it. How can she assemble a team? Everyone thought she was a physco and she was anti-social anyways. Her team mates that she be with will completly hate her.
"I wonder...." Faith whispered. She got up and started walking back to her dorm. Totaly concetrated on her game. Grabbing the X's either under or over. Ussually it was a 2 player game. When the person grabs the right x the string goes to the other player hands. If you didn't mess up the x well appear again and the other person takes a turn getting the x. Yet Faith played it fast enough and correctly that she didn't need anybody to play with. Anyways if anyone wanted to play with her the couldn't keep up. The ussually too slow or did it wrong. Faith walked dodging people as she walked totaly not concetrating on walking and more on her game.
She got to her dorm and moved the door knob with her elbows. She enter her dorm and sighed. She started thinking about the tournament. She probaly going to be paired up with the quite ones or the ones that are too peppy. If the couldn't keep up with her in a game of craddle she will severly hurt her team mates for them un-able to participate. She will have to do this alone in the long shot. Well how many bones can she brake in tournament? Well if the teachers don't try to hold her back. Faith smiled.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tom waited next to the giant computer screen that was the Board. Here, announcements were constantly scrolled through everyday, mostly announcements of bouts and tournaments. Tom twiddled his blade again, his mind kicking around various scenarios. Obviously, the teams would be a mix of different styles. This would give the group a fair ground to fight on. Tom stopped the blade as the screen suddenly lit up. A huge list of names hit the monitor like lightning. Tom rose up and scanned for his name.
[B]Team 79 - Matthew Wayne Duffey, Tory Guile, Faith Heartnet
Team 80 - Thomas Kasansky, Jake Blaid, Kara Hunn
Team 81 - Lee Matsuo, Tikameru Kietaka, Donya Filum[/B]
Those three teams caught his eyes, especially the names of his partners. Jake and Kara...Martial Arts and Staff. Though Tom had never really met them personally, he did know a little about them. Jake was a somewhat hospitable guy. Kara was the one the worried Tom. She had a bratty personality that rubbed Tom the wrong way. However, he couldn't doubt her skill. For the most part, until these three teams crossed, the outcome would be fairly certain. Tom turned and shouldered his blade. Two weeks to train with his partners. He sat down. They would show up, read the list, and meet up with him. He shut his eyes and waited.
((I tried to keep the teams somewhat balanced.))
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Tory was sitting in his room, meditating quitely. He looked up to the wall, to the clock and realized that the teams would be posted now. He rose to his feet "Guess I should see who they got me paired with." He walked to the door and exited the room. He walked the long hall leading to the front chamber, where the teams were posted. This had already drawn quite a crowd, eveybody was huddled together, searching for there names. Those who had already found there names, were now trying to find there fellow teammates. Tory stayed toward the back of the crowd, not wanting to be swamped by these losers in the middle. He managed a glimpse of his own name. He was on team 79, but he didn't know who else was on his team. Now he was a little irratated, he didn't care what team he was on, he wanted to know who he was suppose to work with. He muscled his way past the smaller guys in the back and marched with great irrataion at teh fact they were blocking his sight. He pushed his way to the front and looked up to the board "So, I'm to be with Matt Duffey and Faith Heartnet. WHo the hell are they?" Like he would know. He didn't have any friends and only knew people if they had a rep in this school, other than that. Either way it didn't matter, all he had to do now was find these two so he would know how much weaker them him they were going to be.
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[color=#DF2020][FONT=Century Gothic]Faith looked at the board completly confused. Great who are this people? She never heard there name before. Well she had to deal with them. She walked to this so called "Tory Guile" dorm. Who can she work with a guy that she can barely pronounce his last name? She knocked on his dorm hoping he was there. The door squeaked open.
"I'm Faith...I'm part of your team...I expect for use to work like a team. No hard heads please...anyways well meet up every morning working from dawn to dusk. I hope that not to hard? Okay...we'll see the other team mate later, i guess..." Faith said it without looking at him at all. She was staring up in space thinking how this was going to turn out. She had no emotion in her voice, with a completly hallow expression. Well she hoped she didn't look to him like a physco.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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