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On earth 2 realms coexist the human realm and the creature realm the human realm is the realm we all live in the creature realm is different it is split into 9 different areas coexisting with the elements:

Frayear (fire): this realm inhabits many different varieties of dragons and dragon folk and rock folk also not that many people though
Frreeay (Ice): Ice folk live here and an assortment of different muscular creature?s yeti?s snow moles the works
Ukiumi (Water) the ocean at the west coast home to all the aquatic life merfolk sea serpants krakens not very friendly place tho
Stroimay (thunder) a fertile land but it is cursed with an everlasting thunderstorm many creatures that absorb thunder live here not many people
Rokmashi (earth) a mountainous region where many minerals lay the deeper you go the more valuable the find but watch out for the creatures 3rd largest humanoid population
Feathareus (wind) the feather folk live in this region they all have wings and can fly 2nd largest humanoid population
Sogenoru (Meadow) largely populated by humanoids magicians also live here and warriors too
There are also two large kingdoms
Sacntoraium- Light kingdom ruled by Shinoto
YakuYami- Dark kingdom ruled by Ha Des

Things in the creature realm were peaceful for the most part until the dark ruler Ha des conquered the realms of water and Ice and is approaching the realm of earth afraid for the safety of the creature realm Shinto and Emeru lead sorceress of sogenru have decided to use an ancient spell to call forth the chosen ones from the human world the prophecy says that the chosen ones will inhabit the body of a creature with the ability known as double-soul and expel the dark ruler to help the royal nights will be helping they are represetive of the realms gathered together but that?s another story so will the chosen ones be able to save the creature realm. Who knows?
So basically you are one of the chosen ones now something I didn?t explain in the back story was that you will be switching in and out between realms that?s the ability double soul when you go to sleep in the human world you wake up in the creature and when its time to awake in the human your creature self go?s unconicess now time in the creature realm is different one hour in the human world is one day In the creature world so u necessary spend more time in the creature than in the human hope its not confusing if you have any questions just PM me now for the bio
Name (both creature and Human)
Age (both creature and human
Creature any thing works as long as it coexist with the realm you are in any magician or warrior must start out in Sogenoru and any feather folk (angels) must start in Feathareus and any demon must start out in YakuYami
Realm (choose from above)
Appearance (both Creature and human)
Bio (can be just human or both your choice)
Only two characters per person
No god characters
If you want to be a royal knight PM me there are as many slots as there are realms and you can?t be 2 royal knights
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Name: Violae X.(Creature) Megan Quin(Human)
Age: 18(Megan) 77(Violae)
Creature: Dragon Folk
Realm: Frayear
Appearance: [URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/demon01.jpg]Violae,[/URL][URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/girls16.jpg]Megan[/URL]

Bio: Megan was born into an average middle class family. Her mother was a cook at *Jon De Plur* a famous french restaurant, her father worked for a(n) construction company, and one older brother who is now 23 and going to collage to be a doctor.

Megan grew like any average child and had A's and B's throughout school. She had lots of friends but only a few she was really close to.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Azuroth (Creatuer) Brady (Human)

[B]Age:[/B] Azuroth 271, Brady 18

[B]Creature:[/B] Demon

[B]Realm:[/B] YakuYami

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/DarkPrince_Throne.jpg] Azuroth[/url], [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/157183120_l.jpg] Brady, he's on the left.[/url]

[B]Bio:[/B] [I]Brady[/I] was born into a regular family, he certinaly didn't act like it. He is the wild type, going to partys having fun with his life. His parents frowned upon him since they though they had raised him right. They had, but he wanted to live his life to the full extent.

[I]Azuroth[/I] is a blood thirsty demon, he craves battles and always loves a good tortuer session. His chain is his main device for anything he does, he had it connected to his body for ritual reasons. It allows him to retract the chain into his body, of course it hurts like hell when he does it but he enjoys the pain.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name[/B] Vylanke (Creature)/Tama (Human)
[B]Age[/B] Vylanke: 150/Tama: 16
[B]Creature[/B] Ice Fox
[B]Appearance[/B][I]Vylanke:[/I] A gigantic snow-white fox weighing in at 200 pounds and having a height of about 5 feet and a length of about 6. Despite her barbaric appearance, her electric blue eyes shine with hidden intelligence and wisdom.
[I]Tama:[/I] An slender girl standing at 5`7. She has almond-shaped grey eyes and waist-long, mousy-brown hair that she keeps loose except for two braids starting at her forehead that coil their way around her head.
[B]Bio[/B] [I]Vylanke:[/I] A force to be reckoned with in Frreeay. Vylanke lives alone in a large cave system hidden by snowbanks.She is a loner through and through; any who dare to invade the privacy of her caves seldom escape her. There have been many males who have tried and failed to mate with her. Vylanke would just rather live her days out in solitary.
[I]Tama:[/I] A half Japanese/half German teenager that lives in Osaka with her parents. She is a very learned girl and makes the highest test scores at her school. Though she has book-smarts, she seriously lacks in common sense. She has zero-to-none people skills and is terrible at confrontations. At school, she is very quiet and avoids others, like a mouse; at home and around people she feels comfortable with, she is boistorous and not afraid to speak her mind, like a cat.
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Name: Tikameru (Creature) Jakie (human
Age 16 (human) 23 (creature
Creature: Feather folk
Realm Feathareus
Appearance [url]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/AngelGirl.jpg[/url] (creature) [url]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/Redhead.gif[/url] (human)
Bio Jakie: she is a pretty much average girl who has been looking for a new look for her new look on like she uses her adventure in the creature realm to style herself
Tikameru: A romantic featherfolk who craves adventure and combat she also seeks love she has a hidden power called angelic devote Ha des and Shinoto both seek her for that power

OOC: your guys bio's rock I'll start this when one more joins
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