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Sign Up The Coliseum [M-LVS]


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The year is 3002 and Earth is now one glorious empire. Technology as advanaced and everyone lives together peacefully. There is one supreme emperor over everyone. He has taken an oath to judge fair and truthfully, or he runs the chance of being assinated. The emperor is chosen through the Coliseum. A huge arena built after the Romans Coliseum. Here the public watch as people who have trained their whole lives die to become the next emperor and to prove that they are the strongest. Men and women fight their way to win the last round then they fight the emperor himself and see if they can best them in combat. So far the emperor Tyran has won five times in a row and is still in his prime. The battles take place every two years or unless the emperor is killed or dies.
Every kid dreams of becoming the next emperor and there have been more and more contesants. The question is though...can they make it.

This rp is where you can show how good of a writer you are. You will actually be facing another character in this rp and there is a chance you may be beaten. Hopefully some people will have the guts to sign up for this rp. It will not be entirely of one on one combat but you can carry on your everyday life when you are not fighting. You can be knocked out but if you are you will be one of the jury at the very end to see who wins the last fight and then gets to fight the emperor. Who ever makes it this far will auto matically become the next emperor and have pride knowing that they are the best writer in this rp and will be able to keep there spot in the next one of this rp.
In each battle you will have a maximum of three posts and a min of two. I will be a judge and as people are knocked out they will be added to the judging staff. Every desicion is final and do not come crying to me.
People who are not posting are allowed to still write about what they are doing when they are not fighting.
I do hope people signup for this and that this goes well. I will not participate in the actual fights put will play as the current emperor who will be deafeted by the winner of this contest.

Here are the signups.

Name: Be creative
Age: 18-30
Gender: Male or Female
Personality: Be creative
Appearance: Prefer a pic but a description will work just fine.
Weapon: Max of two. No guns just old fashion melee weapons and shields.
Snippet: Your fight in the semi finals.

I will give a brief description of the person i will be playing.
Name: Emperor Tyran
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Personality: Knid and caring, but a cold hearted warrior in the Coliseum
Appearance: [IMG]http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/TyranT.jpg[/IMG]
Weapons: a the sword in the picture and an axe.
Snippet: He is the emperor, he does anything he wants

I do hope people have the courage to sing up for this. Pm if you have questions
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